Is That Dream True? OS (KB)

Haii guyzzz..i m so happy after seeing ur comments for my os so i m writing one more for u guyzz..enjoy it…

A guy wakes up in a hospital with a head injury with some lost of memory from a car crash. He is our abhi and he has a dream about a little girl and her mother being dragged in a field by a man and thrown in a ditch and as he lays in the hospital bed he looks for his wallet. Then nurse comes and gives his wallet. He opens it and sees that the little girl and her mother was his family. It’s pragya and his daughter. So he pleases with everyone that he has a family and they are missing but no one helps him.

One day he goes to purab who is a detective and seeks his help. Then purab agrees to help. He starts to put the pieces together of his missing family he has dreams about parts of what happen and at every dream he ends up looking down in a ditch in a middle of a familiar field. Purab assure him that he will find the truth what actually happened. Abhi thanks him and leaves from there.

purab starts following abhi secretly as he wanted to know completely about abhi. But on his way purab gets shocked as he sees pragya and her daughter. He tries to follow her but she misses. The next day abhi comes to him and asks did you find any clue about my wife and daughter. Purab is about to say him but he gets a call to come to railway station as he works on other case too. he leaves from there without intimating anything.

Purab reaches station and waits for the train to receive someone. But he observes pragya and her daughter sitting in train on other compartment. He runs seeing them to that compartment. Train starts moving then purab runs and catches the train. He goes near pragya’s seat and sit there. He observes her. She has small injuries on her face and thinking about something seriously.

Purab initiates the conversation. He introduces himself that he is a detective. She says ok.
Purab: are you mrs. Pragya mehra?
Pragya: how do you know my name?
Purab: I know everything about you but just answer my questions.
Pragya: why should I answer you? And what you want to ask me?
Purab: you have to answer me because someone is searching for you madly.
Pragya: who is that?
Purab: your husband abhishek mehra.
Pragya gets shocked hearing this and gets shivered.

Pragya: is he still alive?
Purab: why are you asking like that? First tell me what happened?
Pragya hesitates to share about her past. Purab assures her that he will help her. pragya is about to something but train stops in next station. She sees abhi getting inside the train. She tries to escape from her. purab asks her not to scare but she doesn’t listen to him. Meanwhile abhi comes near her. She pushes him and runs away with her daughter.

Abhi asks purab what did she say? Why is she scared seeing me?
Purab: even I don’t know she is about to say something but after seeing u she got scared and ran away.
Abhi gets confused and thinks what might have happened? Why is she running away from me? I have to catch her and talk to her once. They both leave from there.

Other side, pragya gets scared as abhi will approach her again. She goes to temple and sit there with her daughter. An old lady comes to temple. She prays to god and starts taking rounds around the temple but due to sun stroke she gets weak and faints. Pragya observes this and runs to her. She sprinkles water at her face and makes her sit. That lady thanks her and asks about pragya. She says she don’t have anyone. That lady feels pity seeing pragya and her daughter so she takes them to her home.

It’s purab’s house. She is his mom. He makes arrangements for pragya and asks her to take rest. Purab reaches home. His mom shares with him about pragya. he suspects and goes to her room. he gets shocked seeing pragya. pragya too gets shocked seeing him. She gets scared and tries to leave from there. But he stops her and assures that he won’t intimate to about her. she agrees to stay finally.

Purab asks her to share the story. She starts narrating. Fb begins.
A beautiful girl gets down from a Benz in college. It’s pragya. She moves forward with full of security around her. It’s final day of college. Her beautiful eyes search for someone. But she doesn’t find the one she is searching. Program begins. They call the toppers one by one. Finally its first ranker and topper of the college name announcement time. They take the name of abhishek mehra. He reaches the stage. She claps with excitement and stares him lovingly. He too stares at her while receiving the medal.

Later she asks her security to leave but they refuse. She calls her dad and asks him to free her from security. He calls them back. She searches for abhi and moves forward but he holds her hand from back. She smiles and looks at her back. He stares at her. she hugs him and says I m happy that you got first but…

Abhi asks her hey pragya what happened? Pragya says today is the last day of college and from tomorrow we can’t meet. Even dad has arranged a match for me but I don’t want to marry that guy. He says no pragya! I m there na I will come to your house and talk to your dad. Pragya says but abhi! You know about dad na he don’t like low class people. Will he accept our love? Abhi says don’t worry pragya I’ll try to convince your dad. Pragya says whatever happens I want to you live with you only abhi. He kisses on her check and hugs her.

The next day abhi reaches pragya’s house. Pragya’s dad sees him and asks about him. Abhi says he doesn’t have anyone but he loves pragya and will take care of her always. Pragya’s dad slaps him and asks to get up. Pragya is left in tears seeing that. abhi says pragya too loves him so he asks not to separate them. He stares angrily at pragya. pragya too agrees that she loves him. He asks her to decide whether she want abhi or him. Without saying a word she holds abhi’s hand and leaves from there.

Later abhi marries pragya and grows as top businessman. After 2 years they are blessed with baby girl. Abhi loves his daughter so much. She starts growing and she is 4yrs now. They go to vacation to abhi’s village. They both spend happily with their daughter and think to return. But abhi’s car troubles him. He goes to call mechanic. Pragya stays there with her daughter. Suddenly a man in veil comes from back with axe and starts attacking pragya. She tries to escape from there but she gets injured in the process and he assumes that she was dead. He beats the girl too and drags both of them. Meanwhile pragya gets slight conscious. She observes his eyes and confirms herself that its abhi. She faints. He throws them in ditch. He leaves from there. Some people see them and admit in hospital. Fb ends.

Purab: how can you be sure that abhi did this?
Pragya: because I have seen his eyes which are similar to abhi’s and also a mole. He only did this but I don’t understand why? I loved him and left my family for him but he did this to me and my daughter.
Purab: I don’t think so he did this because he was also injured and went to coma for 3 months.
Pragya: what?
Purab: yes he has some memory loss too.
Pragya: no how this will be possible? I think he is trapping again to kill me.
Purab: you relax. Don’t worry. I will find out the truth.

Purab calls abhi and asks him about his village and further details but he says he don’t remember anything. Purab says ok and goes to pragya. He collects the details of abhi’s village and plans to go there. Pragya says she will join him. He agrees. Purab calls abhi and asks him to come to village. He agrees. Purab and pragya reach the village. They leave to abhi’s house. He starts watching each and everything in abhi’s house. Again the same man comes in veil. He starts attacking them with axe. Meanwhile abhi comes there. Pragya gets shocked seeing abhi. She then understands abhi is not the one that attacked her.

Abhi comes at her rescue. Purab and abhi tries to stop him. He thinks to escape from there but police reach there. They catch him and remove his veil. Abhi and pragya gets shocked seeing the man. He resembles abhi. They question him who is he? Why is he doing like this? He doesn’t speak a word.

Purab says he is your father abhi. Pragya and abhi gets shocked. I came here before to enquire what actually happened. Meanwhile I enquired about your family then I came to know that your father hates woman and killed your mother and sister. Later he escaped from this village and started attacking on women. After that again he reached to see you but on that day he saw you with pragya so intentionally he made your car breakdown. Then he followed you and hit on your head with stone. Later he attacked pragya. you reached there but you was not in a position to save them and pragya assumed him that its u. finally he made you sit in car and made the accident. I brought you both here intentionally so that you will understand the real culprit.

They both get shocked. Abhi is left in tears and asks the police to take him away. Pragya is in tears and feels bad for abhi. She hugs him and apologizes for her mistake. He hugs her back and smiles. They thank purab and leave from there.


I hope you will like this os guyzz…plzz do comment and share your opinions with me whether you like it or not…byee guyzz…love u…

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  1. Loli

    Interesting os ….

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    itz really nice dear loved it the last twist was awesome totally loved it dear awesome

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  4. Suha

    before read the os i scrl down to see the writer becoz i guessed that must be you.when i see your names it have me a wide smile.superb… very interesting ff. love it to the core.. keep rocking words to expln your creativty

    1. Arshifan

      Haha heights of confidence and trust..thnqq so much dear..keep supporting..

  5. It was awesome I loved it

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  9. Asusual Awesome! os di.di from 2day my classes r starting so i can’t com regularly,i am sry for that but i ll always support u, whenever i get chance i ll com n once again i am sry for that.

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  10. Omg arshi fan!! Is it u i thought some other i dont have words to praise your creativity i just love this os. Pls write this kind of os.

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  15. VarshaVenkat

    Diiiiiii….will u forgive me for late reply as I.went for walking……but this OS was really diff………d way Purab got his detective mind on d track was cool….so d main hero of this OS acc to me is Purab…..nic twist of making abhis father juz lyk him……n nic phobia of abhis father….lol….killing woman…..but at a point it looks horrible wen v face d truth dat it really hppns……

    1. Arshifan

      Hey dont b sry dear..i m really happy after seeing ur comment..and i just tried to highlight every character..thnq so much..keep supporting..

  16. Riyashri

    Awesomeness Overloaded⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ !!! ???????Keep writing Arshi fan!! Actually I had a request ..Please do read my comment in the 38 epi of book of mysterious death ….as I had asked u something !! And was waiting for your reply too ! Hope u don’ t mind reading it once !!

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      1. Riyashri

        Really very sorry I gave the wrong FF …………It is PRINCESS TALE epi 7
        4th comment by Riya (me) ! Really very Sorry !!! Sorry for the late reply !

    2. I said na u can happily call me sis and i replied to ur comment in my 8th epi if possible just go throught it once..

  17. What an os yar!!! I didnt expect this twist and the way purab handled the case is just awesome. You are just adorable arshi fan.

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  20. My dear always makes a best part in every story…. thinks no need to praise how good it is….. but my heart didn’t stopped me so that I’m expressing my view…. really wonderful os…. love you a lot:-)

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