Dream Girl 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ayesha and Aarti laughing seeing the photo album. Manav asks whats happening. Ayesha shows her pic and says Aarti is calling me fat. He says yes, you look fat and laughs. Raghu looks on. Ayesha sees Laxmi’s pic and asks Manav who is this girl, I feel I know her, I don’t remember her.

Its night, Raghu asks Kaka how did he do big loss, why did he not call and discuss, don’t repeat this mistake. Aarti comes to him and asks what is the matter, you never talk like this, you are angry as I m not spending time with you, we could not go in party, I was spending time with Ayesha. He says its 2 months and I could not prove anything, I m worried because of Ayesha, Karan is also not here. She says Karan got admission in London univ, don’t worry. She gives him fresh juice and says Ayesha will get fine soon. Raghu says I think I know what to do.

Its morning, Doctor asks Raghu what he means to say. Raghu says Ayesha burnt Aarti’s face and tells everything. Inspector says yes. Raghu says if Ayesha and Aarti go on drive and if we recreate that situation, then maybe Ayesha will get her memory back right. Doctor says we can do this, but it can be dangerous, Ayesha can react anything. Raghu says yes, we are ready to take risk. Inspector and doctor agree and say we will also be there as emergency can occur.

Its night, everyone have breakfast. Aarti serves pakodas to Ayesha. Raghu tells them that he used to put milk in plants when others used to force him. Ayesha says yes, Raghu ji I do the same, I should call you jiju, I felt you dislike me and did not talk to you well, its looking good to talk well now. Raghu says I think I should do packing, I m going Delhi. Manav says even I m going out tomorrow. Aarti says then Ayesha and I will also go for shopping. Ayesha agrees.

Its morning, Raghu asks Aarti to take care and be careful. She asks him not to take tension. He says I m scared of this risk and hugs her. He leaves. Manav tells Ayesha that he has work and he will come with them on shopping next week. Manav goes. Ayesha and Aarti also leave.

Raghu and Manav reach the accident spot and meet inspector, doctor and camera man. They all hide. Inspector says we can see everything from here and record too. Raghu waits for Ayesha and Aarti. Manav asks Raghu to call. Ayesha tells Aarti that they are going to designer store. Aarti tells Ayesha that Raghu is calling, he is spying. Ayesha says we are fine, don’t worry seeing shopping bill. Raghu tells Aarti to be careful and message her. Aarti says I know what to buy, don’t worry, take care. Ayesha says Raghu is protective about you. Aarti says he is serious when he is with me. Aarti says why don’t we go for long drive before shopping. Ayesha agrees. Aarti asks her to take left. Inspector says I hope everything is as per plan. Everyone stay ready for them. Aarti messages Raghu that they are reaching there.

They reach that same spot and the car stops. Inspector says that’s their car. Ayesha says I don’t know why car stopped, and checks. Manav asks Raghu will this plan work. Raghu says it will. Ayesha puts water on the hot engine and recalls what happened earlier. Aarti wearing similar dress as before feels familiar to Ayesha. Ayesha drops the bottle and goes away. She holds her head. Ayesha recalls some glimpses. Aarti asks Ayesha what happened. Ayesha comes to Aarti. She holds Aarti and asks did anything happen here. Did we come here before, please help me, tell me, I m recalling something. Raghu gets up. Manav asks Raghu to wait for some time. Ayesha asks Aarti were we fighting. Aarti gets dizzy and was falling over the engine. Ayesha holds her. Raghu says I can’t wait and runs to her. Manav moves Ayesha away. Raghu asks Ayesha did you do this. Ayesha says I did not do anything. Raghu asks her to get away. Ayesha says you all…. It means you all still doubt on me. Doctor says Aarti fainted. They all come home and see the recording.

Ayesha says it means you all planned this to take my test. Manav says no test, we were trying to bring back your memory. Ayesha says you felt I will burn Aarti. Raghu says yes, you did this. Ayesha asks what proof you have. He says shut up, you are criminal. She asks doctor to see how they treat her. Doctor says it was mental exercise, we recreate the situation to stimulate brain cells and you remember that this happened before too. Aarti comes and Raghu asks is she fine. Her doctor says its good news for everyone, Aarti is pregnant. Raghu smiles happily.

Aarti is rushed to hospital. Manav asks Raghu not to worry, everything will be fine.

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Show k end me writers slowly prove kr rehe hai ki unko show ki ending samjg nhi aayi to ayesha ko indirectly winner dikhane k liye yeh drama suru kr diya….. tooo much….

  2. So Ayesha s truth still not out told u lot evil is rewarded with these Indian writers shame on them Crap crap all the way

  3. When will this show end? I think Ayesha will lose her memory forever and they will live happily. Also cant wait to see tomorrow’s episode.

    1. is it ending tomorrow

  4. Writer$ writing total crap..don’t no what they want to show by ayesha’s memory loss drama..even if she lost her memory..her nature remain same na..total bullshit

  5. i think the writer is contesting for some worst writing award, so they are dragging the serial deliberately. Now the serial is taking new turn, and new story is starting..

  6. Kushal went to London for studies.. ha.. ha.. now the serial is based on only 4 characters…

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