Dream Girl 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Aarti making Raghu smile. They hug. She asks him to close eyes and relax. She asks him not to worry about anything, as they are together now. He says you are saying right. They have an eyelock. Ayesha comes there and sees them. Raghu asks what are you doing here. Ayesha says sorry to come at wrong time, but I came for a minute to congratulate both of you. She wishes they always stay happy with each other. She asks Raghu why is he seeing her this way, I m extremely sorry, forgive me. Aarti says its okay.

Ayesha says I just came to congratulate you, sorry to come like this, all the best. She leaves. Raghu says I can’t believe this, she is the same Ayesha who wanted to separate us, I can’t trust her. Aarti says maybe Ayesha changed, you were also stuck in past but then fate gave you chance to change, maybe fate is giving chance to Ayesha as well.

Manav checks some dvds. Ayesha tells Manav that this one is their fav film, lets see it now. Manav says no, its very late, I m going to sleep. She reminds him about her role and some film. He says that film released 4 years ago. She asks really, its very strange, anyways where is Samar, he did not come to meet me. He asks her to stop questioning now, things have changed, we are away. She asks what, we are here, I m your wife, is this not enough, we are still together, I need you at this time, if you behave like this with me now, I will break down. She cries and goes.

Manav recalls the doctor’s words. Ayesha cries and says my health will get worse staying here, none is talking well with me. Manav hears her. Ayesha says it would be better I went to jail. Manav says that won’t be needed. She asks don’t you trust me, don’t you love me, am I so bad that everyone is talking to me like this. Maybe I did some mistakes, but I don’t remember, I apologized to everyone, will you not forgive me. He says fine, I m sorry for that bitter words. She asks do you trust me. He nods. She hugs him.

Its night, Rahu lifts Aarti’s ghunghat and looks at her. Zara zara aane lage…………plays……………. He holds her and gets close. Ayesha gets close to Manav, and he gets shocked. He asks what are you doing. She asks him to see in her eyes. He says its late, I m getting sleepy. She holds him close and smiles. She hugs him and closes the lights.

Its morning, Ayesha wakes up and sees Manav sleeping. She goes to call someone and says I m hiding and calling, but none is answering. Aarti and Raghu catch her. Raghu says your dream got over now Ayesha. Raghu tells Manav that Ayesha was hiding and calling someone, we heard her, she has no amnesia. Manav asks Ayesha is this true. Aarti asks her to give her phone. Ayesha scolds her and asks her to be in limits. Raghu and Manav ask her to say truth. Ayesha says you are talking as if I m some criminal.

Aarti says say the truth. Ayesha says there is something, I have hidden from everyone, I thought you all will assume me wrong, I have a twin sister, her name is Aarti, I have hidden her from everyone, I felt when you all know, you all will hate me, I thought if her existence came out, my value will get low, I kept my sister locked in some house, but I always take care of her necessities, I call her daily and ask is she fine, but today she did not answer my call. She asks Aarti to check her phone if she does not trust her. Aarti checks the phone and signs Raghu. Ayesha says everyone is seeing me as a criminal here, I don’t know I did something so bad or not, I don’t remember anything, I can’t say anything to prove myself. She cries and leaves.

Manav tells Raghu that I don’t trust Ayesha, but I felt she is saying true, what do you think Aarti. Aarti says Ayesha used to call me when she was alone. Raghu says I don’t know what to say. Manav says lets have breakfast. Aarti asks Manav about Ayesha. Manav says she is in bedroom and asks servant to call Ayesha. Manav talks to Karan. Servant tells Manav that bedroom is locked, Ayesha is not answering. Inspector comes there. Ayesha comes and says I called them here. She gets her bag. They all look on.

Ayesha says everyone doubts on me here, they ask me for any action, they all don’t love me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I thought dreamgirl was going to end on 26th feb has it been extended?

    1. Ya it is extended so that only writers can see watch the boring ending.

  2. Just doesn’t make sense now ,director is like is dealing with 2yrs audience .

  3. Ayesha is really a drama queen.

    1. she’s been caught out and now is pretending with memory loss to escape jail .ouf these writers when they get a writers block they will spew out any crap so when is it ending now.

  4. seriously is this true

  5. the starting was so awesome. they removed main characters samar and lakshmi. this ayesha is seriously……………………………….

  6. they say if she stays in house she will get her memory back.. ha ha .. what fun.. as if, if ayesha is seriously sick now and gets memory later, will she ever tell that to anyone?? for what?-to get punishment?

    it would have been better if the serial ended by ayesha dying in that fire. again they are extending this non sense and obvoulsy ayesha is winning again by true or false memory loss. only if they can bring back laskshmi and she joins with aarti for revenge this will be ok to watch again.

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