Dream Girl 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ayesha acting as Aarti again. She asks Raghu why did he start this again. Raghu says I m not mistaken, you just said it you are Ayesha. She says when did I say. He says everyone is here, I have recorded it. He shows the recording. He tells Manav that I was tired of saying this, this is Ayesha and Shikha is Aarti, you all feel this is coincidence that Shikha fell in danger, Ayesha did this. Manav asks did you know this. Raghu says yes, I knew since Ayesha burnt Aarti’s face. He tells them everything how he supported Aarti and got her plastic surgery done. Shikha cries. He says I called Aarti here in navrang, I was with her always, Ayesha did this. Manav asks why did you not tell me. Raghu says I told you, you wanted proof, I gave you many hints. I knew Ayesha will do some mistake, and here she is. He asks Ayesha to say now.

He shouts on her and asks her to say that she is Ayesha Sareen. He holds her and shouts. She pushes him and says yes, I m Ayesha Sareen. Manav and Karan get shocked. Ayesha says I m Ayesha Sareen, the dream girl, who rules on millions of hearts, I m the superstar, my foolish husband Manav you feel Ayesha Sareen is such a small thing to disappear and people will forget, why shall I go leaving everything, I own all this. Ayesha never loses, what did you think Ayesha lost, she is invincible. She says thank God Raghu said I m Ayesha Sareen, I was fed up doing this acting, I will always be the star.

She asks Karan did he not identify her. She laughs and says I fooled so many people, who else can do this. She says you said the half truth, I will say complete truth, this girl ruined my life, even then I left her alive, she did not get peace, you planned all this to make my life hell. She says I kept this real sickle, I don’t want Aarti to be alive, I challenge all of you to fail me. She goes and catches Aarti/Shikha. Raghu asks Ayesha to stop, they will drop all charges. Manav and Karan ask Ayesha to stop. Ayesha says no one will come to me. Shikha pushes Ayesha and gets away. Ayesha says no one will come here and locks herself in a house on the set. Police comes and asks Ayesha to open the door. Ayesha laughs and says no one can fail Ayesha Sareen. They all ask Ayesha to open the door. She turns mad and says no one can fail me, the one and only dream girl. Aarti and everyone ask her to open the door. Ayesha lights the house and smiles. Karan panics and asks police to do something. Manav asks them to call fire brigade. Ayesha laughs. Karan and Shikha/Aarti shout for their sister. Ayesha starts feeling the heat and cries. Raghu holds Aarti from going inside. Ayesha sits in the fire.

The fire is blown off. They all get inside and get shocked seeing Ayesha. They rush her to the hospital. Everyone wait outside. Aarti asks Manav how is Ayesha. Manav says she is unconscious. Aarti cries and blames herself. Raghu says don’t blame yourself, Ayesha is getting punished for her sins, if we did not do this, I would have lost today. Manav asks whats this way to prove yourself, I don’t agree to this. Raghu says Ayesha tried to kill you, you were hidden. Manav asks why did you use my film. Raghu says I don’t believe this, you don’t care that Aarti is back. Manav says Aarti is like my sister, but my film is special to me, my respect and navrang is linked with it. Raghu says I also invested in it. Karan asks them to calm down and talk at home. Doctor says you can meet patient now. Manav apologizes to Raghu.

Ayesha gets conscious and sees everyone. Doctor says she inhaled smoke, we cleaned her lungs, its good, there are no burns on her body, you got her on right time, you can talk to her now. Ayesha asks Manav what happened, did Samar not come. Raghu says shut up, you think you will be saved, you started acting. Ayesha says who are you, why are you talking this way.

Raghu says stop this drama. Doctor says Raghu ji, calm down, she is affected. Raghu says she is a criminal. Inspector Raghu is saying right. Ayesha asks what did I do, why did police come. She cries and asks Manav to say who is this man, how did I come here. Raghu says I will say, and shows the video. She says its picture scene, it does not mean I did wrong, tell me whats happening. Doctor asks her to calm down. Aarti says he is Raghu, whom you married for property, when your truth came out, you are denying, what type of woman are you. Ayesha says I married Manav, why is Manav and Karan not saying anything. Raghu says great, I will not leave you. They all go out. Ayesha cries. Raghu says Ayesha is denying everything. Aarti calms him down. Manav says what else can we expect. Karan says maybe its true. Raghu asks are you mad to take her side. Karan says no, maybe. Raghu says it can’t be. Karan says I love Aarti and Ayesha, they are my sisters, maybe Ayesha needs our help, who will help her, think of it.

The lawyer says Ayesha is mentally not fine, she lost her memory partially, we can’t file case against her. Raghu says you mean we should wait that she gets her memory, till then she is free.

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  1. Thanks amena for fast update…..

  2. what thr f this is so f**king dumb

  3. We r nt able to see ayesha to continue on dream girl better try to kill her atleast now because we r nt able to see her repeating nonsense again and again

  4. I am going to stop watching this set I show . I feel that this show motivates bad mentality. Every time some or other way aayesha manage to manipulate things . I can not watch this anymore

    1. The last episode is tommorow I believe ?

  5. What d hell, how can someone b soooo dumb blodyhell ful of shit

  6. I agree with Radha. All along it was plain to see how the writer was stretching the story. Now with Ayesha conveniently loosing her memory and so cannot be punushed he can continue the story for another season if he wishes and so play us around in circles once again. I hate it when you can clearly see what the writer is up to.

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    Waaowooo what a acting by ayesha… ab usse memory loss bhi ho gya… i hope kisi ko uske drame pr bharosa na ho ya fir jaldi se sare proofs mile and ayesha hoes to jail with happy ending

  8. yaar honestly yeh tou 26 feb tak show khichne jaisa hai . now i am happy at least its going to end .so much boring ji.aarti aur raghu ki shaadi ho na ho .ayesha ki memory lost ho na ho hmari zaroor memory lose ho jayegi.itni achi begining thi kya bna diya.today i am very disappointed with story writer. aarti kya sati savitri abla naari hi rahegi .why is she not fighting with her.rakesh par 4 episode nikal diye . why ?…………….

  9. ayesha is majboor as she likes playing games – all fools

  10. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! ayesha is so bad. but i think this is the truth that she had lost her memory

    1. no i think she a playing games again hope kushal comes round and tells the truth

  11. its finishing tomorrow so what twist will these stupid writers bring . its plain evilness should not be rewarded but then we are talking about hindi serials Haaaa!!!!! where there is kala jadoo always a jealous person trying to do things to the lead pair. always want someone else’s boyfriend or husband

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