Dream Girl 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ayesha saying she has called inspector and doctor. They all get shocked seeing her with her bag. Manav asks Ayesha whats this. Doctor says we got Ayesha’s call, she said she wants to stay in hospital and not here. Ayesha says sorry, but I told doctor that I want to stay in my house, I will get fine staying with my family, but here its bad, none talks to me with love, they question me as if I did big crime, they don’t love me, my health will get worse here, I want to get fine. She says I feel related to the things here, but their hatred is spoiling my attempts to get fine.

She says I say sorry to them daily, they accuse me daily, can I get fine here, they are not helping me, I can’t stay here. Aarti cries and says forgive me for doubting on you, I will take care of you. Ayesha says don’t lie to me, you have hurt me. Raghu asks did you not identify your sister, this is Aarti. Ayesha asks what, they are making me mad. She says Aarti is my sister, she looks exactly like me, she is very innocent, I kept her somewhere, I hope you all don’t blame me. Manav asks where did you keep Aarti. Ayesha says Shimla. Aarti says she is right.

Doctor tells Ayesha to sit in ambulance and sends her. Doctor says I will take her tests and ask court for advice to ask where can Ayesha live, her mental condition is getting worse, pray that memory does not go forever.

Its night, Raghu tells Aarti that I can’t trust Ayesha. Aarti asks him not to blame herself, if court permits Ayesha to go to hospital, her memory won’t come back. Raghu says I don’t know what to do. Manav comes and tells Raghu that Ayesha has run away when she was taken for MRI. Raghu says I told you she is liar. Aarti says she is my sister, her life is at risk, she is not fine. We should help her, evil is ended by good, we will find her, she will know we did not think bad for her. Manav says Aarti is right, I m going to find her. He leaves. Aarti says let me think, I want to believe that Ayesha’s memory really went, if so, then where will she go, I know where she went, come with me.

Manav is on the way. Inspector asks staff to find Ayesha. He says Ayesha is nowhere. Manav says I m also finding her. Aarti calls Manav and says I got Ayesha. Manav says I will just come. Ayesha is sleeping. They all come there and see her. Manav wakes her up. She says I came here to find Aarti, I kept her locked in this house, trust me, I took care of her, I was finding her and got dizzy, I fell here, I think she went somewhere, maybe she is in some problem. Manav says Aarti is fine…

Ayesha asks do you know, did you let her go out. Aarti says I m your sister Aarti and cries…. She tells her everything. Manav says yes, she is Aarti. Ayesha asks are you Aarti and holds her face. She says Aarti looked like me. Aarti says my face burnt. Ayesha asks how. Aarti says I met with an accident and did face transplant. She shows her details. Ayesha hugs Aarti and says I m sorry, you have bear a lot. Doctor says you were with her, you know this. Ayesha asks did I not do anything to save you, I don’t remember anything, I got my sister, thank Lord. Raghu looks at Ayesha and thinks Ayesha is acting, I have to find out what we are missing.

They all come home. Aarti tells everyone that Ayesha is better now. Doctor asks them to cooperate with Ayesha, if you notice small things, your doubts can get cleared. Manav asks why are you asking this. Doctor says Ayesha knew half details, I mean Ayesha is not acting, she is not recalling things, you have to assure that you trust her.

Raghu says if we recreate same aura then.. Doctor says it should be natural, nice idea, but if Ayesha understands its staged, then she can react angrily too. Doctor asks Raghu to meet Ayesha less, and you are outsider for her. Raghu says sure. Doctor asks Aarti to take care of Ayesha well.

Its morning, Ayesha wakes up and smiles seeing family pics. Aarti gets breakfast for Ayesha and they feed each other. Raghu looks on.

At the accident site, Ayesha tells Aarti that we came here before, something happened here. Raghu worries. Aarti holds her head. Manav stops Raghu.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wht a fake story…. Typical Indian..

    1. ha.ha.. anything can happen in hindi serials.

  2. I guess manav is the main villian 😀 😀

  3. will this drama ever end, people are shifting to other interesting serials

  4. seriously……………….

  5. if they can brig back lakshmi everybody will think to rate 5 stars to the show. SHE WAS REALLY VERY GOOD

  6. or else if we wnt lakshmi back we must see sony tv serial EK DOOJE KE VAASTE

  7. if its finishing in 2 days then where are the thick writers going with this story . its the same writers they use for all the serials as the storey lines lines are identical. All crap.

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