Dosti Specials- Healer to my pain (2) Part 1

Dosti Specials- Healer to my pain

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I also hope you remember this book. This is the second story of this book and I hope it gets good views and comments.
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Looking in to the serene nature, he rested his palms on the railing that bordered the entire area. The greenery that adorned the valley seemed endless, there was not a speck without any greens. The cool breeze hit his face while his thick leathered jacket prevented the wind from hitting his chest. A young boy stood beside him to serve him with a glass of hot tea that was prepared by the nearby stall owner.

Taking it from his hand, he took a sip of the hot liquid and pleasured him as it went down his dry throat. A hot drink was good enough to keep someone warm in cold conditions. Nodding to the little boy, he shifted his eyes back to the scenery, gently sipping his tea. This place was where he belonged. He had surrendered himself into the nature. He belonged to the mountains, to the valleys, to the rivers and to the lakes. He belonged to everything that nature had.

A slight tap on his shoulder brought him out of his reverie. He turned around to see a short heighted lady, with her fingers wrapped around the handles of the bicycle that stood right beside her. She had worn a luminous jacket, shielding her from the cold and a pair of comfortable tights with boots. Her round and bubbly face, glowed under the sun rays instantly winning over his heart.

“Hello, I’m a little stuck, do you mind helping me?” She said while looking at her bike and back to him.

“What help?” The guy asked her as he seemed to notice her bike’s condition. It wasn’t so good.

“Oh um I actually can’t fix this pedal and chain of my bike. Would you by any chance know how to fix it?” She pleadingly asked.

Being a biker himself, he nodded to her plead. He knew each and every part of the bike, all the mechanisms behind them as well as how to fix each part with utmost perfection. He squatted and started checking her bike. Rotating the chain along with the pedals and pressing some of the attaching wires together he managed to fix the bike, amusing the lady.

“Thank you so much!! You’ve done me great help! I’ll be forever indebted to you!” The lady squealed in happiness, seeing her bike fixed. “Oh by the way, I’m Riddhima.”

Hearing her name, he felt some similarity. “I’m Vansh….and please don’t be so formal with me, I guess being a biker myself I was ought to help.” He stood up, brushing hands together, removing all the dust.

“You’re a biker too Vansh? Interesting, very interesting! Nice to meet you Vansh. I’m a biker too and I’m here to probably do the same as you.” She chuckled as she went towards the railing. “This” She said turning back to him and pointing to the scenery. “This is what I’ve come for here. The beauty is just indescribable.”

“Right….this is something just so extraordinary! The trees all carving in with the stones and the earth beautifully sculpting it into something better. Nature is my first love!” Vansh said with his eyes locked on to the scenery.

“Where are you from?” Riddhima asked out of curiosity as she headed towards the tea stall, ordering a cup for herself.

“Well I’m just from another part of the country. I won’t want to reveal where from now particularly but perhaps later.”  He replied, facing her.

“Hmmm I guess you might be uncomfortable, anyway I’m from Jaipur. Where was your start point?” She asked him as she sipped her tea, blowing it time to time.

“The Rising point to the faux point and here now, Serenity Point. You?” He asked, finally getting into a proper conversation with her.

“Same as you however I wasn’t able to enjoy my ride from faux point, my bike got spoilt.” She sulked, still sipping her tea.

“What!” Vansh gasped at her story. “You mean to say you came walking from there with your bike!” She nodded while he saw her in shock. “Couldn’t you have asked anyone in between?”

“I couldn’t trust anyone out here! I mean what if they try to kidnap me, or my stuff, or even worse.”

Hearing her reply Vansh was totally flabbergasted and let out a little chuckle, not able to believe her. It was impossible to say such a thing about this beautiful and less populated city. It was one that was in the mountains with the locals living an absolutely simple and humble life. All of them that he had met so far were extremely kind and warm to him, in fact welcoming.

“Is this your first?” He asked out of the blue sensing what the actual matter could be.

“Ummm kind of! Not that I haven’t done it before but this is my first in a proper camping and biking near the mountainous and forest areas.” She answered hesitantly, trying to not sound like a fool in front of him.

Expecting that answer, he hummed and left for his bike. He got on to it and passed on a tight smile to her and rode off for the next point of her journey while Riddhima stood open mouth, looking at his retreating figure.

“He just left me!! How rude!” she pouted and looked at the tea stall guy who was staring at her. She gulped and went a little bit forward. “I’m not leaving him! No ways!! I’ve got him after such a long time! Sadly he doesn’t even remember me” She chuckled sadly.

She fished out her phone from her back pocket and unlocked it. Finding no network she walked ahead trying to catch it. Walking closer to the railing she seemed to receive two bars of the network sign, she sighed and tried dialing a number on her phone that was still reached out towards the sky. But suddenly a dog that barked near her startled her leading her to drop her phone down in the valley, never to find it again.

“Noooo! My phone!!” She shouted, frustrated over the things that were happening with her since morning. She couldn’t do any task properly. Looking at the dog, she squinted her eyes at it and pouted. “All because of you!!” She screamed at it.

Taking her bag with her, she sat on the bike and rid off away from the point, trying to follow the same route as his.


Hope you all liked the first part of this story. 
What do you think is the connection between Vansh and Riddhima? 

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