Dooriyaan ~ Pranbir Teesri Peedhi (Part 1)

So it basically starts when Abhi finds that Prachi is his daughter, he happiness was on peak on knowing about it. He didn’t inform anyone about it as he wanted to keep it as surprise. Rhea is in London for her studies. No Meera and no Aliya, everything is positive. Prachi isn’t aware that Abhi is her father.


In the morning
At college.
Prachi and Shahana enter the college with a smile on their face. They were just having a normal chit-chat while walking through the corridors when suddenly Shahana remembers something and excuses herself from there, Prachi looks at her and gives her an impossible look. Prachi then makes her way to the classroom but in the way someone pulls her.

Prachi looks at the person and gets a smile on her face.

“Ranbir what happened? ” asks Prachi

“Nothing much I was missing my girlfriend. ” says Ranbir with a smile on his face

“Pagal ho tum. ” says Prachi while trying to get out of his grip

“Yes I am mad, in your love. ” says Ranbir while winking at Prachi

Prachi blushes while Ranbir was lost in her beauty.

“Okay now let me go. ” says Prachi while again trying to get out of his grip

“No I won’t. ” says Ranbir sternly while tightening his grip

“First say the three magical words which I am longing to hear from your mouth. ” says Ranbir while making a puppy face

Prachi looks at him

“He won’t let me go like this, let me do something. ” thinks Prachi

“Say I am waiting. ” says Ranbir

“Achaa baba bol rhi hun, but first close your eyes. ” says Prachi

“Close my eyes but why? ” asks Ranbir while raising his eyebrow

“Ranbir so that I don’t get nervous. ” says Prachi

“Point toh hai, okay I am closing my eyes you say it fast. ” says Ranbir while smiling and closing his eyes.

Prachi very smartly inter changes their position and now Ranbir was pinned to the wall. She slowly starts moving towards Ranbir’s ears. Their heartbeat increases as both of them were getting closer. Ranbir could hear the sound of Prachi’s breath and a chill passes down through his body, same was the case with Prachi, she looks at Ranbir and smiles.

“Jai mata di. ” says Prachi while quickly rushing from there

Ranbir opens his eyes and the smile on his face vanishes, his face expression was completely changed, he then looks around and finds Prachi rushing through the corridors.

“Chickchiki yaar.. ” says Ranbir while looking at Prachi

Prachi looks back at him and chuckles while making her way inside the classroom. Ranbir ruffles his hair and sighs. At this moment someone seizes his hand on Ranbir’s shoulder, Ranbir turns back and was surprised to see Akash .

“Kitni bholi hai na Prachi. ” says Akash with a smirk

Ranbir didn’t understand what he actually meant and thought that he was praising her.

“Yes she is too naive and absolutely a pure soul. ” says Ranbir thinking about Prachi

“Yaa I know that’s why she is easily trapped in our game. ” says Akash

“Poor she, she doesn’t even know that you don’t love her and it’s just a revenge game and I am eagerly waiting for the moment when you will break her heart. That time her face will be worthy of watching. ” says Akash while giving an evil smirk

“Not she will have to pay the reward for insulting me in front of the whole college. ” says Akash

In the flashback.
It was the first day of the college all the students were walking and having conversation with each other. Prachi and Shahana hurriedly leave from their house as it was their first day and they didn’t want to be late. They take a taxi and leave for the college. After sometimes they reach the college and the scene in front of their eyes made them angry. Some of the boys and girls were together ragging the new students and one of them was Akash (the one who was ragging). Prachi along with Shahana enter the crowd. Akash notices Prachi.

“Hey guys, just see new bhenji in the college. ” says Akash while pointing towards Prachi

Prachi was hell angry but controls her anger while Shahana was little afraid so she asks Prachi to get out of all this and suggests to leave but Prachi assures her not to worry as she knows how to handle such situation.

“Okay so now this bhenji will do something for our entertainment. ” says Akash while smirking

“Miss.Bhenji come forward our college is dying to see you. ” says Akash while laughing

Prachi gives her bag to Shahana while she herself goes forward

“Good, now slap this guy.” says Akash while pointing towards a new student

Prachi looks at him while giving an angry look while Akash asks the guy to come forward to which he reluctantly agrees he was afraid but Prachi wasn’t.

“What are you waiting for, just gives him a hard one. ” says Akash while looking at Prachi

Prachi walks towards the new student while he closes his eyes and the next was heard the sound of tight slap but the new comer didn’t feel it he slowly opens his eyes and was surprised to see the scene in front of him. Akash was fallen down on the ground and all the students were laughing with him. He quickly gets up comprehending the situation.

“How dare you? ” screams Akash on the top of his voice while raising his hand on Prachi but Prachi holds his hand and pushes it with a jerk

“How dare you and by the way how did you feel after tasting your own medicine? Good? ” asks Prachi

“You…. ” screams Akash in anger

“Don’t raise your volume and don’t you know dare to rag anyone because today I slapped and the other time someone else will do the same thing. And I know people like you very nicely, amir baap ke bigre hue aulaad. ” says Prachi

Saying this she leaves from there followed by Prachi. While on the other side all the students were making fun of Akash and were praising Prachi for her courage. Everyone slowly leaves from there and now only Akash was only left.

“You didn’t do good, you insulted me in front of whole college and now I will insult you in front of whole society. ” says Akash to himself while rubbing his hand over her cheeks where he awarded with a tight slap.

On the other side.
Prachi and Shahana were passing through the corridors and after sometimes Shahana reaches the her classroom, Prachi bids her farewell and leaves for her class.. On her way she collides with someone and soon was in the embrace of that person, both of them have an intense eyelock which was broken by Prachi who quickly gets into the normal position.

“Sorry.” says Prachi while picking her belongings which fell on the floor.

“No it’s okay. ” says the guy while leaning and helping Prachi to pick her things

Prachi didn’t speak anything, she was silently picking her things.

“I haven’t seen you before in this college, are you a new student?” asks the guy

“Actually yes today is my first day. ” says Prachi while putting the things in her bag

” By the way myself Ranbir Kohli, if you need any help you may ask me. ” says Ranbir while getting up

“Thanks if there will be anything I will surely ask you. ” says Prachi while trying to make her way out from there but Ranbir stops her

“Aree apna naam toh batao. ” says Ranbir

“Prachi, Prachi Arora. ” says Prachi while forwarding her hand for a handshake

“Ranbir Kohli. ” says Ranbir while shaking hand with Prachi after which she leaves from there. Akash secretly watched them and an evil idea strikes his mind.

He approaches Ranbir and starts a normal conversation.

“Ranbir wo ladki.. ” says Akash while pointing towards Prachi

“Prachi, Prachi naam hai uska she is the first girl who wasn’t interested to talk with me itni mushkil se naam jaana hai. ” says Ranbir while smiling

“Tu jaanta hai usne mere saath kya kiya. ” says Akash in an angry tone

“Nhi bta kya kiya usne. ” says Ranbir while raising his eyebrow

Akash describes the whole incident to him. As soon as he finishes it Ranbir bursts out laughing .

“Wow I wasn’t knowing that she is that bold, tujhe pure college ke samne insult kiya. ” says Ranbir while laughing.

“Ranbir be little serious, she insulted your friend in front of whole college. And now I will take revenge from her for whatever happened, will you help me? ” asks Akash

“Revenge? Dude have you lost it, it’s just a small thing and for this you are going to take revenge. ” says Ranbir

“Ranbir it can be a small thing for you but for me it’s a big thing and I want to take revenge, just tell me wether you will help me or not?” asks Akash

“Yes of course I will help you, but what do I need to do? ” asks Ranbir

“Use and throw. ” says Akash with a smirk

“What?” asks a shocked Ranbir

“Use her and then throw her as simple as that. ” says Akash

“Are you mad, for such a small thing you are asking me to spoil her life. I won’t do this. ” says Ranbir

“Wait.. Wait dude are you in love with her?Is it the case of love at first sight? ” asks Akash

“Are you mad? Tu toh janta hai na mera dil kiske pass hai. ” says Ranbir while blushing

“The one who isn’t interested in you at all. ” says Akash feebly while chuckling

“Kuch bola kya? ” asks Ranbir

“No.. So I was saying that it should be easy for you to break her heart if  you love Rhea and this way your love for Rhea will also be proved, toh lgi bet? ” asks Akash with a smirk as he knew Ranbir won’t deny this time

Ranbir thinks a little and then looks at Akash

“Toh ab lg gyi bet. ” says Ranbir while looking at Akash
Flashback ends.

Back to the present.

Ranbir feels a little uncomfortable after recalling the bet as for him it wasn’t bet, he had really started to fall for Prachi and develop feelings for her which his heart was well aware of. He could escape from everyone but what about his heart. He was feeling a little bad but convinces himself by saying that he loves Rhea, but the question which comes to his mind was “Does he really love Rhea? “It was making him really confused of his feelings and it was the first time when he himself wasn’t aware of what he actually wants. This moment he wanted to alone, he looks at Akash and by giving a small smile makes his way out from there.

He was sitting in the garden while holding his hand.

“What is love? ” asks Ranbir to himself

“Love is something magical. ” he hears a voice from behind

And when he turns around to see he finds Prachi standing over there, she slowly comes forward and sits beside him. And places her hand in his hand and looks at him.

“Love is something which is the most beautiful feeling which you can ever experience, it is when you don’t care about anything or anyone except for the one you love, it’s something which makes you do the things which you never did before or hate doing but still you do that for your loved one. You change yourself for the person whom you love, what he/ she hates you stop doing that. What affects that person affects you more, the pain of that person becomes your pain. The smile on the face of that person brings a smile on your face. And you find happiness in the happiness of that person. You don’t need any big moment to cherish, little little things make you happy, you look up for excuses to stay with that person and spend more time with him/her. You start enjoying the company of that person and you always want to with him/her.” says Prachi with a smile.

Ranbir thinks a little about the things Prachi spoke.

“Whenever I am with Prachi I feel different, whenever she is in front of me I never care to look at anyone else, Prachi’s pain becomes my pain, the smile on Prachi’s face makes my day, I was a flirt but I changed myself for Prachi, whatever Prachi hates I don’t do that because I want to keep her happy, the smile on her face makes me happy. It’s truth that I always look up for excuses to stay with her, does it mean I love Prachi, whenever I am with Rhea nothing like this happens, I don’t really care about her and I ain’t even attached to her that much as she in London but Prachi is everyday in front of my eyes and if a single day I don’t see her I become restless, does it really mean I love? Maybe yes…. It means I love Prachi, yes I love Prachi. ” thinks Ranbir with a cheerful smile on his face, he was dancing in his mind he looks at Prachi who was sitting next to him and hugs her but the sound which was heard was “Ouch.. “

Ranbir’s face was kissing the ground, getting back to the reality he realises that he was just imagining Prachi. But the smile was still on his face as he had realised his true feelings for Prachi, maybe in imagination but this time also Prachi helped him. He happily gets up and makes his way to the college.

While on the other side.
Abhi after knowing that Prachi is his daughter was on cloud nine. He was happy to know about it and decides to bring Prachi and Pragya back to Mehra mansion, after which he leaves for Pragya’s house.

The college was over so Prachi and Shahana leave for their house while Ranbir was still dancing in joy after realising his love for Prachi, he was behaving in an odd manner and was busy deciding how to propose Prachi again as first time it was just a part of drama. Prachi on noticing Ranbir in the college was little confused and the whole way back to the house she was thinking about him only.


Precap- Family reunion… Rhea returns to India

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