Don’t Want to Regret Anything (SanDhir) part – 2


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REGRET LASTS FOREVER (source:google)

Sanyu : yeah i’ll only follow my heart … now my first step is to get admission form signed anyhow … i can explain mom nd dad later … but cant get admission after 2 days

( both reached agarwal mansion )

( sanyu was shocked to see her dad’dcar )

( both entered in the hall … kishor has lost his temper … he notices sanyu )

Kishor : oh !!! welcome … i told u not to go outside of this house … and dont even think about engineering

Sanyu : dad … i get admission in FITE…

K : so what ??? … u will go to engineering college ??? … i’ll never allow u … no one will marry u after 4 years (left hall in ager )

Sanyu’s pov

How should i make dad understand that marriage is not my priority … but i have to convince mom …

Vid : ur dad did not even bother to ask result … u get 10th rank … its incredible

(she goes to kitchen …)

Vid : so now u will not even reply to me

( sanyu drinks water … anju is not looking at her … sanyu hugs her from back … anju wipes her tears … and turns )

Sanyu : mom … u r crying ??

Anju : leave it … it will hurt everyone

Sanyu : but mom i get 10th rank … still u think i m not capable … give me a chance …

Anju : but its impossible to convince ur dad

Sanyu : plz sign my admission form

( sanyu stands silent for a minute and again starts her conversion )

Sanyu : okk … what if i will get married and my husband leave me … what if he harasses me … i’ll again come to this home and will have to dependent on u nd dad permanently … i will loose my confidence …and u will regret for not allowing me to study … plz let me do whatever i want

( sanyu left kitchen )

Vid : aunty … plz … engineering is her passion … she will be always top in engineering … because she will do with her heart … she belongs to engineering

( anju left … vid comes to sanyu’s room )

Vid : what u were speaking ??? … i m really confusd

Sanyu : see , i m not interested in marriage and dad thinks that i’ll not get any good groom after 1 year … mom also thinks same … i have to tell to convince her…so i just tell her reality

Vid : reality or emotional blackmailing

Sanyu : whatever u think … btw what about ur admission ???

Vid : tomorrow it will be announced … i’ll go for bsc with maths …

Sanyu : ohh … let me know

Vid : i should go … byee

Sanyu : byee

At night :

(sanyu is standing near window … someone comes … she turns … anju is there … anju gives her signed admission form …and cheque for fees … )

(Sanyu gets emotional …and hugs her )

Anju : promise me … u’ll always fight for ur rights … and u’ll be stronger …

Sanyu : promise … but dad ??

Anju : i’ll manage here

Sanyu : thanks

Anju : u’ll left for ur college once after ur dad leave for office …

Sanyu : okk

Anju’s pov

I m sorry … i have hide one thing from u … otherwise u will not concentrate on ur study

(sanyu calls vid and inform her about her mom’s decision … vid gets happy and demands for a party … sanyu deny her as situation is not normal … vid agrees but demands grand party … sanyu agrees )

I know guys its boring … but next time i’ll try better and also sorry for late update

  1. nice one

  2. very nice dear…i know this ff is for sandhir but in the future can u also add vidarth…these both couples are the best couples i ve seen lately on shows…i really like both of these couples a lot so if its not much to ask pls add vidarth along with sandhir in your ff…thank u…

  3. SidMin

    No the episode was not at all boring ‘S’ intact I loved it waiting for the next

  4. The epi was very nice ?. Keep writing


    Where is randhir please make a rocking entry from him and please don’t show him below sanyu give him equal importance

  6. Sheena

    Nice…waiting for rd’s entry 🙂
    Keep writing

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