Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
samrat ius super angry at tani, and blurts out that he has had neough of tolerating her nonsense and idiocy, and asks her to get the jewellery back rightaway, while she is adamant that she wont do any such thing, and he isnt permitted to ever talk to her again in such a tone. Samrat gets frustrated at the situation that he is tied up in. He gets niranjan’s call, and before he can speak, samrat tells him to call some other time, as he is really busy, and cancels the call, without further hearsay. samrat continues his fight with tani, who is shocked at samrat’s changed behaviour in front of her. Just then, tani’s phone rings and when she receives it, she finds that its niranjan. samrat is shocked to see that its niranjan’s phone. Niranjan expresses to tani, that he wants to meet her in person and alone. Niranjan requests tani, and she is boggled when he says that he has to tell her something about samrat. she says that she shall meet him tomorrow at 5. samrat hears this and gets tensed, and snatches the phone from tani, much to her surprise, and niranjan warns him to get the money at five tomorrow in the evening or else tani shall know samrat’s truth. Samrat is terribly tensed and worried.

later at night, while shashi is sleepwalking, she accidentally sits on samrat, lying in the sofa. Both the son and mother start blaming and accusing the other of their mistake, while shashi, now knowing that samrat doesnt have his old stature, doesnt leave any stone unturned to mock him, that in this world, he has been thrown out of the room, by his wife. samrat is infuriated. To add insult to injury, the bengali couple too come in and join the taunts. samrat asks them to return the jewellery, and he is shocked when he knows that they sold it already and deposited the money in the bank. His own mother and the fake relatives turn against him, saying that if he tries to act smart with them, they shall reveal him to the police. he is outraged. To add to his troubles, shashi tells him that diwaker and kanchan are coming to play holi.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
ishaan is still deeply hurt and without saying a word, he leaves to take a showr in the bathroom. when he opens his wardrobe to change, he finds another balloon saying I AM SORRY. urmi sees expectantly, but is disappointed when he throws out the balloon, and goes to get changed. urmi’s eyes have a reminiscence of ishaan’s past memories, and how deeply her barbed comments must have hurt him. urmi comes after ishaan, asking him to stop, but he ignores her completely. urmi is distraught, as he walks out of the house. damini eyes them evilly, and is amused at urmi’s plight. She calls out to her, asking if ishaan isnt talking to her. urmi says that he is very angry. damini asks why is she doing the effort as she has thr right to be angry, and again tries to instigate her, but urmi says that she knows ishaan didnt buy her the nighty, but an evening gown. Damini is surprised to know that urmi nows the truth. She feigns ignorance and asks how this happened, and when urmi says that the shopkeeper made a mistake, damini is relieved that her crime didnt get caught. urmi shares her agonies and says that she shall very soon make ishaan forgive her. she leaves. Damini says that this shall ruin her plan, and she wont let it happen, and gets to cooking evil ideas otherwise, that would further create gaps.

Scene 3:
Location: In the restaurant
samrat wonders how to stop diwaker from coming, and starts frustratedly ranting about the problems in his life. niranjan comes, and samrat fumes all the more with anger. he takes pleasure in taunting samrat’s plight, while he asks niranjan how dare he call tani. Niranjan asks him to compose himself, and reminds how easily he can pay him. samrat gets into a rage, while niranjan continues to taunt that samrat owes him. he threatens samrat yet again. samrat berserkedly says that he doesnt have any money, while niranjan says that he married a living ATM, and says that he doesnt have money. he says that he doesnt have much money, and starts giving samrat the countdown, that at five tani shall come to meet him, and by three he should give the money, or else, he shall tell everything about samrat to his lovable wife. samrat tries to get angry, but niranjan is unaffected. Niranjan says that he has another way out, thats to kill him, as that would solev the problem altogether, but presents his cowardice that he can bark but seldom bite like barking dogs. he again gives the time limit. Samrat is frustrated.

Scene 4:
Location: Urmi’s hotel
While working, ishaan finds his mother coming in tensedly. She says that she desperately needs to talk to him, urgently. She is amused at how easily he falls prey, and asks her to sit down with him. he asks her whats the matter, and she pretends to be extremely disturbed. damini finds ishaan alone, and tensed himself, and instigates him against urmi, as to how badly she misunderstood him and his intentions, without a care of the respect and the love that he genuinely has for her, and finds that he is getting affected. she continues with her allegations, that this is what urmi thinks of him. ishaan says that he too finds this unbelievable. she furthermore continues to add fuel to the fire and that she is a home wrecker, as even after all this drama, urmi isnt satisfied and is now talking of returning back to gaurav’s house. She said that she requested, while he angrily says that she should have let her go. Damini says that she did this concerned for his love for urmi, and even after she got to know the truth, she had to be convinced by her to apologise to ishaan. ishaan is angered at urmi’s characterisation by damini, and says that he doesnt need a bought apology, as it doesnt matter after what she did. damini says that even if she apologised because she was asked to do so, she did. She tries to instigate him against urmi, that he is the one showering everything. Damini says that all urmi needs is a name for her son, and societal status, which she got from marrying ishaan, and she is satisfied as she needs nothing more, and hence has discarded him completely. damini tries to point out that in this marriage, the only party at loss is them. ishaan is tensed. damini eyes him evilly, seeing him affected. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Damini finds urmi packing a letter for ishan, in his lunchbox, and urmi says that since he isnt talking to her, she can express her feelings in writing. damini smiles. Later, damini tears the letter, and then gives a different letter in the lunchbox, that she intends him to read.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. OMG, after being such a good friend to Urmi and knowing what she went through in the past with her devil husband and mother-in-law the directors are going to turn Ishan into and idiot to start believing everyone else but Urmi…back to square one. This show should have ended already.

    1. fan of the show

      It shows one should be careul about not turning off your best allies. It’s toghert o fight alone.

  2. This crap should end long ago… Now ishan might star to believe his dumb ass mother and start hating urmi….

    1. Guys chill u know evil never rull 4 long just one day there will be a u-turn how i wish i am the writer of this shows at least u all wud have been happy but gush i am not so u just have to watch what ever u see i am so sorry for dat

  3. Omg damani is so clever but I hope so urmi face her and ishan forgive urmi . But I think urmi love ishan

  4. This show should have ended already…..there’s no love, only hatred! Urmi deserves happiness

  5. I just cannot believe that a mother would be snooping in on her son’s intimate activities with his wife. Even worse, how could a mother-in-law discuss her son’s and daughter -in-law’s private life with her son-in-law? Does Damini have any scruples left? She is behaving as is she would not hesitate getting into bed with her son-in-law considering the intimate details about Ishan and Urmi she has disclosed to Sam-RAT. Writers, express some intelligence and decency here. Going from bad to worse!

  6. how low can a mother get snooping around in a her sons romantic life according to SR this show should have ended since when samrath was sent to prison no these writers had to prolong it and make it more senseless urmi has her restaurant she is well off now and she has her son what more can she want ok I get it a good man in her life well ok that was suppose to inshaan now his stupid wicked witch of a mother starts messing with both ishaans and urmis life fire to the fuel now so writers this is the way all your serials will be evil triumphing over good I just I cannot understand it this is the same thing happening with qubool hai instead of ending the show evil won again and long toenail took over from wicked murdering tanveer come on writers done the shit now and come to your senses wake up and stop sleep walking and start writing better scripts now bring the damn serial to an end do do heads

  7. Yes let Samrat take this torture in his behind.What goes around must come back around.Evil is only for awhile because good will conquer it.Damini is so wretched,knowing what she is doing is not hurting Urmi alone but also her son.But Ishaan is a lawyer ,can’t he read through the lines when something is phony.I admit Urmi made a grave mistake but they can sit down and talk it over to really get the truth.Tani is the right woman for Samrat.He will think twice before he tries to abuse her.Damini is in for a shock that she may not be able to recover.The lawyer will bring Samrat to his knees very soon.WoW

  8. This writer shud b shot!

  9. Farhana Abuu

    What happened to the Ishaan who stood by Urmi n believed ha wen all evidence pointed dat she was guilty of being intimate wit his uncle!!!Wats wrong wit da writers,if Ishaan culd stood by Urmi at dat time y not now!He said he will always trust Urmi y now sudden change….is his love for Urmi dat weak dat it cannot just let go of a small misunderstanding….writers I don’t get u,at one time u show us dat Ishaan will always stand by Urmi n at ada times he fails her….He was supposed to b patient wit ha,Urmi is so fragile,she has been thru a lot n now he acts da victim!Dont think he deserves Urmi!

  10. so much gate urmi she’s always nagging

  11. so much hate urmi she’s always nagging. s.he’s the nagging type

  12. U ppl always make urmi a scape goat … Damini is so cruel… Ishan shd find out this before urmi leaves him….

  13. I’m happy so far with the show. Misunderstanding ok, I hope it makes Urmi realise her feelings for Ishaan, the fear of losing someone can do that. I would like Damini to be caught before she causes great loss to her son and Urmi. They should let bad things happen to Damini for teaming up with Samrat in destroying her son. I love Niranjan.

  14. Eish yes guys all over again different husband different mother in law Sindurah lol ohhh i meant damini…y ar couples bedroom lifes made family issues.shitman its pvt???writtens going backwards daaaaa

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