Doli Armaanon Ki 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Damini is highly tensed, for such a small child fighting with such a deadly disease, and sandhya is doubtful as to why is she pretending when noone’s around, and points it to damini, who is horrified, that sandhya can stoop to such a level to think so. sandhya says that she didnt mean so. But damini lashes at her, asking how could she misunderstand her, as she only wanted her sone’s life back and her son’s good, but not someone else’s son’s life or his happiness. she leaves fuming in anger, while sandhya is irritated.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Ishaan and urmi are back on their home, in the car, while both of them are distraught and apalled, both unable to control tears, as they hold each others’ hands to comfort each other. she turns away and breaks into uncontrollable tears.

Scene 3:
Location: ishaan’s residence
As urmi and ishaan’s family sit together, all are tensed that shaurya is suffering from such a deadly disease. samrat says that he hopes he had money, and he would have given him first class treatment. Anirudh says that he is there for that, and they shall give whatever money is needed. Sandhya comes in saying that food is laid out. samrat instantly gets upto rush. Anirudh says that till the time urmi and ishaan dont come back, he wont be able to eat food or any other family member. Samrat gets frustrated but says that its absolutely right, taking a u -turn. Just then, urmi and ishaan come back home, and all rush to ask whats the matter and what did the doctor say. ishaan stsnds tensed. Anirudh asks whats the next step. ishaan says that the doctor has prescribed some initial tests after which, they shall begin with the treatment and medication, and shaurya shall be fine soon. samrat comes and asks whats the treatment, while ishaan says that it would be general treatment course in cancer. he asks what shall it be, chemotherapy or anything else. He insists. ishaan looks tensedly at urmi whether to tell what the doctor said. urmi is in despair, as they remember the doctor’s condition. ishaan asks urmi to go to shaurya and he complies. urmi breaks down in front of gaurav, who tries hard to comfrot her. All are tensed. ishaan tells samrat that he shall tell everything, but samrat says that he shall go tomorrow with them to the doctor to find out every detail about shaurya and his ailment. Ishaan presses his shoulder and requests him, saying that he understands his pain, but asks him to believe that they are trying their best. Damini sees that for the first time, ishaan is talking so nicely with samrat, and maybe others dont notice it, but she does, that there’s something wrong and unusual.

meanwhile, urmi stands outside the room, and is apalled to see shaurya making drawings. she composes her face, and then with a smile on her lips, she comes to him. he asks her where had she gone. She gives an excuse of some work, and then asks him to rest. he says that he is feeling better and asks why does she sound tensed. She fakes composure. he says that he feels bad that they cancelled their trip, as they shouldnt have done that. she says that its okay as they shall go someother time. He says that he shall be okay soon, as he just has minor fever. Urmi looks at him terribly upset and caresses his face, saying that she is very tensed nevertheless, trying hard to control her tears. He says that all problems vanish when she is around, as she has the solution to everything, then why does she sound so tensed, as no disease stands anywhere before her love for him. urmi carsses him. He asks her to promise, and she does so blindly. Ishaan comes just then. Shaurya makes her promise that they shall go back on their trip the day he gets better. she agrees crying. Ishaan comes into lighten the mood. He asks shaurya why is urmi crying. Shaurya asks him to explain to her, that very soon he shall be fit and fine, and asks her not to cry. ishaan too plays along, and tries to cheer them all. He says that he is very hungry, and shaurya says that he is too, and says that he wants to eat pudding. They both order urmi to make it, and she happily leaves.

Samrat meanwhile in the room is very tensed that he couldnt lay his hands on the food. he eyes fruits kept on the table for tani, and wonders whether to take one or not, but then his hunger overpowers and he takes an orange. before he can take the first bite, he hears tani calling him, and gets frustrated and stuffs the orange underneath the bed. tani comes inside with the a plate of food. He is happy to see the food, but pretends that he is tensed for shaurya. she asks him to eat or his health would go bad. But he keeps saying that he is very tensed to eat. tani eyes the peel around samrat’s mouth and is tensed, as she asks if he ate. He asks why does she say so. tani shows him orange peel, and asks whats it. He gets flustered and then gives an excuse that he ate an orange, as he was going unconscious. She asks him to eat too now. he pretends not to be able to swallow, out of shaurya’s ill health. she asks if he wants to spend time with shaurya tonight. He says that he wants to but urmi wont allow. tani says that she can talk to urmi and get that to happen. He says that it would be an unnecessary bother and moreover he forgets every pain when he is with her. She starts feeding him. He thinks that he killed two birds with one stone.

Meanwhile, Urmi is distraught as she remembers the doctor’s treatment, when ishaan comes in and is apalled to see her like this and places a reassuring shoulder on her hands to comfort her, but it just breaks her all the more. he sits beside her, and asks her to talk to him, as turning away wont help. she asks what can she say as she doesnt have the guts to do what is demanded to save her son’s life. she says that the lord gave her son a disease, from which to save him, she would have to die. he says that she would have to face the situation. ishaan says that urmi has to be strong, but she cant escape, as the god is testing him and her and their love. Damini comes in with milk, and overhears standing the the door, as urmi talks about her dilemma wondering what to do, as she desperately wants to save her son’s life, as a caring mother, but she just cant cant do what the doctor told her her to, at any cost. ishaan stands boggled and confused, while damini is perplexed as to what she is talking about. urmi says that there must be some other way to save shaurya’s life somehow, while ishaan is distraught as he tries hard to comfrot her. he says that according to the doctor there’s no other way out. damini wonders whats causing them to be so worried, that has urmi so hesitant, amnd there’s something noone knows. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ishaan tells everyone that the doctor suggested that urmi has another child asap, so that they can transfer the bone marrow from the umbilical cord of the newborn, to shaurya, which is an extremely fail, safe option. anirudh is assured and then asks whats the problem, and why did they hide it, as they should start planning a baby asap. Urmi stands dazed and strcuk, standing motionless. Ishaan says that the child cant be his and urmi, rather it has to be urmi and samrat’s, biological parents of shaurya. this shocks everyone out of their wits, while samrat is astounded.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I find this thread absolutely degrading and insensitive!! I lost my son years ago to CANCER nd also went thru the ordeal of bone marrow from a sibling…only to find out they were not matched!!! This is NO frivolous experience and for the writers to make a mockery of this is @@@/@/@^@/!!!!!! FROM AN AVID FAN TO A DISGUSTED FORMER VIEWER….ZEE…U need to rid yourself of such rubbish CREATIVE teams!!!

    1. Waheeda ,I wrote the same thing last week and explained it does not have to be the child of the same parents.You can use anyone else because she may go ahead and have the child and it does not match.I am very sorry to hear you have been through this traumatic situation.I myself lost a niece last year because of the same thing but she was a mature person.These writers do not understand when they write these wrong things it affects people who have been through this traumatic disease,much less to use this part of the script as a obstruction for Urmi and husband.Magic to affect a child,this is not a joke.If this is used show it in the right context.

    2. fan of the show

      I thought is was pretty creative, and I’m sure that there are plenty of people who have gone through the things this serial portrays without thinking it is a mockery of their bad experiences. It’s part of the genre to make characters have to face some difficulty and overcome it. That’s what makes it interesting.

      1. These shows should also take on the responsibility of educating the masses. It should not just be about entertainment only. A lot of people watch them and let’s agree that some pick up information whether it’s useful or not. If you’re going to have a storyline that is about very a serious issue such as cancer, any form of cancer, I think you should shoulder the responsibility of educating who ever is watching. Imagine if a family (single mother, who’s a widow) goes through this tomorrow, what would she think. Wouldn’t she give up because she saw this program on tv and this was the solution.

      2. fan of the show

        Why shouldn’t a fictional story show how ignorance and emotionalism can wrongly influence your decisions and make you miserable? It’s absolutely true to life, because lots of people do it. It’s of course not smart. And for those who are looking for medical advice on a soap opera, who believe something is true because they saw it on a soap, that also happens, but nobody will get the smartness award for it.

      3. I’m not disagreeing with you but it does happen. There’s a lot of uneducated people out there who watch tv and don’t really know that they shouldn’t believe everything. When it comes to illness, you lose your senses before you start thinking straight. But, I still feel these soaps that millions of people watch can/ should be used as platforms to create awareness on certain things that affect people.

  2. this serial is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much shit end it now

  3. In other show a son was affected with cancer but their parents were not biological yet they were able to do bone marrow with the new born sibbling. (BALIKA VADHU) ….. Then y this nonsense stop it yaaar plzzzzzzzzz.

  4. fan of the show

    They should just consider the real father is dead and look elsewhere for a match.

  5. No comment! Darn it!!

  6. Where this story of cancer came out from

  7. I can’t believe these dumb ass writers want urmi to go to that deadbeat,louse,lowlife,snake and evil man (sam d rat )

  8. Samrat is such a insensitive human being how can you even think of food knowing your child is sick, look how devastated Urmi is… I just hope Urmi and Ishan has consummate their marriage and she is pregnant and that baby could be a match that would such a beautiful storyline that would have me grinning from ear to ear

  9. omg!! What a dirty character!!! This serial is full of bullshit!!! What kind of serial is this???? People need to stop watching this crap now!! It’s getting Dirty!! Neha Marda should not take up such a dirty chapter! She should refuse it. She’s a young sweet intelligent girl N these characters does not suit her. Writer.. Get a grip of urself! U r staining India! It’s a bad influence to people out there. I’m done with this serial!!

  10. AHAHAHAHAHHAAHHHHHH !!!! i never ever heard this ! if you want to treat your cancer, you’ ve got to have siblings !! loolz
    what if you don’t have any siblings ??? or if your parents are dead ???? that means that 75% of people with cancer will not get treatment !!! THANKS GOD i’ts not true , otherwise everyone would die of cancer in 2015 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wow only one care, Google other cures

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