Doli Armaanon Ki 30th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Amrit logs in samrat’s net banking account, but failes to develop an internet connection, due to lack of network. He starts getting frustrated, and tries to search around for signal, but doesnt get it. He tries again, while aditi comes in and starts telling him that he needs to change his mind about working all the time. Amrit asks her to go, while he comes in five minutes, but she insists. he stealthily drops the camera in the bag of toys and has no option but to leave with her, when she refuses to budge without him.

The next morning, amrit comes up hurriedly, and thinks that noone would have gotten up by now, and starts searching forthe camera that he had left in the night. But he is unable to find it. He is startled when urmi

comes in asking whats he searching again, and if he lost anything again. he says that he came to exercise in fresh air. she starts spreading out clothes for drying, while he is frustrated that he isnt able to get the camera. urmi is tensed to see his reaction. he thinks that if he isnt able to search for it, then how would she or anyone else. Just then, the kids come and start screaming, saying that they came here to play. amrit excuses himself and leaves. urmi asks them come down in half an hour, and leaves too. they start playing with the dolls. as urmi comes down, she finds samrat dressed in suit, and asks if he had a doctor appointment. He says that he is going to the office. she gets tensed, and asks him to rest as the doctor advised him. But he is insistent, while she tries to advise him against it, not to put unnecessary strain on himself, so that the damage doesnt become permanent. samrat says that he wont stress much and says that he needs to find out the state of his business. he teases her that she would miss him, once he goes. He asks her not to stop him today, so that he doesnt get addicted to her. She gets shy and begins to leave, but he turns her around to himself, and starts romancing her, while she asks to be let go off. He says that then he wont go today. She starts smiling, and says that if he has work, he should go, but should take care that he takes proper care of himself, and come home soon. He complies. the phone starts ringing, and urmi goes to attend it. saroj asks if all is okay. while she is talking to saroj, samrat intentionally teases her, playing naughtily, while she begs him to let her go, so that she can talk, and saroj isnt embarassed. saroj comments that she seems busy and would call later. Urmi is embarassed and cancels the call. saroj is amused. urmi asks if he got this time only. samrat teases her. She asks if he doesnt have to go to the office. He playfully says that he doesnt want to.

Amrit excitedly begins to leave for office. But just then, samrat comes down with urmi, supporting him, telling amrit that he too would go today to the office with him. He is shocked, and tries to get samrat out of this. Shashi and rudra too advise him not to go. But samrat says that he cant be here anymore. amrit says that he would handle everything, and asks samrat to rest. But samrat insists, and says that he needs to talk to the bank. amrit is shocked, and says that he would be able to manage and that samrat should have faith in him. urmi asks if samrat wants to go, then why is he so insistent that he shouldnt go. samrat asks them to stop arguing and outs his foot down that he would go. Amrit thinks that he cant let samrat spoil his game at the last minute. samrat asks whats he thinking. He doesnt say anything. shashi again interrupts him, saying that he should take care of himself. samrat leaves irritatedly. Urmi is tensed at amrit’s reaction.

Granny, in front of annu, comments that she seems happy. saroj expresses her happiness at urmi’s happy marital life. they all pray that she stays like this. garnny asks annu to get married so that she too can have a blissful life. anmu gets frustrated at its mention again. Granny aagin tries to push karanm, while annu gets irritated and says that she can fend out for herself. saroj puts them at ease.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
As they both are on their way to the office, amrit starts thinking of a way to get samrat away from the office, so that he isnt able to get in his evil plan. he thinks that smarat had to come today only of all days, and couldnt have stayed in home, for one more day. he wonders what to do, that would distract him. Samrat asks him whats he thinking. he says that he got out after so many days, and hence deserves fun and relaxation, and he wants to treat him, had he been the earlier samrat. samrat says that nothing has changed much and asks him to spill it out. he says that the old samrat had a habit that he always used to cater to. he starts hinting at samrat’s old habit, of having different girls, for casual s*x, and asks if he should arrange one today for him. samrat gets tensed and asks amrit to stop the car. Amrit complies in tension. He starts apologising profusely.

As samrat makes his way inside the lobby, amrit rushes after him apologising again and again. Amrit tells samrat, that he shouldnt take this otherwise, as he knows that he has changed completely. samrat turns around and gives him a crooked smile, reminding him of the earlier samrat, and boggling him of samrat’s mixed reactions samrat asks whats this rant of changing himself. He says that he isnt subject to change by God himself. He says that he may have spent 4 days in wife’s love, that doesnt mean he respects her, and that he may have taken urmi’s love in bitter medicine, but he hasnt changed his taste. Amrit says that he actually had everyone befooled by his loyal and obedient husband like behaviour, while samrat clarifies that he is royal and cant change, and that he hurt his ego by saying that she doesnt love him. he showered love on her, while she thought that he had changed, and she immediately took a u-turn from not loving to falling terribly in love with him. he says that he wouldnt have gone dry, hinting at lack of physical proximity, saying that he had urmi, when he wasnt in a condition to have anyone to his taste. amrit smiles and starts glating about his mastermind brain, that outwitted them all. samrat smiles evilly. He tells amrit that the woman species is the most beautiful and the most foolish creation of god, commenting that a little love, and they go all out on all fours, catering to your demands. They have an evil, masochist and chauvinistic laugh. Amrit says that he was being forced to have urmi due to his helplessness. Samrat says that he lieks her, after abstaining from outside girls. He says that urmi is happy at home, while he is happy outside. amrit refers to him as a genius and gets to arranging a girl for him. Samrat smiels evilly. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Urmi finds shaurya and mandira fighting for something, and demands to see what it is. she finds that its a camera, and gets tensed. As she views the video recording, she is shocked to find a video of Samrat punching his password. Urmi understands that amrit is behind this and his entire game. Urmi thinks that he would definitely have to tell this to samrat, before he does anything wrong. She calls samrat, just when he is about to get physically intimate with a girl arranged by amrit. he gets tensed and irritated too. meanwhile, amrit, having had created a distraction and getting samrat out of the way, he gleefully punches in the password, waiting with bated breaths.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Oh no samart didnt change
    Poor urmi

    1. thought as much too good to be true. i was just waiting for him to stop this performance

  2. Damn same at is the devil I knew he wouldn’t change smh

    1. * samrat

  3. Old habits die hard! And the old woman is very much active.

  4. What a shame. They would make a good couple if e was not such a PIG.

  5. Omg samrat didn’t change old habit die hard he need to b tought a good life lesson dog

  6. Ha ha ..finally its all about tipical indian men.May god protect the women who suffer from evil men.. amen .

  7. lo i say a big aaaammmmeeeeeen to that but not just in India,we have them all over,dogsss and dirty pigsss

  8. Betty u well said

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