Doli Armaanon Ki 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munna tells Ishaan and Urmi that Samrat bribed him. Munna asks them to release him and that he won’t do anything like that ever again. Ishaan and Urmi agree. Ishaan pulls the fake officer aside and pays him for his help.

Samrat tells Kiran to meet him.

Ishaan and Urmi see Samrat arguing with a guy on the road and end up following him to the restaurant.

They overhear Kiran and Samrat talking and find out everything: the hotel night, Kiran, and James, Samrat’s lies to Kiran.

Outside Ishaan is furious and wants to expose Samrat’s truth to everyone. Urmi stops him saying that it will all be too easy for Samrat to escape from. That Samrat is only being blackmailed by James so that Tani doesn’t find out about his evil deeds. She says that they should let him suffer each day. He will think he is winning but that won’t be true.

Precap: Samrat asks his FIL for 40 lakhs for an investment with his partners for a business. Urmi tells Samrat to introduce the investors to Papa.

Update Credit to: Stubborn

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  1. I must thank the writer for bringing this evil rat into the open and now the story is becoming more interesting.

  2. I agree with you soraya

    1. fan of the show

      Doesn’t it go fast when it gets interesting. I found myself looking at the clock, not believing that the last scene was really the last scene.

      1. Yes it does.I do not know what is happening now but I am not getting any written episodes for the same day .We see the show late at nights and then it re-runs on mornings before we get the written episodes now.I am wondering what is the problem.

      2. fan of the show

        I think that happened to everyone yesterday. The content date was May 19, the posted date was May 20. The poster for this serial misses 1-3 episodes same day posting per month. And there is one still totaly missing in the whole set. Never caught up.

        But, if you know Hindi, you can watch it on youTube. Someone suggested earlier that there was a place to watch with subtitles, but it never worked for me.

  3. Very interesting episode. How the mighty rat will fall yet again!!

  4. fan of the show

    Didn’t Tani already give the rat money for his business? Then deny that he is going into business with James?

    1. Yes he did but I think he used some money to pay or bribe the hospital guy again when he knew Ishaan and Urmi may be going there.But this also was a lie because he denied it when asked by his dad in law is not that what happened.

      1. fan of the show


  5. Damn interesting

  6. fan of the show

    It will be fun to watch the rat squirm, but if he comes to know it could be very dangerous for Urmi or Ishaan. It’s a tricky game to keep annoying an evil person. You have to keep looking over your shoulder.

    1. fan of the show

      Like playing with a hornet’s nest…..

      1. I think he is not exposed enough.Things are still under cover.Ishaan as a lawyer should have all these things taped and documented to show the family along with some officers.In the event that he is taken to court for the crimes committed this will be the concrete evidence that he cannot deny.Yes it is tricky but they can corner him in such a diplomatic way that he himself will walk into the trap.Use under cover persons and play him at his own game of chest.Fan—I also believe that if this evil semp finds out he will try to harm his child or hold him at ransom because he knows Shaurya is dear to them.Also we have to look at him trying to blackmail Damini and what he can also do to his baby doll Tani.This game has now started if the writers keep the plot going the same way.You never know what will happen then.

  7. Yaa agree fan of the show

    1. fan of the show

      Do you think Ishaan will be able to stand by and watch? Not for long. Good thing they took Shaurya away, or the rat would try to threaten or harm Urmi through her son. Trouble is Shashi blabbed the whole thing to the rat so he knows where Shaurya is..

      1. I cannot say if Ishaan will stand by for a long time but being a man with the knowledge of the law use it to it’s full benefits to accomplish this goal.Do not make any decisions at the house or give misleading information so they all can hear it then Sashi will have nothing to tell .She is a parrot whose tongue needs to be tied.

  8. fan of the show

    There’s a story about Chopin, the great composer, that his father used to have to get him up in the mornig. He did this by playing the scale and leaving off the last note: sa-re-ga-ma-pa da- ni
    Then Chopin would jump out of bed and run downstairs to finish the scale : sa ! It brings the soul satisfaction to hear the conclusion.

    Same with this serial – it is now bringing satisfaction to see evil rat’s story reaching the conclusion: complete exposure for what he really is behind the smiles, lies, and flimsy excuses…sa !

    1. I am indeed happy to see these episodes before I travel..By the way Fan do they have this story showing in London and Scotland because i will be there soon and I need to be looking at my shows.Please let me know.

      1. fan of the show

        Is anyone commenting here from London area?

  9. sam rat your doom is here LOL I cannot wait to see when you are exposed in front of tani and her family and for you to see urmis face when she gets poetic justice for all the torture and pain you have put she her son and her family through and when the police take you away and throw your ass in prison Sammy boy you cannot run for the hills anymore you are getting what you deserve you have hurt to many people especially the women you used and abused down you go boy LOL

  10. How many more episodes to c rat n ratni throw out ….

    1. fan of the show

      Dunno – but something big usually happens on Friday to get you to come back Monday.

    2. fan of the show

      But I don’t think ratni will get thrown out – daughter of the owner, right? She should be out by now, she’s married, but didn’t listen to her father try to throw her out.

    3. fan of the show

      She’s so predictable, though – and stubborn – and sure she’s always right – that all you would have to do is tell her she HAS TO STAY and she will be gone within the hour.

  11. Lol Bilkis. Ratni. Good one !

  12. fan of the show

    One of the spoilers said there’s more to Kiran than meets the eye – can anybody guess what that means?

    1. Fan you remembered we discussed that she could be some one they used for the set up with Samrat at the hotel.Look back at some episodes.I believe she was used by the man who is a notable business man but the this same man was having a divorce and Ishaan was the lawyer,so what is up with thjs case.Or she could be a hired woman by Ishaan’s father to trap him.When this phrase is used “”There is more to someone than meets the eye” you are saying there are shady corners in her life.She is not that innocent as you may believe.Her character is not that flawless.She is full of deception and could be very cunning or as we say fake not real.

      1. I forgot on the other side she could be a under cover person or a cop or a reporter who is reporting back to her boss.Secret agent to catch the rat.

    2. fan of the show

      I wonder if Ishaan will connect the dots that this is his client’s wife, wrapped up in something nasty with the rat. I don’t think she spoke her name in that conversation with the rat in the restaurant.

      1. fan of the show

        Hey, maybe the husband will have the rat killed!

      2. Did you remember ,I think it was in the car or the hotel room when Kiran told Samrat that she is the wife of this prominent businessman and he Samrat was surprised .She then went on to say to him if her husband knows about this he will divorce her.Therefore Samrat knew she was married to this man.Oh !I think it was after the rape episode and she wanted to see a doctor and Samrat talked her out of it. Something like that as far as I could remember.

      3. fan of the show

        If James had the pictures of Kiran and the rat hugging at the hotel, then sent them to Urmi, then he’s either following the rat or Kiran.

      4. fan of the show

        Maybe James IS the husband?

      5. fan of the show

        Then he could torture his wife and the rat simultaneously because they will torture each other.

  13. I do not speak Hindi nor can I read Hindi.I speak only English.Read and understands a little spanish and some French.

  14. why we are experiencing trouble in getting our daily tele written updates for doli armaano ki is now 8:30 pm and no update as yet this is frustrating

    1. fan of the show

      Isn’t there some place you can ask Telly Updates – they probaboly doon’t read the comments.

      1. fan of the show

        Yah, there’s a contact us option at the top of the home page.

    2. fan of the show

      We used to have someone named RimJim, today the updater is Stubborn.

  15. fan of the show

    It’s the 21st, and no 20th got posted. Second day in a row. Maybe somebody’s on vacation.

    1. fan of the show

      The terms and conditions (at the bottom of the page) says that the site editor is not to be held liable for timeliness.

      1. fan of the show

        If they’re going to catch up, they will need to post both the 20th and the 21st today.

  16. fan of the show

    Here’s my update for the 20th – not as good as RimJhim’s but better than nothing.

    Scene 1 Bathroom at Ishaan’s house
    Samrat fuming sitting on the toilet, distraught about gathering the money for James. Kiran’s call comes, and as he answers, he prays that she got the money he demanded. She apologizes that she can’t get the money. He explodes in anger. She says her husband will give her the amount she names, but as alimony money after their divorce. Samrat yells then take it, and divorce him. She fights back and says she won’t do that, she loves him. Samrat hangs up and curses her.
    Scene 2: Living room at Ishaan’s house
    All are seated enjoying soup made by Urmi and praising her for how good it is. Samrat joins them late and claims to have been on a business call with his partners who are going in to new business together. They all are skeptical. He assures them that he’s going to be successful, no problem, then says he wants FIL’s help, but he knows he won’t give it. Tani insists that her father will help, and tells Samrat to ask, and father also tells him to ask. So Samrat asks for 40 lakhs and all choke on their soup. Urmi suggests that its a good idea and asks Samrat to bring all the partners to meet papa because it’s a large amount. Anirudh asks Samrat why is he starting a new business when he just joined the family business and hasn’t even sold one flat yet. Samrat says his expertise is in hotels, not flats. Ishaan asks Samrat what is the new business, and Samrat tells a theme restaurant. Ishaan asks him how will he pay back such a big amount, being a dirty and dishonest man, loses his cool. Tani defends Samrat. Urmi tells Ishaan to calm down, but he storms out of the room. Anirudh tells Samrat he will only get the money if he can prove that he can repay it.
    Scene 3 Shashii’s guest room
    Shashi’s in front of mirror trying to look younger, Samrat comes in and insults her, and demands her valuables. She says she had to sell them for money to love on. He ransacks her cupboard and all the jewelry boxes are empty. Then he starts tearijng the room apart and a wad of money falls out of a pillow. they fight over the money, Samrat keeps searching finding nothing more. He keeps the money, and leaves, the are cursing each other.
    Scene 4 ; Living room next day.
    All are sipping coffee, Samrat keeps checking the clock and remembering he has to meet James at 10. Urmi notices and decides to torment him, by telling Damini the clock must have died it says 9 and it’s really 10. Samrat chotkes on his coffee and shouts he has to be at a meeting at 10. Urmi tells him relax, nobody is on time in India. He starts more fuming, then Damini tells no, that clock is correct, it’s only 9. Samrat’s confused and demands to know the real time. Urmi says my watch battery must have died. Samrat still isn’t sure, and demands tani’s car to get out of there. She refuses, she wants to use it. Urmi tells Tani to use Urmi’s car, the fight is over, Samrat leaves.
    Scene 5: Outside in a parking lot.
    Samrat has a briefcase, is pacing back and forth cursing James for being late. James arrives and applauds Samrat for getting there early, and taunts Samrat that he is looking like no sleep last night. He demnads the money and Samrat holds up the briefcase in his face. Scene freezes on vistorious Samrat’s face.

    1. fan of the show

      If anybody wants to add whatever I left out, please go ahead.

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