Doli Armaanon Ki 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
In her room, diya tries to take off the bangles, while shaurya stands amused. Diya cuts her finger accidentally, and shaurya immediately rushes to her help. she tries to do it herself, but he asks whats the hurry and then gently pulls out the glass shard, and hurried for the first aid box, and tries to apply the medicine. But she wards off his hand, asking him not to intervene, as its a small cut, and she shall manage it herself, saying that she is already under his debt of favours, and doesnt want anymore. he sits tensedly, and asks if this too is in the category of a saviour act of favour on her now. she doesnt respond and goes to the bathroom. she comes out and gets to her chores. To teach her a lesson, intentionally. He starts coughing, vigorously when she doest notice immediately. She notices this and hurriedly goes to get water. she gives it to him, but he says that he shall manage as its just cough. but the coughing persists, and she asks him to drink. he drinks it, and then says that he is extremely grateful for this favour of hers, which he shall not forget all his life, taunting her. he asks her to put it also in the same category. Diya stands flustered having been given her own medicine. she fumes and sits silently on the bed, attending to her cut, but not being able to successfully do so, while he stands amused. As they are setting up the bed, shaurya suddenyl starst screaming, and lands in the bed, shocking diya. He says that he is scared of cockroaches. she is scared but pretends to be mature, and tries to shoo off the insect. but when it starts flying, she too gets scared and jumps on the bed. he ducks her too under the covers. they then stealthily come out, to see if the cockroach has gone. This gets them intimate, and what follows is an awkward yet romantic eyelock.

Downstairs, urmi finds anirudh tensed and lost and asks whats the matter. he says that he is unable to digest the fact as to how sumit and his family could befool and betray them like this. he feels himself responsible for it. Urmi asks him to forget it. he says that he cant and cant even get over it, and that he was the one who had given a thorough background check on sumit and his family. damini and ishaani join in. damini hurriedly say that digging graves isnt required, and that diya had to become the bahu and its happened. he asks how can he leave, and that he shall get to the bottom of this, and find out whats the msytery, and what was it that he couldnt see, and wants to know who’s behind this conspiracy. urmi asks him to calm down and not increase his BP, as their time shall come, and when it does, then they can dcide whats to be done. damini tensedly asks him not to take stress, and think ahead, and let bygones be bygones. ishaani too asks him to to not let it be, so that they too find out who’s behind this planning. He agrees and says that he shall find out the truth, and excuses himself. damini leaves. ishaani addresses urmi, and says that she feels this is all her planning, as she wanted diya to marry shaurya all along, hence sumit’s sudden elopement. damini is amused by the angle. ishaani asks why else would urmi protect sumit’s planning like tis. urmi too asks damini to tell if she feels urmi is guilty. damini gives an indirect answer escaping the question. Ishaani says that she knows, that in all this, urmi is the planner. urmi says that she is wrong, and she cant help that. ishaani says that once anirudh unravels the truth, her image would be shattered. urmi says that the day she knows the truth, she would be shattered and not urmi. she leaves. Ishaani is tensed. Damini is worried.

Later, as all sit at the breakfast table, all compliment diya for her culinary skills. out of habit, damini doesnt refrain from making a snide comment, that she understood people’s likes fast. Diya still addresses him as Sir, and alok points it out. Shaurya is amused, while alok starts suggesting romantic names. diya stands embarassed, while urmi asks alok not to tease her. shaurya insistently asks diya what should and would she call. Diya says that urmi has given him a wodnerful name, thats shaurya. urmi says that she should address her as mother, and she can call anyone by whatever name she feels like. Shaurya too adds that she can, and even if she gives as much as a signal, he would come running, but she has to make the first move atleast. diya is embarassed. ishaani doesnt like shaurya’s behaviour. urmi says that its the anniversary, and whats special is that she shall introduce diya to the hotel staff, and asks them to come along, while she leaves rightaway. Urmi leaves. damini says that diya’s first day of the sasural shall be urmi’s last. she says that she urmi wont return as happily she went, as only her dead body shall return now.

In the room, damini calls up the goon, and then tells about urmi having left for the hotel, and that she should be killed without fail. he assures that he shall. She hears anirudh hollering for her, and cancels the call hurriedly asking him to get back soon on the update. just then, anirudh comes in screaming at her. he asks if she wouldnt get free from her vices, and would continue to play evil acts on others. She asks what she did this time around. .he asks her to stop this charade now, under which she pulled off this big a conspiracy. She asks why did sumit not come, and whats her connection. he tells her what she did, as he found out everything. she flusters and fumbles, and asks why would she do this. he says that she hates diya by the guts. Anirudh tells that he never thought she would be such a lowlife. she asks him to stop, as she is his wife, and hence he should refrain from using such words. She agrees and says that she did this. ishaani hears this from a distance, and is shattered to find that damini was behind this. she says that she cant bear diya reigning her life, and hence her reaction was inevitable. he says that this thinking of hers has ruined the life of everyone in the family, as tani’s life got spoiled, then ishaan died, and that everyone became quiet, but she didnt quiet down, and even after that, she turned ishaani against her own mother, by instigating ishaani from the birth. Damini says that she did this as she hates urmi, as she took her son from her, and hence she too took urmi’s daughter from her, and filled ishaani with hatred for urmi. he says that he is ashamed to have her as his wife, and is disgraced by her. she asks how can he be digusted by her, when he raised his hand on her. she asks what more can he do, as the maximum that he can do is raise his hand on her. he says that she doesnt deserve that too. she is shocked. Anirudh says that now there’s only way out, and thats to divorce her. damini is shocked and outraged. he says that he cant bear living with her under the same roof, as she is byond toleration, and hence she is out of his tolerable limits and his house too. he storms out of the room. the screen freezes on ishaani’s distraught and shattered face.

Precap: Out of vicious rage, Damini calls the goon and tells him that she wants urmi’s dead body in the house, within the next half an hour, or she shal get him killed too. Ishaani, who has been hearing this, is shocked to see this side of damini.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. fan of the show

    Good, they exposed damini before the show ends. And also good Ishani heard it. And also good Anirudh is going to divorce and throw her out.

    1. Fan is not this wonderful.We were all waiting to see this happen.WOW—-Great.

  2. Finally ishaani heard everything

  3. Waw nice episode.good for you damini,you are a murder

  4. Im happy Isshani wl came to about evil damni

  5. Oh wow what a nice episode.plz dont end the show it is one of my favourites

  6. Nice episode. damini get ready to face the wrath by every one u deserve no mercy

  7. Is d show going to end??

    1. Yes this show is ending.What a heart break.

  8. I will always say no matter how much evil any human being has done and will do ,good always and will always win.

  9. Damini is on the receiving end now and she will be thrown down like the devil.Did she ever once think that she can manipulate every one with her narcissistic behavior and walk free in the end without being caught .Her husband has a right to divorce her and Ishaani will also hate her.

  10. I am quite certain that Urmi will not die but Damini .Also Diya and Shaurya will be tied together with a great love for each other.Ishaani knows the truth and will figure out what a great mother she has and enjoy the beauty of a mother and daughter relationship.

  11. DAK is ending with a bang.Good show.

  12. wow! I love watching this program

  13. fan of the show

    Will Ishani finally have pity on her mother and save her? She better move fast. I hope Urmi does not die to signal the end of the story.

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