Doli Armaanon Ki 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Shaurya and diya awkwardly face each other. He comes to her and then hesitates to say something, and asks her not to take tension, as its mere rituals that are being performed by the family. he asks her to take it easy. she says that it mustnt have been easy for him, as it was with her forcibly, as she would have gotten married to sumit anyways, and situation is the same for her, only difference is the life partner. she asks him not to carry any burden or guilt in his heart. She than takes her pillow, and asks him to rest, as he must be tired. he then asks her to sleep on the bed. she says that its his house and his bed, hence he take the bed, while she sleeps on the sofa. he insists and asks her to listen to her once, requesting her. She silently complies to his wish and then sits on the bed. he eyes her caringly, but she doesnt see his love and concern. She lies down. While she lies, he says that today or tomorrow, he would make her realise that his marriage is by his wish, and that she isnt his helplessness but his love.

At the breakfast table, the next morning, urmi serves anirudh tea while he asks if diya and shaurya are okay. urmi complies. Shaurya comes down hesitantly. Alok asks shaurya if all is okay. he hurriedly complies. Urmi leaves to get coffee, while shaurya asks where is diya. urmi asks if she wasnt in the room. Diya comes from outside, that she is back. urmi and shaurya ask where had she gone so early in the morning. as all gather, diya comes with papers and says that the way in which the marriage happeneed yesterday, was extremely unfortunate and there’s nothing that could have been done. She says that she cant change it but now she plans to do something about it, and has come up with a solution, to amend what they did wrong, by the marriage with shaurya. They are all boggled, but she shocks them by saying, that she plans to free shaurya from this relation, guilt free, by giving him divorce. diya shows him the divorce papers, which she has already signed, and its his turn to do the signatures, to free him from this unwanted relation. She says that from her side, the marriage is over. Damini is shocked yet glows in victory. Shaurya is distraught and asks if she has gone mad, and if this is a joke to her, as they have gotten married, and rituals were performed, and she is a married woman, and asks what she means. He asks if she can reverse the rituals, and asks her not to make it a joke. she says that its indeed a joke, as he has compromised. he asks her to stop it, as its not, since he likes her. She says that it might have been, but his likeness, his love and the girl he wants is someone else, and what he did is just a favour on her, for which she shall be indebted to him all her life. He asks why would sshe do him a favour, as he loves her. this shocks everyone including diya. DSiya refuses to believe saying that its just his sacrifice, and not love, and asks him to stop lying. she asks him to narrate what kind of girl he wanted as he told asha and what he told chiku in his inebriated condition. she says that he hates her so much he couldnt tolerate her for 24 hours. he says that he wasnt in his senses. she says that this is variable emotion. She asks him to hate if he does. He says that he loves her, and nsists her to believe, while she asks him to stop this, and just accept the papers. They are tensed while he angrily takes the papers and tears it to pieces, and throws them off in the air. All are shocked. Diya is surprised, as he plainly refuses to give divorce or call off the marriage. Diya gets upset and ruehs upstairs to the room. Alok then asks shaurya if he doesnt love diya, then why is he lying. Ishaani again asks urmi why she spoiled his life, as earlier he got married, and now he has to lie that he loves her too. he stands up saying that it isnt a lie, but its the truth. they are tensed. anirudh comes to him and asks if its actually the truth. he accepts and says that he loved all along, but realised late but stopped due to sumit. urmi consoles him. Alok says that if its so, then he should make diya realise his love. he says that he has said, but not anymore, as now his love shall speak. he is determined.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed Location
Damini later pays some goons an advance to kill Urmi, saying that she shall give the remaining amount, after the work and also finish off whoever comes in the way.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
On the roof, damini comes to taunt diya, that her fate doesnt change, as she doesnt know how to congratulate, for her life being saved, or her marriage, as she did manage to come back, despite all her efforts to bundle her out of the house. Diya says that she did exactly what she wanted her to do. damini says that urmi infact thawed her plan, and then got her permanently here. she says that she hates urmi by the guts and doesnt know how to get rid of her. Diya asks her not to speak evil of urmi. damini taunts that she got so scared, and that this is the perfect couple of Saans-bahu, and asks her to take care of urmi, as soon she shall be ruined. Diya warns damini that she shouldnt try and hurt anyone, as this time around, she wont take it lyind down and be quiet and silent about it, and tell everyone about her evil and vicious plans. Damini asks her to shut up, as she isnt threatened by her. Diya again reiterates. She asks if damini remembers the rape, that she didnt spare her riminals. damini eyes her tensedly. Diya leaves. damini says that she should indeed remember it, or else she might have to remind her again. she finds urmi staring at her from the other end of the roof, angrily. urmi comes to her, and asks her to stop this game of hers, and asks her to maintain her respect in front of the new bahu. damini says that she doesnt accept diya as the bahu. Urmi asks her to accept or not, as it doesnt bother her. Urmi tells damini that if she tries to create trouble for diya any which way, then she would expose her in front of everyone. damini eyes her tensedly. Urmi tells her that once the truth comes out, she would be severely disrespected in front of the family. urmi says that she is digging a pit for herself, and she needs to be careful. She leaves. Damini is frustrated, and says that thepit is dug, but for urmi, and she just needs to throw her in it. she declares that tomorrow would be urmi’s last day. the screen freezes on damini’s evil face.

Precap: Diya cuts her finger accidentally, and shaurya immediately rushes to her help. But she wards off his hand, asking him not to intervene, as its a small cut, and she shall manage it herself, saying that she is alreadu under his debt of favours, and doesnt want anymore. he sits tensedly. To teach her a lesson, intentionally. He starts coughing. She notices this and hurriedly goes to get water. he drinks it, and then says that he is extremely grateful for this favour of hers, which he shall not forget all his life, taunting her. he asks her to put it also in the same category. Diya stands flustered having been given her own medicine.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Super episode. Good speech by diya and urmi to Damini. Be bold like this guys. Hope soon diya realises shaurya true love. Keep going dak.

  2. I’m sad by the fact that my favourite show is going to take off air , plz don’t do that I beg u makers.

    1. fan of the show

      I’m saddened that shows like Quabool Hai and kkb are still on, and dak is off. I just can’t understand the audience’s taste in content.

    2. I could not believe that Qubool Hai is still showing.Many people speak so bad about this show when I was viewing it and still it is on but shows that are educational and uplifting gets th boot.You are right about taste content.If there is not much romance in a show it goes out the window.DAK was a good story and will be one of the best on Zeetv.

  3. fan of the show

    Let’s hope that the goons mistake damini for Urmi an do her in.

    1. fan of the show

      They should both tell Shaurya what’s going on so he can take them elsewhere.

    2. I hope they do but if they did shake her up a little so thato explain to the cops what happened to her.

  4. I can’t understand why is ur mi covering up damini???? Another sick show!!! In real
    Life no one would cover up a crime like this!!! Siya is sick n so is urmi for not telling d family about damini.

    1. fan of the show

      I agree, That’s too big of a suspension of disbelief. Anyone who threatens murder is worthy of jail time.

  5. I am so disgusted of Damini’s behaviorIn her behavior anyone can see idiocy,sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.Damini’s brhavior speaks volumes to the narcissistic personality disorder that she is suffering from.Damini has complete lack of empathy towards othersand thinks sthe primary importance in everybody’s life or to anyone she meets.She displays a snobbish,disdainful attitude towards Urmi and Diya.Probably she waslike this from early childhood or adolescense.Damini’s narcissistic rage makes her turn into cold hatred that gives her the qualities of power,invincibility and calculation which is all a fantasy.Her desire for vengeance and wanting to inflict pain and suffering and actually enjoying action of getting back at the person or persons who has wronged her or failed her makes her a narcissist.I do hope shat the trap she is setting for Urmi she will be trapped in to it .

  6. I just don’t understand why Urmi does not take her son and Diya and leave. Why put themselves through all this crap??? Is it not easier to move on and make a life for yourself away from the house????

  7. Can someone tell Zee TV not to pull the plug on Doli Armaano Ki (DAK)? It is quite an interesting and educative programme. They should discontinue Satrangee Sasural which has lost all credibility since the introduction of Vibha. Beatrice

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