Do you think Mohi had an apt ending?

Star Plus’ Mohi got its closure last week with a sudden yet happy ending. While Star Plus shows shifted timings and lessened one hour slots, by changing the program schedules – airing the shows all days now. Mohi has been given a sudden ending without much news of the show getting the closure. Mohi started as a promising show, presenting a story of a girl’s dreams of becoming a doctor. Mohi was a tribal village girl, who has seen many ups and downs in her life. Even then she turned to be an inspiring figure for everyone. She did not let anything influence her dreams, her aim and her strive towards success.

The final episode aired on Saturday, showed Mohi becoming a doctor finally. A leap of five years was shown. Ayush and Anusha settled, after Mohi cleared the misunderstandings between them. Mohi stated the reason of her marriage with Ayush and applied divorce in time to save Ayush from further problems. She was glued to her dreams till the end, so that she can cure her villagers’ illnesses by becoming a qualified doctor. Mahua, Satyakam, and Mohi’s truth breaking to her family scene were missing. The final episode was definitely a roller coaster ride, wherein viewers got to see a happy ending very soon. The actors have done a wonderful job in the show, making the show feel like a real homely series. Do you think Mohi had an apt ending? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

  1. Shraddha Sharma

    I am ok that shows must be small and up to limited dragging.. but mohi had a sudden ending, with many loop holes….

  2. Ek toh evening that too at 5 kaha se trp milti islye yu sudden end kar diya sometimes I feel ki star plus apne kuch shows ke liye partial hai vaise I didn’t watch mohi but show ka concept accha tha

  3. Okay.. i’m done now. This has proved that Star Plus is the worst channel ever. Why the hell do they end the shows with a new concept? Badtameez Dil, Manmarziyan, Everest, KHTMD and this.. all of them ended within months.. before the veiwers could even explore the story fully. And they have been dragging the shows like YHM, YRKKH, DABH for years. This channel should take lessons from Colours TV. All their shows are hit…. they know how to run their shows unlike Star Plus.

    1. but I very happy because they are not showing it as in Bengali version,it was the most bad serial.they portrays the character of Mohi suddenly as a vamp and so on.good decision by star plus.

  4. i liked this show becoz in this show they have shown an ideal joint family and how it should be. No other shows have this concept. Almost all the cast played a positive role in the family. But i was dissappointed with lead character mohi so many loop holes in her family is not clear. Also more focus should be given on her life as she is the lead character. Regarding TRPs this show timing was very poor. No body watch a show at 5pm. I am surprised to the channel complains about its poor TRP

  5. Started off with a promising story. Ended up bakwas. Moushi and ayush’s brother in law messed up the story line. I think they were fillers whilst the writers were napping. Why would the son in law remain in the family home without the daughter ?????

  6. This was a lovely show and I really liked it. a good ending of the serial and the great job done by actors????i’m sureI ‘ll miss the show ❤❤

  7. Good ..seraials start with a thought provoking story line…get diverted from story line..and drag on unnecessary story line and have an abrupt ending..same thing happened with manmarziya..tsm n now mohi..good atleast the directors have sense to stop when there is no stuff in the serial

  8. mohi it is really a very good and memorable episode. i sove it.

  9. Even though the timing of the serial was not suitable, I watched each episode somehow. I liked it very much and shocked by its abrupt closed.
    In my view, it should have been continued with its timing shifted to a better slot. Anyway, I think nothing can be done now.

  10. Manmarziyan was one of the best serial.but mohi did not have a good ending

  11. I think the story started out really well but it started ruining along the way, I enjoyed it though. It should have been continued and it could have ended better. With this ending the whole story didn’t make too much sense. A story doesn’t have to be long to be nice like manmazian or everest but mohi didn’t end properly

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