Do you miss Hotstar’s Badtameez Dil?

For those who missed the last episodes of Badtameez Dil.. they can catch the interesting finale track here. Also we would like to know whether you miss this show dearly or lost interest in it when the show shifted on Do you miss Hotstar’s Badtameez Dil? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

Abeer spends some time with Ishaan and enjoys. Meher meets Sasha and asks her about Ishaan, Abeer records Ishaan’s video and sends it to Meher. Meher is relieved to see Ishaan. Abeer gifts Ishaan a guitar. Abeer taunts about Ishaan to Meher, Devki and Akshat. Abeer befriends Ishaan and shifts to Meher’s neighbourhood. Abeer threatens Meher and Akshat about revealing the truth to Ishaan. Abeer and Akshat join a weight-lifting competition to impress Ishaan, wherein Abeer loses the competition. Akshat convinces Ishaan to not speak to Abeer.

Meher goes to help Abeer and Akshat spots them together. Akshat and Meher get into an argument. Ishaan is bullied and Abeer consoles Ishaan. Akshar fumes when Ishaan asks about Abeer and their bad relations. Ishaan asks Meher to show him his dad’s photo. Abeer asks Meher to show Ishaan his dad’s photograph. Meher turns down Kuber’s offer of the position of vice president. Abeer turns Ishaan’s music teacher. Abeer and Akshat get into a fight before Ishaan, wherein Ishaan finds this a chance to test Abeer and Akshat’s love for him. Akshat breaks the guitar gifted by Abeer to Ishaan. Ishaan goes to Abeer’s home and finds Meher and Abeer’s wedding album. Abeer is compelled to reveal the truth to Ishaan. Ishaan promises Abeer to make things better between his parents. Ishaan tells Meher that he knows that Abeer is his father. Ishaan convinces Meher and brings his parents together. Meher agrees to remarry Abeer.

  1. Yeah I will miss it..

  2. BT happy to see them together…..!!!!!!

  3. Ya already missing it..

  4. i really miss it want it back

  5. I love Mehbeer! Will miss BD so much!!
    I have heard that there are speculations that Pearl Puri(Abeer) and Asmita Sood(Meher) are dating in real life as well!! Is that true?? I hope it is!!!!!!! Love you Mehbeer!!!! Miss you sooooo much BD!

  6. New shows and new characters should be given chance .

  7. I really miss this serial…
    After it shifted from starplus to hotstar i didn’t watch episodes .. It’s difficult to watch hotstar

    I just wish starplus will make badtameez dil season 2…
    As i like mehbeer alot…
    Missing Bd badly

  8. Yeah…I will miss it very much..hope our MehBeer comes once again..

  9. How could u ask this..that we miss BD..
    Of course Yaar ? I miss BD very Much…Because of Stupid Shows and Star plus they ended my BD..i am really missing it..
    PLS BRING my BD and my MehBeerAn BACK if POSSIBLE in DIFFERENT CHANNEL..its my humble request..pls …
    I am missing like a Hell..
    Pls bring it back..
    If it doesn’t come back too I want MehBeer in different show yaar..
    BD will always be my Fav..serial and I will always miss BD..No show can replace that..and No actor and actress too can replace My PEARL And ASMITA as MehBeer ..All d Best for ur Future My MehBeer…?
    Love ❤ and Miss u always MehBeerAn and BD…??
    With lots of love ❤? From Ur Craziest Fan AaLiyA…?

  10. Of course missing it wat will happen ?? No miracle will happen like wat ever fans ask for will never happen….. 🙁

  11. I actually don’t miss it & I hate ? Mehbeer pair….

  12. I miss him very much plz start back soon

  13. I miss badtameez dil.. I want it back in starplus..

  14. Who d hell clicked no option?
    Itz showing 12.97 % of votes on NO option.
    Who the hell are those people who don’t miss this amazing show “BADTTAMEEZ DILL” ?
    Answer me you bl**dy likers of those crappy shows like SAATH NIBHAANA SAATHIYA , YEH RISHTHA KYA KEHLATHA HAI etc .
    such a crap these shows are , & people are watching it like anything .
    Do hell with those people who clicked NO option .
    Bl**dy SAAS BAHU SAGA Likers!
    Get löst :[email protected] :[email protected]

  15. it definitely need a comeback

  16. It was a great serial..
    I miss it.
    I just hope star plus will repeat badtameez dil.

  17. rahat ara smriti

    really i will miss it… its not fair to finish it… 🙁

  18. for me they were worst of a couple & so d hatred also turns them into disgusting parents

    sorry but I m not d 1 who enjoys simply & never ending hatred

    it was business as usual as they were easily manipulated , especially in working space

    something d story is a repeated 1 – something like d south film ‘the real man hero’

    hopefully d next season will b more of love [ acutely I started it only after its shifting to web ]

    1. Hey you Yashovara
      soo which serial couple do you like then???
      “#MEHBEER is BESTEST in the WORLD “

    2. well I like many of d serials but u should see that some intense love scenes can’t make up for over all hatred —— it would b better if they sustain their love & trust over their ego & immaturity – from now onwards – refractory to ne manipulation ; don’t stretch on that small boy [ ishaan ] – better left

  19. Yeah! Miss it dearly

  20. Yaa, really miss BD, Not only BD but also Mehbeer. We all miss u bd and mehbeer.

  21. It was a lovely show…. Gonna miss it badly. Love you mehbeer. Hope they would have continued…

  22. Nothing can replace BD. Loved their hate love relationship and I m missing it alot. No one can replace Asmita and Pearl. For me they were the best.. And BD was relly awesome. N ofcourse I miss Ishan.. He was too cute.
    P.S. Plz return on some other channel not on that stupid star plus who just air saas bahu serial except Siya ke Ram.. The only serial which is worth watching.
    Hate you star plus from core of my heart. They onlyy look for TRP and nostory

  23. Yes missssinnnggggggg itttttt???

  24. We r missing bd plz come back

  25. Im badly missing BD…i want season 2 and on tv not hotstar…

  26. Yeah very much come back bd

  27. Ya..missing toooooooooooo much

  28. yes I miss the show plz come back

  29. I missh the shhow very muchh

  30. Ranjith Goeka

    I love both meher abeer

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