Do you like marriage track in Kundali Bhagya?

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Zee’s Kundali Bhagya brings a marriage track once again. This time, its Rishabh and Sherlyn. Preeta has been working hard to expose Sherlyn’s truth to Kundra family since the start of the show. Kundali Bhagya takes the story ahead in a slow and steady way. The drama is still going good. Karan convinces Rishabh to call off the marriage. Karan doesn’t want Rishabh to marry Sherlyn. Rakhi gets upset that Rishabh is refusing for the marriage. Preeta saves Rakhi’s life by getting the bomb away. She smartly finds out her mother, held captive by Sherlyn’s goons.

Rakhi pressurizes Rishabh to marry Sherlyn. She doesn’t want Karan to pose hurdles in the marriage. She has many dreams of Rishabh’s marriage. Preeta manages to save Sarla and get away. She plans to get Sarla home and expose the evil bride’s truth. Sherlyn learns that Sarla has escaped. She panics on knowing that her plans are failing. Sherlyn hurries to fulfill her motive and marry Rishabh. She wants to become Rishabh’s wife for her selfish motives. Sherlyn hopes to outsmart Preeta once again. Sherlyn and Prithvi’s truth is something that isn’t coming out ever. Do you like marriage track in Kundali Bhagya? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. who cares for sheryln? makers have been cheating viewers since 2 years damm boring and this show deserve to be shut down if repeatition continues

  2. SsiyAa

    i don’t like the serial only… i don’t know what was the motive or thought before making this serial. the first episode and the latest episode, the story is still the same. the story will be same even if you miss the episode whole month may be year will justify here better… ekta’s concept is to make money by making fool to people by sticking them towards tv for their favourite pairs of actors and that’s what fans are doing.
    i tried to randomly watch few episodes of this serial and believe me the track was always the same. when sometimes i read it here on tellyupdate, the story is still the same. the villians are still the same. no confessions had been made yet. no exposure has happened yet. still sherlyn and prithvi running their plan and not able to complete it even after 350-400 episodes. like writers ko directors ko kya hi effort lagta hoga?

  3. The show promote the evilness win always. This will give a bad message to the society as a whole. Prithvi done so many murder and still free and roaming around. Karan and Preeta not able to recognise their feeling after two years of togetherness. I only watch the love scene between the lead couples and Samir and Shrshti. It is not worth watching on prime time and recommend recorded version and see only the better scenes.

  4. First of all , who is this KUNDRA family!!!! LOL
    very boring track…. its the same thing since months.
    Its been months since Sherlin got pregnant and still not showing.
    too much dragging, but whats new !!!

  5. This wedding story had been going on forever..boring

  6. Sophia naliaka

    All of you are right

  7. Will the Sherlyn/Prithvi foolishness EVER end? It is so boring. When will the writers move on to a new storyline? I can’t watch this show again.

  8. The 2nd Stupid show i have seen in my entire 24 years of life where first one is Kundali Bhagya.
    Really guys from starting to now same track and upto now Sherlin-Prithivi not exposed.
    Ekta Mam I don’t what to say…………….You can bring new concepts about Youth & Suspense thriller(not supernatural) because it will be good at starting after that all story will spoil……….

    So you better focus on other drama………..

    A girl who born in gangster backdrop and to go aboard for stuidies and a man from Mumbai who meets her and help her to fullfill her role.
    You can show emotions, drama not lacking for 30-50 episodes on same topic.

    You can finish first season with(In meanwhile they got married and twist was male lead father died in between) All family members abanded him. He left home with his wife.

    Second season can start in US

  9. Two three saal ka pregnancy natak ke alawa Ekta ke pass aur koi story hai bhi ya nahi?
    Iski har ek serial mein sirf aur sirf ek hi drama chalu hain.Bure log hamesha jeet jate hai chahe kuch bhi ho jaye.Jo log is serial ko dekhte hain unki taste ki testing ki zaroorat hai.Pata nahi kaise yeh trp topper ban jate hai along with KKB.

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