Do you like Barister Babu on Colors?

Colors’ Barister Babu brings a period drama putting light on the social rights of women. The women are often regarded as an inferior gender. They aren’t given the rights of equality and respect in the society as the men. The story revolves around a little girl Bondita, who believes in fighting for her rights. Bondita has a strong reasoning power. She often questions her family members and people about the differences created between both the genders. She wants the women to lead a life of self-respect, which could be possible only if they are given the deserved rights of equality.

Bondita gets married to a barrister Anirudh Roy Choudhary. He believes in women rights and equality. He also wants to oppose the evil customs that tortures the widows. Anirudh wants his country to have a fresh lease of freedom, hope and happiness. He finds Bondita really different. He likes her broad thinking, courage and determination to stick to her principles. He supports her into bringing a huge change in the society. Anirudh helps her qualify as a barrister. Do you like Barister Babu on Colors? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Yes I like this show becoz ye different concept hai.
    Bus ek hi wish hai ki isse kuch time baad normal serial jesa na bana de…. Kyoki itv me kuch time baad har show ko vohi normal concept ki story bana dete hai. .. Jisme koi logic ni hota….. Just like saas bahut drama… Or family drama…..
    Iska ek reason ye v hai ki sb different concept k show ko ni dekhte they all like family drama….. Jaja koi logic ni hota. Koi v Kitni v baar mar jata hai phir vapas aa jata hai or kitni v baar shadi karta hai or v…..

  2. Manisha Chauhan

    I like this drama a lot. Such a nice concept+ brilliant acting by each character. Addicted to this show. Love you bondita and aniruddh

  3. I really loved the concept

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