Do Dil Ek Jaan 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 4th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya asking Antara about yesterday’s night. Mami tries to talk to Antara’s mum about Antara but she is upset with Antara. They see Maai in their house. Maai greets her and says I came to tell something. Satya hurts Antara and asks why was Raghu in their room, was it their plan. He says when I look at this room, I think of what happened here. Antara says leave me, you want to know the truth or whats in your mind. Satya says the truth, tell me, who closed the door, did Raghu touch you and where. He says did Raghu kiss you or you kissed him first, tell me. Antara says the truth is we did not kiss each other. We did not touch each other, we did not close the door. She says whatever happens in this house is done by your mum, go and ask your mum. Satya is shocked.


apologizes to Antara’s mum and speaks sweetly with her. Mami says we can talk later about this. Antara’s mum says let her say, I m fine. She asks Noor to bring water. Maai says I don’t need, its fine. Maai says I m ashamed of my deeds, but what Antara did was not right, she loved Raghu and married Satya. Antara is a good girl and have good values, so I accepted her, but marrying this way, my trust has shaken.

Satya says do you trust me, you always think I want to touch you. Satya leaves. Antara cries. Antara’s mum says I m not annoyed with you, you told me the truth about my husband’s death, my daughter has hidden the truth for me, maybe for my good, but I had to know this, I m not annoyed with you, I m thankful to you. She says Satya also spoke like this, maybe he also wanted to tell me the truth that I m a widow now. Maai says who, Satya. Antara’s mum says yes, he spoke to me on the wedding day. Maai is shocked.

Maai invites them to come for the haldi ritual. Antara’s mum says how can I come. Maai says I don’t believe in all this, you have to come to bless your children, even I m a widow, but I will bless them, you also come to bless them. Maai leaves and thinks thanks for saying this to me, I will have to talk to Satya and Antara about this. Maai smiles.

Antara is in her room. A maid comes to her with some items for the haldi ritual. Antara takes it and asks the maid to take the food as she is not hungry. Antara sees Raghu’s wallet. She bumps into Raghu and they look at the wallet as it falls down. They pick it together. She says Raghu, you should not keep my photo in your wallet. He says this is not your photo, this is her photo whom I love. He says she is my Miss Kaul, not you Mrs. Naik. She says don’t start again. Raghu says yes. She says you should have broken this door, this would have not happened. Raghu says you have really changed. Raghu leaves.

Antara cries and comes back to her room. Maai comes to Raghu and talks to him saying love weakens people. She brings wine for him and says it says this relieves pain. Raghu says I m fine. She says you can’t hide anything from me, she was not yours. He says she had to listen to everyone because of me. He says I went to her, to get my phone. Maai says who locked the door. Maai says I trust you more than myself, but everything is fair in love and war and yours is love. I know you can’t do anything, but she can do. Raghu says why will she do this. Maai speaks against Antara.

She says maybe she is taking revenge from you and taking Satya’s help in it. Raghu says she is not like this. Maai smiles and says a woman is like a kite, which flies away if the string cuts and no one can know where it goes. Maai thinks Antara you have seen Raghu’s love, now see his hatred. Raghu gets angry thinking about Antara. MachMach and Ruksana come in the haldi ritual. He says lets go from here. Ruksana says we have to do this, else Raghu will have to do this, which he won’t.

Ruksana taunts Satya. Satya says right, we are a part of this act. He taunts her saying I know this is your love for Raghu. He says you want Raghu but he is not yours, I want Antara but she is not mine. Ruksana says we are not alike, I tried to bring them closer, but you separated them. Ruksana says Antara still loves Raghu. Satya says don’t you get hurt when Raghu spend his night with Antara. Ruksana is silent.

Satya says its easy to say, but difficult to live. He leaves. Maai comes to Antara and taunts her. Maai makes her sit and says I m your mum in law, I should help you in getting ready. She tells her the importance of the haldi ritual. She taunts her about Raghu and Satya. Maai smiles. Antara is hurt by her words. Maai makes her wear the ornaments and says some lines about her love.

Maai makes Antara wear bangles hurting her. She says you are looking very pretty. Maai says come down soon and leaves. Antara cries. Antara comes down and everyone are happy to see her. She greets her mum and her mum is annoyed with her and turns. Antara feels bad. Rasika smiles. Her mum blesses her and says I hope you understand the importance of being married now.

Raghu and MachMach are holding a gun and Raghu asks to shoot him. Someone gets hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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