Do Dil Ek Jaan 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 31st December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vedika telling Krishna did you know what can happen with you for what you did. He jokes. She says very funny. He says play something, whatever you know. She is unable to hold the violin right. He smiles seeing her play so bad. He says enough, give me. He asks her to watch him. She look at him. He says see how I play this. He plays the same tune as Raghu. Vedika smiles hearing the music. He asks her to play. She could not play it again. She plays so bad thats its painful to the ears. He says stop and shows her how to play. He holds her hand and goes close to her. She is still unable to play.

He says give it back and she laughs seeing him. She sits on her knees enjoying the music. Satya comes there in anger and throws his bag and burns his Krishna’s certificates and scolds him. Manjari comes. Satya says you are fired. He says how dare you throw water on my daughter to wake her up. He says look down and get lost. Krishna takes hie bad and his belongings and says you can’t burn my talent by burning my certificates. He then leaves. Vedika says how can you fire him dad. Satya asks Manjari to take Vedika in her room.

He says from today, your music is called off, don’t come on this terrace again. Vedika’s mood is spoiled. Vedika looks at Krishna. Krishna leaves with the burnt file. Vedika comes to her room and says I don’t understand, this is cheating, you said I can learn music and now, you want me to be happy right. Satya says I can’t believe you are fighting with me for that guy. Vedika says you burnt his certificates. Satya says you have a choice, either him or me.

Vedika says whats this choice, this is not fair. Satya says ask anything else, but not that. Vedika says I just want to learn music. Satya says what, are you mad, I m ready to give you anything in this world and you are after that musical mouth organ. Vedika says no, its violin. Satya thinks about Antara and Raghu. Maai asks Satya to be careful in talk. Satya becomes calm. Maai talks to Vedika and asks her to listen to Satya and what is he thinking is for her good only. Vedika says even you. Maai says was he a teacher, how did he behave with you, you should have been angry on him.

Vedika says even I was angry but I want to learn violin. She says I m very upset Sahib, if you have so much problem, you should have told me before, I would have stopped this for your happiness, but now………… She leaves from the room. Maai looks at Satya. Geeta talks to MachMach and offers him help. MachMach says why don’t you come and stay in this locality. She says why should I stay here, what do you get staying here. He says I find peace as I don’t want to forget them. He says my friend, my brother still comes to meet me daily, see there. MachMach sees Krishna and asks what are you doing here. Krishna says I came to say bye.

Geeta says I was going, you have a talk. Krishna talks about Naik Sadan. He says he got a job at Naik Sadan but lost it. Geeta asks MachMach not to support Krishna. She leaves in anger.

Satya asks Manohar whats this, your account is pending. Manohar says we will get the money soon, don’t worry. Satya scolds him and taunts him saying you don’t know any work, till when will you fool my mum and have food for free here. Maai comes and hears Satya. Manohar gets angry and starts leaving. Maai asks him to have food. Manohar is annoyed with Satya and says Maai look at Satya, how is he talking to me. He leaves. Maai talks to Satya and asks him not to be strict with Vedika. He says explain Vedika not to learn music. Maai says Vedika just wants to learn music, explain yourself, not her. Maai says Antara and Manjari were helpless to marry you, but Vedika is like you, adamant.

Maai says Vedika is not Manjari or Antara. Satya says don’t take her name. Maai says why not, you still think about her. Satya says I have killed her by my hands. Maai says yes, but you could not take her away from your heart and did not forget the past. She says Vedika can be affected by this. Satya says no way. Maai says change yourself, we can’t force Vedika. Satya taunts her taking Raghu’s name. Maai says Raghu was not important, you gave him importance. She says Vedika is adamant, she will go against you one day, don’t punish her because of Antara. Satya says enough Maai.

Vedika comes to Antara’s house looking out for Krsihna. She sees Satya there and is shocked..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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