Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aman thinking did Raghu read the letter. He thinks why Raghu did not call him till now. He thinks of calling Raghu. Raghu is with Antara and asks her to look at him and talk. Antara is feeling shy. He asks what is the matter, you are so quiet. Antara looks at him. He says something is going on in your heart. Antara says you…. nothing. He says now I m sure something is there, which will take me in it. Antara smiles. He says I thought you have Ishaan’s tension, is there any problem. Antara says I m fine, but you don’t worry. She says you go and take rest, good night. Raghu stops and says did you say anything, I felt something. She says no, and leaves. He wonders what she is hiding.

Daya Maai reads Aman’s letter which says I am a murderer, not

a guide and I made you deliver bomb to Dr. Kaul. Daya Maai smiles reading it. Manohar comes and asks Raghu came. Daya Maai says call Rasika. Raghu is on the terrace and Antara comes in her balcony. She looks at hi. He sees her in the mirror and turns to see her. Antara goes back and gets hurt while closing the door. Raghu does Aahhhh…. He comes to her and says you got hurt, where is your focus. She says nothing happened, leave me. He says see what happened, and you are saying….. He says I don’t want to fight with you and won’t listen to you, he says I felt your pain when you got hurt. Mera Mahi Tu…. plays……… As they have an eyelock.

Antara shies away. He says stay here and brings the cream and applies to her hand. He says if anything happened to you then… She says nothing happened. She says you go from here now. He says whats your problem, I came for you and you are asking me to leave, now you won’t even see me, but at first you used to stare at me ask if you will eat me. Raghu gets closer to her and stops her. They have an eyelock again. She says you go from here, Ishaan is sleeping. He says let him sleep. Music plays……..

He says I won’t go till you tell me. She says what. He says look in my eyes. She says I can’t. He says what happened to you, I m seeing your strange behavior since morning. She says nothing and closes her eyes and asks him to leave. Raghu leaves. She sees that he is gone and says he is asking me but don’t understand and wants me to tell him everything, but how will I say, even I don’t know this feeling. She thinks of their hug and says I feel good being close to you. She says how can I tell you that I m in love with you. Daya Maai asks Rasika whats Antara’s full name. Rasika says Antara Kaul and she is from Kashmir. Rasika says her dad died from a bomb. Daya Maai gets happy.

Daya Maai says I now know what I wanted to know. She crushes the letter and says my Raghu did a murder and this letter is like a weapon for me, I can win over anything with this. Aman calls Raghu but could not connect. Ruksana comes and talks to Raghu. She says I came to see you. Raghu says why you came. She says I really came to meet you but what do you look changed. She says I can see on your face whats written on it. He asks how did you come here. She says I brought some photos of the nikaah. Raghu thinks about the Nikaah and Antara. He says Antara…. she was also there in Nikaah, show me her photos. She says you are eager to see her photos, why. He says no, she was doing strange acts today. She asks why. He tells her everything. Ruksana understands it and smiles. They discuss about Antara and Ruksana asks what happened next. He says what Antara said.

Raghu says what happened to Antara and I m in tension. Ruksana says Antara loves you and even you love her. Raghu is shocked and happy. Music plays……… He says we are friends and we simply fight. He says you mean she loves me. Ruksana says close your eyes and tell me whom you see. He says we share everything. Ruksana says you will yourself know that you love her. Ruksana says love starts with fights and we feel each other’s pain and become friends and then love happens. Raghu really feels it now and smiles.

Ruksana shows him the photos and says see it, you both look in love already. Raghu sees the photos and smiles. He says it means I love her. Ruksana says yes, you both are in love. Raghu smiles.

Raghu is singing and dancing with Antara.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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