Do Dil Ek Jaan 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 29th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maai coming to Antara and giving her a naplin to wipe her tears. Maai taunts her. Antara stares at her. Maai says your mum is alive, did not die, its strange that she is not with you. Maai says you challenged me, now its my turn, I will show you a different color daily. Antara says i m ready for your move, if anything happens to my family, I will not leave you. Antara leaves. Maai looks on. Antara thinks about Maai’s words and cries. She gets hurt by a nail on the road and Raghu sees her feet hurt. He goes to her but realizes that she is someone’s wife now. They think about their moments…. Antara walks by his side looking at him. They have an eyelock.

Antara comes to her house and says Raghu please…. She turns and sees Ruksana. She says I thought its Raghu. Ruksana gives her an ointment. Antara says I don’t need it, I have learnt ti stay with wounds now, go and tell him. Ruksana says I regard you as my sister, try to understand. She says you can not hurt Raghu by marrying Satya, look at yourself, you are more hurt than him, see in your eyes, till when will you be able to keep up this marriage. Antara says maybe you are right, but this is my punishment as I loved the man who killed my dad. Ruksana says I know but when you saw you both, I thought no one can in between you, but now the time has come in between.

She says I will pray for both of you, and gives her the ointment and leaves. Antara gets Satya’s call. Satya cares for her wound and says I will apply the ointment. Antara sees Raghu coming and cries. Raghu sees Satya holding Antara’s feet. Satya sits by Antara’s side and asks are you fine now. Satya sees Raghu and says when did you come. He says sorry, I sat on your place as she is hurt. He says my room is getting cleaned, so I came here. Satya asks Antara not to cry as he hates tears. Raghu gives her cotton to care for her wound. Raghu says go to your room, its cleaned now. Raghu says I have to take bath now, you won’t feel good if I bath infront of your wife. Satya says you are right, come Antara, lets go to our room, Raghu needs privacy. Satya lifts Antara is his arms and leaves.

Antara says leave me Sahib. She shouts and she puts her down. She says you are forgetting our promise, you always want to touch me. Satya flirts with her and she moves back. He says where did you feel me. He touches her and she cries. She says Sahib, don’t try, else…. He says else… what will you do, shout, will your lover Raghu save you, or will Maai save you. He says you are my wife and if I do anything closing the door, no one will dare to come and open the door. Antara gets tensed. He says don’t blame me, I was only helping you, so I touched you.

Someone knocks at the door. Satya says we are husband and wife, can be anyway…. Maai comes and says Satya…. He says you should learn to wait after knocking the door. He says see, how much shy she is. Maai says yes, I m seeing. Maai says you both married only infront of me, but you are not husband and wife legally, so I called the lawyer to register your marriage. Satya says I can’t understand you, sometimes you try to make her away from me and sometimes you bring her closer to me. Maai says understand that I only want your welfare, come down if your drama ended. Satya gets happy and looks at Antara.

He says get ready jaan, even the law will support me now. He leaves and Antara cries. Raghu talks to Ruksana and says its very hard for me. He cries. he says I will forget everything, you see. Ruksana says Antara will not be happy hurting you, she will also feel the pain hurting you. Raghu says if she gets happy, then let it be. He hurts himself. Antara is in her room thinking about Ruksana’s words and has a scissor in her hand.

Ruksana says are you mad, what will you get doing this. She says do you have the ointment. Satya comes and says Antara has it. He meets Raghu and says Maai is calling you. He says I came to take you with me, it will help Raghu. Raghu asks whats the work. Satya says Maai will tell that, lets go. Raghu and Ruksana look at each other puzzled. Satya tells Maai that I brought two witnesses and smiles. Maai asks them to sit. Raghu asks what is it. Maai says you have to be witness about Antara and Satya’s marriage. You have to sign as witness. Raghu and Ruksana are shocked.

Satya says if you have given your mandap for my pheres then what is this, come on, become the witness, don’t hesitate. Satya calls Antara and asks her to come down now that the witnesses have also come. Antara comes there and Satya says look who came, Raghu. He thanks Raghu and says you made me have my family.

Satya says give me the papers where to sign it. Raghu is upset looking at him. Satya smiles and signs it. He asks Antara to sign it. Antara shows her hurt hand. Satya is shocked. Maai and everyone looks at her.

Antara asks Sata what are you finding. He says I m finding what hurt you, why did you not sign on the marriage papers.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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