Do Dil Ek Jaan 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 1st November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya and Ruksana talking. He says its necessary for us to be friends, as we both are with broken hearts. Ruksana leaves. Satya says I will win. Raghi is in his room sitting shattered. Maai comes to him and says Raghunath whats the matter, she takes his blessings and says you are looking very handsome, come with me, everyone are waiting for you. She asks him to trust her and not think about anything as Antara is waiting outside. Raghu comes with Maai. He sees Antara and is upset. Antara is happy and smiling. Satya watches Raghu. Raghu is thinking about Aman’s letter and his words. He thinks what Maai told him.

Raghu moves backwards. He looks at Antara and is sad and worried about the consequences. MachMach comes to him and says you are looking good. Antara sees Raghu and smiles. Satya is watching all this. Raghu sits beside Antara. He is unhappy. MachMach gives him a ring and asks him to make Antara wear it. Raghu looks on tensed. MachMach says again. Raghu takes the ring and looks at Antara. He puts it in her finger looking unhappy and shaken up. Everyone takes their photos and claps for them.

Antara takes the ring and puts it on Raghu’s finger. She smiles. Everyone claps and are happy for them. Satya is angry seeing them. MachMach says now you got engaged to her and you became a family man. He asks Antara not to fight with Raghu from now on as Raghu loves her. Noor congratulates Antara’s mum. Antara’s mum says congrats to Maai. Maai asks them to hug her as they got related now. They hug and smile. Satya gets some sweets and plans something. Antara holds Raghu’s hand and asks what happened, why are you standing far from me, why are you worried, as if you killed someone. Raghu looks at her. She says my friends said girls are shy, but here you are shy being Raghu Bhai. She asys I won’t leave your hand.

She asks him is everything fine. Maai says they will make a start in this colony. Satya comes with the sweets he got from someone. He says I brought special sweets for you and asks Raghu to have it. He makes Raghu eat it. He says congrats brother and makes it eats more pieces. He looks at Antara. Raghu is unable to walk. Antara asks are you fine. Everyone comes to burn the Raavan. Antara’s mum asks Raghu are you happy, why are you so quiet. Raghu says everything is fine. She says when he comes, he will make you his son, don’t marry before he comes. Antara takes her mum to the house, he says I won’t marry till he comes and blesses me. He says till I get forgiven. Antara says forgiven? why? Raghu is quiet. MachMach asks Raghu to burn the Raavan.

Raghu burns the Raavan. Raghu thinks about Aman’s words. Antara leaves with her family. Ruksana comes to Raghu and says we need to talk. He says not now, I need to talk to Antara. She says do you know what Sahib said. He says I don’t care. Antara comes back. Raghu’s mood is off, he says I need to talk to Antara. Satya comes and says give us a chance to speak. He says now we are related. She gives Antara sweets. Antara says thanks and takes it. He stops Ruksana and asks her to have sweets. Ruksana has it. Maai comes and says Sahib… She says Raghu and Antara are looking very beautiful together. Satya says see, I m trying to make Raghu eat sweets, but he is not eating. Raghu says I had it. Satya says have another one, take it. He makes him eat again. Maai smiles.

Satya is watching Antara and says where is my target Raghu. He then sees Raghu looking out for Antara. He says got him and goes to him. He says I was looking for you. He says Antara is there looking out for you, I will take you to her. Raghu is not in his senses. Satya locks Raghu in a room. Satya looks out for Ruksana. Raghu calls Antara and does not find her in the room. He says Sahib brought me here but why.

Raghu calls Antara and calls her to that room. Noor asks Antara to go and meet Raghu. Antara asks him to come to her house. Raghu insists and asks her to come to him. She says are you fine, he says come to me then I will tell you. Satya is looking for Ruksana and Antara goes to Raghu. Satya does not see her. He sees Ruksana at last and goes to her. He offers friendship to her. She says i don’t want to talk to you. He says Raghu is looking out for you. She says why. He says he was drunk. She says he does not drink. He says meet him once, he is very sad. She says I don’t trust you. Satya says trust me, he is waiting for you, go and meet him. Ruksana gets into his talk.

Antara comes to Raghu and he says please listen to me. She says are you drunk, are you fine, what happened to you. He says don’t know, I m feeling odd. She says come with me to my house. She asks what happened tell me. Ruksana comes and sees Raghu with Antara. Raghu asks do you love me, will you always love me like this after knowing that I m the one who has…. Will you leave me. Ruksana hears all this. Antara says why are you saying this. He says will your love turn into hatred. Answer me. Ruksana comes out crying. Raghu asks Antara and says I have…

Antara and Raghu get closer and they kiss.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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