Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara meeting her mum and telling her about her vomits. Her mum says it might be because you don’t eat on time, it might be just acidity, she asks Antara to take care. She asks is everything fine between you and Satya. Her mum closes the door and says I know I did not support you, but now I m fine, I m your mum, you can share your worried with me, I m your friend. Antara is tensed. Her mum says you loved Raghu, right. Did you people were very close. Antara says yes. Her mum is shocked. Antara says the doctor is not sure so she asked for the test, nothing is known now.

Her mum says someone is coming, I will go now. She asks Antara to promise that she will inform her first and says I promise I will support you. Antara hugs her mum and cries. She leaves.

MachMach talks to Raghu and says if a girl vomits after marriage, it means…… Raghu says for Satya, marriage is only to show, he won’t……. Raghu thinks of the night when he and Antara united. He gets worried and runs. MachMach says what happened to him now. Raghu comes to Antara.

They look at each other. Raghu says Miss Kaul, I want to talk to you. She gets a call from the doctor. The doctor confirms it that she is pregnant. Antara is shocked. The phone falls from her hands. Maai also hears this on another phone. Maai smiles. Antara cries. Raghu says is this true, tell me. Raghu says is it true what I m thinking. Maai is happy and says its true, my bahu is pregnant. She laughs.

She says I got my weapon now. She says Satya its time to complete my talk now. She says your wife did a shameless act. Raghu and Antara are tensed. Raghu says Satya won’t give his name to the baby. Antara says I won’t let my child’s name get linked with a killer. Raghu asks her to abort the child. Antara is shocked. He leaves. Antara cries. Antara comes to her mum and hugs her crying. She says the doctor confirmed. Her mum is shocked and asks when did the doctor asked you to come, what did you think.

Antara says Raghu wants me to abort the child. She says he wants me to kill the baby. Her mum asks did you tell this to Satya. Antara says Raghu wants this. Her mum says its my mistake, after your dad passed away, I lost my sense, else I would have not let you marry Satya. She cries blaming herslef for not supporting her at the hour of need. Antara says its not your mistake. She says now everything will be fine, I will take care of this baby. She says I will take its responsibility, he will play in my lap. She smiles and hugs Antara.

Antara thinks I wish I could tell you that this baby can’t come in this world. MachMach asks what happened. Raghu says you were right, she is pregnant. MachMach says you know its not Satya’s. Raghu says yes, she is Satya’s wife but its my child. She hates me, and won’t give birth to the baby. He says I asked her to abort the child. MachMach says are you mad, go and stop her. He says control your anger. Raghu says can’t you understand, if Satya and Maai knows this, they will kill Antara and the baby. He says I knew Maai mixed the poison but I did not say anything, as I know that woman, I wanted to save Antara.

MachMach says you are the father of the child, how can you tell her to kill your baby. MachMach says don’t do any mistake, I have always done what you said, but this is not right. I won’t support you in this and the Bappa will not forgive you. MachMach leaves. Raghu thinks. Satya wakes up calling jaan. Maai comes and says she will take your jaan one day. Satya looks at her in his room. Maai says I brought a good news for you. She says read the newspaper. He asks why, what do you want, what are you doing in my room and where is Antara.

Maai says read this. Satya gets up and reads the paper. He gets a file in ti and it has pregnancy report that confirms that Antara is pregnant. Satya says what is this joke. Maai says its not a joke, you married her, your wife is pregnant. Satya shouts Maai. Maai says you know and I know whose child is it. Satya gets much angry.

Raghu is exercising thinking about Antara. He thinks how Antara walked out of the mandap and broke her relation with him. He gets angry. He thinks about Antara’s pregnancy and her words against him. He thinks about MachMach’s words that he has to save his baby. He gets up and leaves. Satya is ruining the room. Maai asks him to stop it. She speaks against Antara and asks what will you do, give name to Raghu’s baby. Satya scolds the servants. Maai says I told you many times that Antara can’t be yours. She says I said yes for Raghu and Antara’s marriage as Raghu is not my son. She is fine for Raghu, but not for you.

She says I love Raghu but only in limits. Satya says go from here. Maai says I can kill Raghu. what can you do for me, will you kill Antara for me. Will you bear this insult. Satya looks at her. Antara comes to a hospital for abortion of the child. She thinks about Raghu and her moments with her. She thinks of Raghu’s words to abort the baby.

Raghu meets Antara at the hospital. Antara asks what can we do now. Satya comes with a gun to shoot both of them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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