Do Dil Ek Jaan 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 15th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu asking did Aaji call them. Aaji comes there and says yes. Rasika smiles. Aaji says we have puja here so I called everyone, and we want to play Antakshari with them and have fun. Aaji says you all came earlier, and welcomes them in the house. Aaji asks MachMach to arrange tea and snacks. Raghu says puja was good but whats all this, the doctor asked you to rest, why are you doing this. Daya Maai is also not here. Aaji says she won’t get tired, I know about my health. Aaji jokes and laughs. Antara comes there. Aaji says Antara is with me. Raghu says Antara, you should take care of Aaji, if she gets hurt, then you will get into trouble. He asks Aaji to take care as he won’t be there at home. He says I m serious this time. Aaji praises Antara. Aaji asks

Raghu to leave to bring her medicines. Raghu says there is still time for it, Antara gets tensed as Raghu is not leaving. Antara asks what will happen now, will the competition begin or not. Aaji takes Antara with her.

Arshad offers water to Noor and Ishaan. Noor smiles and talks to him. Arshad talks to Ishaan and asks him to take out his maths book and show him what he did. He asks Noor what do you do. She says I take care of Ishaan and Antara. He says you are from Kashmir, right. She says yes. He says I m from Allahabad. She says I heard its a good city. Ishaan says see my Maths book. He says if you both want to talk, I will go and play. Arshad says no. Noor says shall I make tea. She says I make good tea. Arshad gives her directions. She says I will find it myself.

Raghu is with Aaji. Aaji wants to send him soon. Raghu says are you trying to send me soon. Aaji coughs. Raghu says ok, I will leave. Aaji says I will go to the kitchen. Antara says I will bring it. Aaji says no, I will go. Arshad is teaching Ishaan the maths tables. Noor comes and says Ishaan loves cricket. Arshad says even I like it and tries to explain maths in the cricket way. Noor offers them tea. Ishaan gives the right answer. Arshad praises him. Ishaan gets happy. Antara sings her rhythm, and Raghu too sings. Antara looks at him and turns. She hears him singing her tune and gets shocked. Raghu looks at her and says I heard you singing that day, its Kashmiri. She says yes, its Kashmiri. He asks did you sing in Kashmir, your mum told me about your music college. MachMach comes and asks her to try some food. Raghu says I don’t like sweets. He asks Antara to taste it. She says I don’t want to eat, Aaji knows. Raghu says what, tell me.

Raghu says did you keep the fast. Antara says yes. MachMach reacts and says only those girls keep the fast who are married. Antara says Mami said. Raghu says unmarried girls keep the fast to get a good husband. Raghu jokes. Antara leaves. Raghu packs his bag. MachMach tries the food. Raghu asks him to bring his bag outside. Noor sees Mami and Mami tells Noor that she is going to the market and gives her the keys. Arshad says have tea. Mami asks how is Ishaan studying. Arshad praises Ishaan. Mami says we did not talk, what are your fees. Arshad says no fees. Noor is shocked. Mami says how come, I told Raghu. She says did Raghu tell anything. Arshad says Raghu is not paying me, I don’t want the fees, I love teaching. I m happy and this is my fees. Noor says you are working, you should take it. He says if you want to give me anything, then buy something from my bakery. Mami and Noor says yes and smiles.

Arshad asks Ishaan to pack his bag. Arshad asks Noor to call before coming tomorrow. Noor leaves with Ishaan. Rasika gets ready for the dance competition. She thinks when will Raghu see her. She looks out for Raghu and MachMach comes there. She hides. MachMach forgets the keys and goes back. Rasika sees Raghu’s bag and takes it in her room. She waits for Raghu.

Rasika asks someone to tell Raghu that his bag in her room. That man tells Raghu. Rasika’s heart beats faster. She waits for Raghu and smiles. Raghu comes to her and knocks the door. Rasika asks him to come in. MachMach comes in. Rasika says you. He asks how did Raghu’s bag come here, I kept it outside. He takes the bag and leaves. Raghu sees Antara dressed well. Mera Mahi Tu…. plays. Antara looks stunning. He stares at her beauty and gets lost.
Aaji comes and says isnt she looking beautiful. Raghu says why is she dressed like a heroine. Aaji says I told her, now you may leave. Raghu says ok, I m going. Aaji laughs. Raghu leaves. Aaji and Antara come for the puja abd welcomes the guests. Mami also comes and meets Antara. She hugs her and says you are looking very beautiful. Rasika thinks her plan will spoil Antara’s dance and smiles.

Antara and Rasika dance on a song.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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