Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9th September 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Jay and Mahi dance.
Baburam suggests to click pictures with them after the dance.
.Raghu sisters also dance on the song Balam pickari.

The shooter is sitting just behind Raghu and is trying to shoot but everytimes fails as the guests keep passing in front of him.
Baburam is all excited that he forgot his miserly self and is spending money.
The shooter keeps trying his chance to complete his job.
Raghu and Shivani are feeling awkward while the title song of DDBEDS is playing in the background.
The shooter is being taken to have food though he refuses.
Jass wakes up with a start calling for Shivani. Mahima asks him what is the matter? he asks her if Shivani will be fine? Mahima says of course as his friend called them saying that Shivani reached Raghu house.
Jass is a bit perplex whether shivani will be able to stay at Raghu place.
Mahima says of course Jass already shown his responsibility as an elder brother by stopping the wedding of Shivani and Abhimanyu.
Mahima very cunningly says now shivani must try to adjust in this servant
(Raghu) place they must find a way to send Abhimanyu back to London so that they can be the owner of all the properties…
Mahima suggests Jass to forget about Shivani now she has gone.

Baburam asks a man to seve some sherbet to Shivani and while going he takes some cooling drink(sherbet) containing the poison. Sumitra father thinks that shivani must pay for ruining the happiness of his daughter.
Raghu mom takes the tray from the man and serves the sherbet to Raghu and Shivani who’s feeling awkwards to take the glass. Raghu mom tells Shivani nothing will happen it is a homemade cooling drink and once she has also eaten the food she sent.
Shivani takes the glass.
sumitra father is tense seeing Raghu drinking the sherbet he prays to God that he wanted the death of shivani and not of Raghu what he’s doing is for the sake of Sumitra.

he thanks god saying finally nothing happened to Raghu after he drank the sherbet that means shivani has the glass with the poisonous drink. As Shivani is going to take a sip a child bumps on her and her glass falls down irking sumitra father.
baburam and the whole seheria family sing a song in the honour of Raghu and Shivani while shivani is sometimes having flashback of their wedding.
The shooter approaches Raghu to try his chance one another time but in vain as the couple already move in.
Baburam stops the shooter and asks him who’s he… he begins to babble.. and Baburam thinks he must be a far relatives and he’s here to gift raghu something. the shooter hides his revolver and gives Baburam some money as gift for Raghu.

Baburam greets the shooter and leaves. abhimanyu decides to call his man but the shooter inform him due to unpredictable events he was not able to complete his job. Abhimanyu gets really angry that he throws his phone.

Baburam is dancing and arrives near Sumitra house, Sumitra father tells him to stop all his dramas , Sumitra watching everything from upstairs. Baburam also tells him off, to keep quiet though he’s feeling bad. sumitra father says how can it be said that raghu filled Shivani part with vermillion if they are really married.. Baburam says is that enough? he says yes!!! Baburam tells everybody Raghu married Shivani in a temple. Baburam takes the sindoor box and makes Raghu fills shivani part in front of everybody.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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