Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the goons searching for Shivani and Raghu. Shivani and Raghu hides in the godown. Abhi shouts for Shivani and asks where is she? Meanwhile Shivani says sorry to Raghu. Raghu asks her not to worry until he is alive. He will not let anything happen to her. Abhi says you can’t hide from you, come out. Maa calls Raghu and asks are you fine? Abhi hears the phone call and proceeds towards Raghu and Shivani. He asks them to come out from the hideout. He fires the bullet and maa hears it and calls for Raghu. Baburaam and others are shocked too. Baburaam wonders what is happening? Maa says I told you that my son’s life is in danger. She cries miserably. Raghu shields Shivani to safe her. Abhi comes there and sees them.

Abhi asks Raghu

to sign on the papers and give it to him. Raghu refuses to sign on the papers. Shivani asks Raghu to sign. Raghu says no. Abhi says he will fire the bullet. Abhi fires the bullet and it hits Shivani. Raghu is shocked. Raghu starts beating Abhi.

Baburaam calls Jazz and asks him, why he sent the goons to kill Raghu. Jazz says he didn’t do anything. Baburaam threatens him and says he did what he asked him to do. Maa overhears this and gets shocked.

Jazz tells Daaju that Baburaam declined to come there, Daaju gets angry and asks him to send his men to get Baburaam. Mahima says you should take care of yours and offers juice. Maa calls Daaju and says she wants to give the info about Shivani and Raghu. She says they are in trouble and gives Raghu’s number. She says they are in Golden leaf resort, Jaipur. She says Raghu and Shivani’s lives are in danger and asks him to save them. Daaju gets shocked and a glass falls down from his hand. Daaju asks who are you? She cancels the call.

Jazz asks who was the caller? Daaju says Shivani and Raghu’s lives are in danger, we have to go soon to Jaipur. Raghu beats Abhi very much and fights with him. He gets hold of the gun and targets at Abhi. just then Shivani calls Raghu and he turns around. Abhi escapes. Raghu ties his handkerchief on Shivani’s wound. Shivani looks at him with teary eyes.

Raghu asks are you feeling pain? Shivani replies she is fine. She asks you got wounded naa? Raghu says he is fine. He asks why you are sad as Malik saa is not angry on you. You can go home now. She says she is happy as all the misunderstandings between them are cleared. Raghu says why his father lied to him and said that Malik saa wants to kill him. Shivani says may be it is a misunderstanding. They leaves from there, forgetting Raghu’s mobile there.

Shivani and Raghu come back home. Maa asks about their well being. Maya does the first aid to Shivani’s wound. Gini brings the turmeric milk. Maa asks her to drink. Raghu looks at Baburaam and asks him to give his mobile.

Raghu calls Daaju. Daaju says he came to know about the truth and he will take Shivani back. Raghu says he will drop her. Daaju says no, he will come and take her. Daaju says he said him so much in anger and says he is sorry for his behavior. Raghu asks him to come soon as Babyji is waiting for him anxiously. Daaju says he is coming. Baburaam hears it and gets shocked.

Raghu informs Shivani that Malik saa is coming to take you. Shivani gets happy. Baburaam says Bahu will not go anywhere. Raghu tells him to stop saying this as he came to know about the truth. He says he knew about his planning and he can go against him. Shivani looks at him with respect.

Daaju pushes Jazz and asks him to get out. Mahima comes to his rescue and asks Daaju to forgive him. Meanwhile Daaju gets a heart attack as he came to know about Jazz and Mahima messed up with Shivani’s future.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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