Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 23rd September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Gini reading the preparation of Pasta in english. Maa says she couldn’t prepare this and asks Maya to prepare it. She says she will call her relative to asks the recipee from her. Maa asks Bella to prepare, but she makes an excuse and leaves. Maa tells Gini to make her understand and she will prepare. Shivani is holding daaju’s photos and says you loved me very much, has faith on me. But what happened that you don’t want to meet me, don’t want to see my face. I am your same Shivani, I hasn’t changed. Please give me one chance. She cries while caressing the photo.

Baburaam is shocked to know that Shivani’s marriage with Raghu is fake. He thinks I had spent a lot of money and what if the neighbours come to know

about it. His neighbour come and says will this marriage work, how can a princess live in this small home. Baburaam shuts him saying babyji is his bahu and will be. Raghu married her with all the rituals. His neighbour leaves. Baburaam thinks he will never allow Babyji to leave the house and would do something. Mahima tells Abhi that Dadaji went to office and we have to take the will to the office. Baburaam comes there with a fruit basket and greets them. He tells Jazz that he is the father of his brother in law. Jazz says he is not brother in law to anyone. Baburaam tells Jazz that he is the father in law of his sister. Jazz is shocked. Abhi asks Baburaam to leave. Jazz too asks him to leave. Baburaam says you both are together. Babyji might be thinking her brother is with her, but he shook hands with her enemy. Abhi asks him to stop speaking the nonsense else he will call the guards and throw it out. Mahima asks Abhi to keep quiet and gives money to baburaam. Baburaam says you are looking clever but this much money is not sufficient to do your work. Mahima assures him that he will get more money. Baburaam gets happy and says your babyji would never return to his haveli, she will live happily in my house. He leaves. Jazz asks Mahima, why you gave him money. Mahima says if she didn’t give him money then he would have tell everything to Shivani and ruin their plans. She says Baburaam came to take the money. She says we have to give him the money until we get Dadaji’s signatures on the will papers. Raghu’s younger brother says he booked a room in hotel. Raghu asks who asked you? He says Bapu called and asks him to booked a room. Raghu says it is good that Babyji can stay in hotel. Raghu’s brother thinks he did everything to impress babyji.

Abhi, Mahima and Jazz comes to the office. Jazz asks Abhi to try. Mahima too says the same.She asks him to take the will. Doctor says to Daaju that you took a right decision and I am very happy. Daaju says yes doctor. Abhi comes to Daaju and is about to speak. The lawyer says I will leave now. Abhi asks are you changing your will and says you are doing the right think. Shivani shouldn’t get anything afterall she has done. Daaju says he had promised to his son and daughter in law’s ashes that he would never let Shivani suffer in any way. Abhi says your property will go to Raghu and not to Shivani. Daaju asks Abhi to go to london and marry to a good girl. Abhi says what are you saying. I can’t leave you. Daaju says Shivani is married now. You don’t need me and even Shivani. He says someone came to meet here in office, want to meet him. He shows someone called Abhimaan. Daaju asks did you got it. Daaju shows the deal papers between Abhi and Golcha. Abhi says your partner told everything about you. He spoke the truth about you. Daaju says Golcha supported him for money and now told everything for money. Meanwhile Jazz and Mahima hears everything and smiles. Abhi says this man is lying. Daaju slaps him hard. Daaju says I did a mistake that I brought up a snake. I did a mistake that I didn’t believe Shivani. He says he felt something is wrong. I didn’t understand your intention. Jazz and Mahima enters and starts badmouthing about Abhi. Abhi tells Daaju that these two are cheating with you. Mahima asks him to shut up and says you ruined Shivani’s life. Mahima says you are trying to spoil the relation between Daju and us now. Abhi shows Daaju, some papers and says this papers are given to me by them. He asks Daaju to check the papers.

Daaju sees the papers and looks at Jazz and Mahima. He tells Abhi that Jazz is good for nothing but he is not a bad guy. He says I won’t believe you, I didn’t trust Shivani and I didn’t trust Raghu, who is like my son. Jazz and Mahima asks the guards to throw him out. Abhi keeps on saying that these two are cheating with you.

Raghu says babyji is going to hotel. He says his marriage was a compromise. Shivani explains that this is just a conpromise. Baburaam comes and says no one is leaving. Raghu tells he can’t think of babyji as his wife. It is a sin if he thinks like that.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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