Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th August 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with shivani…Shivani calls raghu that her car breakdown in the way to airport n asks him to cm fr help asap.Raghu rushes in a hurry n this notices daaju.daaju is lookin jewellery which jewller has got at the banglow. Daaju tells daaija to call shivani,bt she says that evn she is searching for her bt cudn’t find.So daaju deside to call on her her cell,as he calls,she picks the call n starts chattering that raghu i’m near the college n here m all alone,on one ia around so cm soon,daaju gets shocked n tells her not to worry n sit in the car n lock it from insida,so shivani notices that ir was daaju bt not raghu.daaju is also going to get shivani back bt mean while raghu reaches there n shivani tells daaju tht no need to worry u go to airport directly as my jaddogar has reached daaju gets releived.On the way shivani asks him abt his marriage,she tells him to find a girl himself or she will find one.She tells him that its so lovable relation,as there is some one who love u ,cares for u,alwayz there for u.So she is also getting married n so happy

They all reaches jodhpur airport,daaju too,shivani says sorry to him.Abhimanyu arrives n shivani waves him hand so does he.He comes n touches daajuu’s feet ,shivani looks at him n blushes,raghu notices this.

Here raghu’s mom is asking him abt the rishta a lady brought for him,he recalls the bibiji’s words n say yes for that rishta,his mom gets xcited.

Here daaju is thanking abhi for ccepting to b in jodhpur after marriage,abhi says that he knows how much daaju loves shivaniabhi notices shivani alone n goes towards her,bt she goes away,as she feels shy,bt he follows her n catches her at sm place,she says that she cant bilieve that finally they r getting engaged,he jokes to cancel the occasion thn,they both had a laugh at it

Abhi gets a call so gos away for some tym,mean while short circuiting happens n fire catches all the decoration around shivani,she starts shouting n gets faint,daaju gets worried,n here comes our jaddogar to save her bibiji,n he saves her n mele her laid down in the couch..Bt all the guests surround shivani n raghu gets far away,he n daaju both r relieved vn shivani gets back to her senses.

Here raghu is standing n a waiter or caterer gets towel n he passes away by raghu,raghu was js to get the towel bt that man goes away n gives that to abhi,raghu feels hurt

Here shivani’s bro n bhabhi r talking abt engagemnt vich they don wanna get happen,so bro says that vt if this happens today do smthing to cancel it,n bhabhi says don worry still there r 10 days in the marriage,v ‘ll do smthng

Abhi comes there n ask thm who that guy was who saved shivani,bhabhi tells him that his name is raghu n he is a servant,daaju comes n says bahu is wrong,raghu is a part of our family n can do nythng for us.At vich abhi says that evn i was thiking the same

Here comes shivani again all well dressed for the engagemnt,,,she really looks pretty.So finally they both exchanges their rings n shivani announces the dinner,

Daaija tells raghu to get some stuff n tells him to go soon as thn the grosser will shut the shop n the stuff is really he goes away
,thn daaija thinks if raghuhad food or not.

Here at raghu’s home all r xcited as they think raghu gonna get delicious food for thm all from rana’s banglow,bt vn he get back all empty handed,all gets sad,so his laalchi father,who was playing cards with frnz in the street n was telling thm that rana himself came to invite thm all bt they dint go,vn saw raghu coming home back ,he too rushes to home ,n xpects briyaani vich only he,s gonna eat,

PRECAP:…shivani says that she gets a watch for her jadoogar,n so she gives it to raghu,he says thankz by folding his hands.Shivani makes him wear that but dint clutch that so it was abt to fall from raghus hand,vn shivani catches his hand n makes him wear the watch properly,abhi is watching all this standing beside thm n may b gets any doubts or vt,,,sorry cant say abt that


Update Credit to: sandhureet

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