Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari saying she got response for Emily’s proposal. Misri says but Emily refused, and she can’t do anything after what happened in Ved’s birthday. Pari says I want someone for my mum, like Sooraj and Sandhya, Vikram and Meenakshi. Misri says yes, its just Emily who is alone in this house. Pari asks her to help, as mum needs a partner. Misri says fine, I will help for, but we have to do this smartly, and take Emily to meet the guy that no one doubts on us. Pari thanks her and says she got the address of the guy, and they have to meet. Misri says fine, we will meet tomorrow.

Bhabho comes and they are shocked seeing her. Bhabho says she is very lucky that she has three bahus, and does not let her work. She says about Sandhya, Meenakshi and Emily, who loves her a lot and thinks this is her Maayka, she can’t go anywhere leaving me. She asks them to go and sleep. Bhabho thinks she has to remove this second marriage thought from Pari’s heart.

Its morning, Bulbul talks to her friend and says she got the scoop about the kabaddi tournament, and Aryan will help me, he is kabaddi player, don’t worry, I will get all info. She smiles ending the call. Sooraj tells Sandhya about some guarantor, whom he has supplied sweets for 14 years. Ved comes and kisses them. He says he has seen Vedansh in his dream. Sooraj says Lord will make it true. Ved says about his group project. Sooraj asks when he has to go. Ved says 11am. Sooraj says he has to meet guarantor. Vikram says I will take him, don’t worry. Sandhya thanks him. Vikram says its fine and asks Ved to get ready.

Sooraj reads the kabaddi team ad for new players. Sandhya asks why is he smiling. Sooraj tells her about Aditi, and he feels she agreed to him. He shows the ad to recruit new team players for kabaddi. She says it means she chose her way by listening his advice. He says he is sure she will be successful. Bulbul meets Aryan and acts sweet. He says I will go. She makes him sit and he says sweetness does not suit her. She says I m best, everything suits me, I want Abhay’s number.

Aryan says he is my idol and I want to copy his style and play with him, I want his number, I don’t have. She asks him to find out. He says I got a message for new team build up, I will go there. She sees the message. He takes his phone and leaves. Meenakshi works at Ankur’s house. Vansh asks her to bring juice for his friends. Meenakshi says I will bring. Vikram and Ved come there to make group project. Meenakshi is stunned seeing him and hides. Vansh asks her to bring juice for Vikram.

Vikram asks Ved to call him, and he will come to pick him. Meenakshi gives juice to her. Vikram thinks to sell some sarees seeing rich home and asks for Madam. Meenakshi signs she is not at home. He thinks he will sell saree to maid, and praises her. He tells about his shop and asks her to come, he will give 10 % discount. He says he got sarees with him, and asks her to see, no need to worry for money.

Meenakshi asks what is he doing. Vikram looks around. She says a maid is calling her from kitchen. He says I thought its my wife’s voice, I will go now. He leaves. Pari and Misri come to meet the agent at matrimonial office. He says she is very young and asks her to get elders. Pari says sorry uncle, but I can’t get any elders, they will refuse for my mum’s second marriage. She says mum stays alone since 6 years and works round the lock for us, I want to give her happiness. He says fine, and shows 5 entries got for her ad, she can find suitable one and they will help them. Misri and Pari see some profiles.

Sooraj shows his plans to some man, and Babasa praises Sooraj. The man says he knows him since years and he will support his project. Sooraj and everyone get glad. Sooraj thanks him and assures he will not let his name ruin. The man says he trusts Sooraj, he will come to bank and sign as guarantor, and asks for help from Sandhya. Sooraj refuses for his help and says Sandhya will not help him. The man says will he make hotel without any help, and says person should dream as per his status. He taunts Sooraj and laughs on him.

Sandhya asks the man to leave and says Sooraj did not lose, he has talent and courage and his dream will be fulfilled for sure. The man leaves and the news ad paper falls there. Sandhya reminds him that Aditi said, to change his way if he did not get his destination. He says yes, I told this, I think I should change my way, but which way, I should know something.

Aryan gets hurt and says he got hit by someone. He says he needed this chance, as the best player was getting 50lakhs prize.

Update Credit to: Amena

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