Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with SurYa dance, SurYa doing graceful tango and intently looking at each other while dancing, slowly moving towards mistletoe unknowingly

Mohit looks at them for once, but couldn’t recognize because of mask

Scene change and now VikMeen convo started

Vikram admonishes Meena badly for doing all this and says Bhabo will scold them if she comes to know that Meena has taken the jug
Vikram was trying to open the jug from Meena’s hand & he pulled hard, and out of reflex he hit the corner of bed, hurting his right eye badly

SurYa dancing and lost in their own world.

Mohit interacts with others and himself wear a mask as well, others are busy savoring the party atmosphere and Santa wishing merry christmas to everyone

In morning, Vikram wakes with a bruised eye, badly hurt, Bhabo comes to know and says Meena that what happened to her faith in Bhabo that she came to her room in night only to know about the destination of where they will go, and says the jug is still stuck in her hand, which proves it
Bhabasa jokes says the hand has to be cut now to get it freed

Bhabo with a lot of effort managed to free the jug from Meena’s hand, Meena profusely thanks Bhabo, and says she is indebted to her, and praises her to the core.

Bhabo makes fun of Meena and says for her actions Meena now loses the opportunity to go anywhere, Chaturi hoarsely laughs, Vikram also thinks it served right for Meena and Meena thinks there is different rule for Sandhya and her, and for Sandhya Bhabo is eager to send them to honeymoon, but for her Bhabo is using any opportunity to stop her & make her sit in house

Dance over, SurYa are stating Emily that they will leave and so asks for leave.
Mohit is busy on call, and everyone is searching him.

Bhabo calls Mohit and asks him to come home at once as it is very late at night, and says that she will talk with his boss, asks for boss, Mohit says he is coming & cuts call quickly.

SurYa coming out of party and Mohit going in after attending call, but both doesn’t see eaxh other as Mohit’s mobile falls and he was busy picking it up

Rain Sequence now

SurYa out, and rain starts, Sandhya feeling cold and Suraj gave her his coat, and rain starts heavily, and SurYa searches for shelter, finally get a cart and climbs onto that

Suraj was slipping and Sandhya holds her from falling (inside cart)

Suraj sees Sandhya’s hair all strewn with hay and says he will remove it and slowly removes it.

He then says he loves Sandhya much & this is their strength, and so he pledges support to her till he reaches her goal, Sandhya looks with immensely respectful eyes and rests her head on Suraj’s shoulders

Episode ends with Sandy resting on Suraj’s broad shoulders

Precap–> Chaturi brings out a packet from Mohit’s bag, Chavi opens it & got a cake and asks Mohit bout it, Mohit says to Chavi & Bhabasa that his boss gifted him, Chavi & Bhabasa fighting to get proper share of cake when Bhabo comes & asks them to stop eating

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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