Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th January 2014 Written Update

Episode Starts with bhabo asking sandy to win the trophy at any cost & fulfil her wish. Sandhya looks confused and shocked, while suraj, babhasha stares helplessly.. Sandy is about to say something to babho, the very moment an instructor comes there and interrupts them by saying that the trophy is meant for special cadets who fit the bills in all physical and mental aspects & remains as their lifelong icon. Bhabho assures him saying her beendini(sandy) will win it..He wishes sandy for this and asks them to have their lunch & leaves the place.. Babho literally orders sandy to complete her wish by doing hard work a little bit, . Bhabhasa says, it isnt’ an easy task as every trainees’ here are very tough to compete babho replies him saying, sandy can easily do it as she had done a lot of hardcore activities in Pushkar before..Then they leaves the place to have lunch..

They reaches the mess hall, security over there stops them saying apart from training cadets others cant’ hav lunch in the mess hall & says them that lunch for relatives will be provided in the general canteen. BB & SurYa feels dejected and moves to their respective places..Sandy enters the mess hall. Every cadets gives her a strange look as she is in her saree while they are in their training outfit. Sandy picks up a plate & brings lunch for her. She sits near a gal cadet. She introduces her as Roma from Bangalore, Sandy gives her self-intro to her. Meanwhile a new person(male) comes and sit opposite & he introduces himself as Rahul and he is from Delhi. Zahir listens them silently..

Rahul is eating jalebi & Rabdi has its own taste & asks her to have Jalebi. Sandy on hearing this remembers her Jalebi preparation with Suraj & feels nostalgic.. There in canteen Suraj feels lost while sandy in mess hall. Both hav their rottis’without sabji.Bhabu asks suraj to hav sabji too while Roma tells sandy to hav Sabji..

Bhabho, babhasha, suraj are in Sandys’ room. Sandy enters the room with a folded tissue paper. Babho inquires sandy about how the food was, & did she had it well for which sandy nods.. Bhabho says sandy that she need not worry about khana, if she feels to eat home made food, she can eat ladoos made by babho. Bhabhasha tells them that the 11 months is gonna finish just like a 11 days, suraj feels relived. Bhabho asks for bags’ key to arrange the stuffs, but babhasa misses it. BB goes in search for the key.

SurYa are alone in the room. Sandy makes Suraj sit in the bed & says she wants him to feed her. SurYa feeds the Jalebi to each other & they share an emotional eyelock..!! BB returns with a key. Sandy asks babho to sit and talk with her as she is gonna be away from family for nxt 11 months. Babho hesitantly agrees. Sandy is massaging babhos’ leg & an instructor arrives there saying Inspector singh has called every trainees’ to give timetable & rules. BB & SurYa feels disconsolate. Suraj & BB urges sandy to get ready for the meeting.

sandy in strategy room, BB & suraj leaving for pushkar. Babhasha asks to wait for 10 mins. Babho denies him saying they’ll leave the train then..

Update Credit to: Bliss

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