Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj working hard all night to help Chotu in writing his exams. Its morning, Bhabho asks Babasa to get vitamins medicines. She talks to Sooraj and gives him medicines. Chotu comes and greets them. Bhabho makes him have curd and sugar. She also makes Sooraj eat it. The medicines are something else, and its sleep medicines. Sooraj writes Chotu’s exams and starts feeling sleepy. Chotu asks Sooraj to hurry up and write fast. Sooraj finds it hard to stay awake and drinks water. Babasa says I gave medicines to Sooraj, he might be writing well. Bhabho is shocked seeing the sleep medicines and asks did he give this. He says yes, you said this yellow bottle.

She says its my sleep medicines, don’t you have eyes, see its written also. He says what did I do, my Sooraj was awake all night and I gave him sleep medicines, he will sleep in exams. Bhabho says if Chotu fails, Sooraj can’t forgive himself. Babasa says why, its just exams and can give next year too. She says he is doing this to fulfill Sandhya’s wish. She prays for Sooraj. The teacher says its just 20mins now. Chotu asks Sooraj to hurry up. Sooraj sees the time and writes ahead. The teacher says time is up and takes paper. Chotu says we wrote all answers and smiles. Sooraj says what, did I write all. Chotu says its your hardwork, when result comes, I will tell Sandhya Bhabhisa first, she will be very happy.

The police department is celebrating Republic day function. Ankur, Zakir, SP Sir and all others salute the flag. Ankur says congrats to Zakir for getting the away. He says our dad used to get is here to show this award function, and Sandhya used to say she will get the award one day, and I regret she is mot able to see it today. Zakir says we know the real reason for her absence and they get sad. Ankur thinks he was not here to see her getting best cadet trophy, I wish I was here to see you getting bravery award.

Daisa comes and tells Bhabho about Sandhya getting bravery award and she will come on tv now. Meenakshi says we did not remember it in Bhabho’s health matter. Daisa says yes, switch on the tv. Meenakshi says but she will not be seen, as she has gone to Scotland, Daisa says fine, your wish. They switch on the tv. Babasa says we can feel that she is getting the award, even if she can’t receive it. They see the function. The announcement is made to celebrate 66th Republic day and they recall all the brave army, navy, airforce and police officers to give them respect and bravery award, who will inspire them always. Sandhya is at home and sees the function coverage on tv. She says she is very happy for Zakir, she will see him receiving the award.

Zakir is called for receiving award and he is praised to save innocent people from hijack attack by RK. Meenakshi says Sooraj would have got Sandhya from Scotland, she would have been getting this respect too. Zakir receives the award. Sandhya smiles and everyone clap for him. Next person called for award is Sandhya. She is praised and Ankur feels proud. Sandhya is shocked to hear Sooraj. Sooraj attends the function and says he wants to tell her something.

Sooraj says he knows Sandhya is hearing him. She cries. He says let me say it once. Bhabho and everyone see it on tv at their home.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sandhiya donated the kidney to babu””’.hope she won’t quit the job,,,,bcs of the health prb…not beeing fit….first ppl should be responsible for their own self, secondly for others…bcs if they are not able to look after themselves, how???? Will they be able to look after others,,,I’m not saying to be selfish,…in this case, sandhiya, Sooraj…

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