Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Kavitha and Sandhya’s convo in the car. Kavitha says things are different than what it appears to be and Sandhya agrees to it. They reach Kavitha’s house. Sandhya is thinking where could Someshwar be hidden by Kavitha. Kavitha invites Sandhya for coffee and Sandhya says she has work and has to go to the rally site to see the preparations and asks Kavitha to get ready for the rally. Kavitha thanks her. Kavitha then orders her driver to keep all the banners, notices and others from the tempo in the garage. A mobile phone is shown on the ground near the car. Sandhya walks out and just out of the gate thinks again about Someshwar. She gets flashes of outside the hospital where Kavitha asks her driver to keep all the banners from the car in a tempo, then Kavitha asking inspector Lohia to allow the tempo behind their car and then again in the house, Kavitha ordering her driver to keep all the banners in the garage. Sandhya thinks banners will be needed for rally and why they kept it in garage. She guesses Someshwar might be in the garage. Kavitha’s driver pulls the garage shutters down and goes to inform Kavitha. Someshwar is inside the garage tied and thinks he is stuck up there due to Sandhya. Sandhya climbs the gate walls and reaches the garage. She opens the shutters and enters the garage and closes the shutters again. There she sees Someshwar and unties the ropes. They reach near the shutter but hear voice of Kavitha asking the driver to lock the shutter and give the keys to her. Kavitha is happy that she trapped Someshwar inside the garage and Sandhya is arranging the rally for her and feels victorious.

Sandhya and Someshwar are shocked. They look for ways to get out without letting any of Kavitha’s men outside. Sandhya tries to call inspector Lohia and give him some instructions but no network.

Kavitha, her assistant and others are in the car. Kavitha is very happy. Her assistant asks for the reason and Kavitha says she could foresee her win clearly and that is the reason for her happiness.

In garage, Sandhya and Someshwar find another door in garage which is a bit higher than the ground with a lock. Sandhya uses her gun to open the lock and they come out. They get an auto to reach the rally place. Sandhya calls inspector Lohia and he attends it but could not hear anything due to the noise of the crowd.

Kavitha reaches the rally place. People are surrounding her car and Bhabho is also there with a garland in her hand. Kavitha gets down and is garlanded by all. All the Rathis go and occupy chairs in the front. People are shouting “Kavitha Sharma zindabad.” Kavitha reaches the dias and happy seeing the crowd. Just then Sandhya reaches there and comes to Kavitha. Kavitha tells her she was searching for Sandhya to appreciate the arrangements. Sandhya asks Kavitha that the rally was for women empowerment but why did she bring party people and banners there and finally Sandhya reveals that she has fulfilled her promise to Kavitha. Kavitha thinks about the rally and appreciates but Sandhya reveals her that she is not speaking about rally but shows in the direction of Someshwar and tells she fulfilled her promise to find him before the rally takes place. Kavitha understands the situation and tells she is a clear winner now as people are gathered in 1000s and Sandhya cannot stop her from giving her speech and explains her of the results of it. Sandhya tells Kavitha that she is forgetting that she is speaking to a trained IPS officer and tells she has been trained to handle such public gatherings without causing a mess. She gives a paper to Kavitha and tells her to read the same in her speech. Kavitha is disappointed but does as Sandhya says. Suraj and Bhabho think that Kavitha might be thanking Sandhya on the stage.

Kavitha starts her speech and talks about general public and how they should be careful in selecting a suitable candidate and voting for them. Bhabho and Meena are surprised why Kavitha is talking about elections and not about the incident that happened to her. Kavitha is giving her speech and she starts with “if you vote for our party” and Sandhya stops Kavitha from speaking further. Sandhya then addresses the public saying they have to stop the rally then due to security reasons and Kavitha is unwell too. Kavitha is unhappy and they both climb down the stage. Kavitha degrades Sandhya of joining hands with goonda and Sandhya says her job involves working with goondas too and to differentiate masked people like her too who are more dangerous. Kavitha says she is a witty politician and will apply all measures to win.

Precap: Bhabho and Bhabasa in their room speaking about how Kavitha helped them in Sandhya winning the BCT. Mohit overhears this and is shocked.

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