Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Thakur telling that punishment will be given. No diff will be made btw relatives and others. Asks his followers to catch them. Sandy pulls mohit back. Sandy tells that it is unfair. Love is not a sin in any yug. Tells them that they are doing the wrong. Warns them that it is illegal in India to protest agst love. Everyone tells that there is some laws for them. Sandy denies saying that law is for all village & cities. Sandy tells she will call police if they don agree. Kajiri notices ems suraj & mohit missing.

Kajiri mocks at thakur. Thakur puts the blame on RP. Thakur & gang start searching them. Kajiri asks thakur to prove his impartiality. She says she wants justice. Beating the dhol she goes away.

RP worried here

Dado asks suraj to help momily. adds Thakur will search in every nook & corner, Suraj assures him.

Meena & almost 10 people at labour ward

Thakur asking dado whether he did it. Thakur asking his fellows to search & block all the entry. Says that today justice will be made. Sandy silently escapes. Sandy calls someone. bhabho fears.

Sandy calls police & informs but the call disconnected by thakur. Everyone shocked. thakur tells that it is his village & he is the sarpanch, judge, police everything. Thakur orders to seize all the cell phones esp from sandy.

Thakur arrest all of them in a room.
Here in pushkar a single doctor handling everyone. So tensed what to do.

Suraj & momily hides seeing thakur’s men.

Bhabho worried & everyone too. Chavi crying Mohit bhaiya. Worries abt their whereanouts & asks sandy to do something. One of the beendanis tells that sandy spoiled everything. Everyone blames sandy. Sandy prays for their well being along with suraj too.

Suraj & momily enter a place by jumping a wall. suraj says that they are close to the main road but thakur’s men are there. He adds that this building is old so no one will come here. The next day they can leave. Ems leaves her sandal there.


Precap for next part Thakur shouting at his men at their failure. Tells them to search once again . Tells that at any cost they should not leave the village.

Suraj Momily hide in that old banglow. Plans to stay in the room downstairs. Mohit worries abt the family. Suraj tells that they will search for u only they will not do anything to family. ems cares for mohit. Mohit shouts at her to stop such things . He tells that his family is suffering coz of her. Suraj shouts at him. Tells that he is also at fault. Adds that one who cannot respect a woman can never respect others. asks mohit to tell apologise to ems. Mohit asks sorry to ems.

Thakur shouting at his fellows at their failure adds that they should not leave the village. Thakur’s wife tells that vishnu is missing. Thakur rejects her plea & tells that he has some imp work & will return late.

Precap of next part. Thakur men at the banglow. One of them notices the sandal of ems.

Suraj worried. Doing Security officer job. Prays to god. Mohit asks him to check tro the window.
Suraj asks them to stay cool. Suddenly they listen to thakur’s men voice. They search. One say that they are from city they won’t hide here. One of them notices the ems slipper & doubts.

Precap: Somebody screaming from outside Aag (fire). Bhabho fears crying too (like a kid) & asks sandy to do something as her mohit is in danger. Sandy looks here & there & finally finds something….….

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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