Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arzoo telling Sandhya about a news she read in 12 year old newspaper. She says a lady got neelvish in some village and she was regarded a Daayan, her land was taken away from her, this happened on a Baba’s saying, a guy opposed this, then a Baba and villagers have beaten that guy. Sandhya says I will talk to you later, even I m in big trouble here. Arzoo says you will be shocked hearing his name. Sandhya asks her to say it fast. Arzoo says his name is Rishabh Maheshwari. Sandhya gets shocked. Sandhya asks how Rishabh… when I got neelvish, he did not say anything, he knew this since 12 years? I will find out. She goes.

She sees a shadow of someone wearing a crown and going. She rushes to see. Sandhya sees Samriddhi wearing the Devi’s Mukut/crown, and other one Siddhi doing the blue makeup on her face. Sandhya goes to them. They get shocked seeing Sandhya. They try to run away. Sandhya slaps both of them and ties them with ropes. She asks Samriddhi to say whats happening here, I don’t have time. Siddhi gets conscious and finds herself tied by ropes. Sandhya asks whom are you calling sinner, tell me, else I will beat you.

Rishabh thinks Sooraj will get neelvish in sometime, and he will be punished to be named by Devi as sinner. Sandhya asks Siddhi to tell her the sinner tag drama, what are you going to do. Siddhi says I will say. Samriddhi asks Siddhi not to say anything. Siddhi tells the plan that Sooraj will be given neelvish, and tagged a sinner, save your husband if you can. Sandhya asks who asked you to do this, tell me who is your boss. Samriddhi asks Siddhi not to tell anything. Siddhi says Rishabh. Samriddhi gets worried. Sandhya runs from there. Rishabh looks around and is about to inject Sooraj. Sandhya runs to save Sooraj.

She reaches there on time and injects Rishabh himself. She tells Sooraj that Rishabh cheated them. She takes Meenakshi with her and shows Samriddhi and Siddhi. Meenakshi gets shocked and says these girls are acting to be Dui Mukeshwari. They hear some beep. Sandhya checks the watch. She reads Rishabh’s message that Sandhya has injected him, now change the plan. Sandhya says fine boss…. She tells Meenakshi that we both will take Dui Mukeshwari’s avatar today, we have to end this superstitions today.

Emily calls Om and asks how is Maasa. Om says Maasa is fine, she will come home till morning, you sleep. She says fine, and sees some shadow. She asks who is there. She goes out to see. She gets scared and finds Chandni. She asks what are you doing here. Chandni says I m playing hide and seek, Maasa says I should play when I m scared, I m missing Maasa, she would have played with me, will she get fine. Emily says yes, she will come home till morning, come, I m with you, don’t be scared. Chandni cries. Emily asks her to sleep.

The villagers ask Mata to appear. Sooraj holds Rishabh. Sandhya and Meenakshi become Dui Mukeshwari Mata. Riddhi smiles and starts acting. She says we are glad to see you twice today, you tell us about that sinner. Ved asks Devi Maa to say who is that. Rishabh thinks I will get neelvish in some time, but Samriddhi is very clever, I m sure she will think how to trap Sooraj. Riddhi asks Devi Maa to say who is that sinner. Sandhya says you can easily find that sinner, he got neelvish by my curse. Riddhi smiles. The people see Rishabh with neelvish and call him a sinner. Riddhi gets shocked and says Sir, how did he get neelvish. The lady says that’s why he is always against Dui Mukeshwari Mata. Another lady says we will kill him. The villagers start beating Rishabh.

Binny stops them and says we all will go away from here, leave him. The lady says no, sinner should be killed, this is Devi’s command.

Emily hears some sound and wonders from where is this sound coming. She goes following the sound and says its coming from Maasa’s room. She goes to Maasa’s room and looks at the cupboard. She says the sound is coming from behind the cupboard. She slides the cupboard and finds a door. Someone knocks on the door. She opens the door and gets shocked seeing Purvi alive. Chandni comes there and gets shocked. Chandni touches Purvi and gets shocked. She asks is Purvi really alive, but why did Maasa tell us that you died. Emily cries in shock.

Siddhi says villagers will come and beat us, our game is over. Samriddhi gets angry and tries to open the ropes. She gets free and starts leaving. Siddhi asks her to free her too. Samriddhi says I respect Baazi even today, I will never leave supporting him, I m proud of him, Sandhya has saved Sooraj, but I have her weakness in my hand, that’s Ved. She dresses as Mukeshwari and goes to meet Ved. Ved greets her.

She tells him that he has powers today, go and fly in the sky. He says you are in temple and here too. She says I have many avatars, I m everywhere. He says yes, I m going to fly. He chants her name and goes. She smiles.

Ved goes to the cliff’s end and smiles. Sandhya runs to stop him. Ved falls down the cliff. Sandhya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

    1. Obv not

  1. Oh god…..this samridhi is very clever…..? come on sandy……

  2. Superb Episode.
    But Shocking Precap.
    Hope SANDHYA will save VED too somehow.
    Emily’s track too going to end.
    Eagerly awaiting upcoming episodes.

    1. i think emily is quitting the show

  3. All mysteries have been exposed save the antitoxin that would act against silver poisoning. They should reveal the antdote. And ved should be saved.

  4. Ved Nahi Marega Sandhya Use Bacha Legi

    1. Samridhi You Are Clever But Sandhya Tumse Jyada Clever Hai Vo Ved Ko Bacha Legi

  5. Sorry I Am Not Believe In Andh Vishwas

  6. Nice episode. very very interesting. DABH always beat show.

  7. I hope Ved will be safe

  8. Poor emily

  9. Great episode..Rathi bahu’s Rockzzz.. Ved shd b saved by Sandy……..Always DABH gives New things in a very nice way…super epi… Loved it….

  10. Priyanka Panigrahi

    Nice episode

  11. Dont Discuss This Method Again

  12. Superb episode

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