Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya arguing with Shekhar. Sandhya asks what justice, killing innocent people is not justice. She says stop chanting about justice, this is your inhumanity passion, many came like you and went, remember you can’t ruin anything. Bhabho says Lalima will stay with Sooraj, when I saw Lalima for the first time, I wished Lalima became my Sooraj’s wife, now its time to give name to this relation, come, I will make you meet Sooraj. Sooraj sees the article and says Sandhya…. He sees Sandhya’s eyes, in her semi covered face pic of the party. He recalls Sandhya. Sooraj says your mum. Ved says its just eyes seen.

Sooraj says I know your mum well, your mum is alive. He clicks the pic of the paper and asks Ved not to worry, he will find Sandhya, they both will return safe. He leaves from there after changing his clothes. Bhabho and Lokesh bring Lalima on the wheelchair and do not see Sooraj in the ward. Bhabho asks Ved where did Sooraj go. Bhabho thinks he is in bathroom and asks him to come out, she has to tell something. Ved says he is not in bathroom, Sooraj has gone to find Sandhya, he said she is alive. They all get shocked.

Bhabho asks what nonsense. Ved shows the pic and says Sooraj said this is mum. Bhabho shows the pic to everyone. Meenakshi says Sandhya, its just eyes seen in the pic. Vikram says I can’t understand its Sandhya or not. Meenakshi says I think Sooraj did not get fine, we will meet doctor, he used to say before also that his Sandhya is alive. Ved says he is fine, he said he knows mum’s eyes, and said she is alive.

Ved says he promised he will come with mum. Babasa asks Vikram to find Sooraj outside, he is weak, be with him. Vikram and Mohit run to find Sooraj. Meenakshi and Babasa rush to meet doctor. Bhabho looks at Lalima and cries. Sooraj is being dragged by garjana men. She is tied to the rope and dragged bv speeding jeep. She thinks she can’t lose courage, she has to do anything and pass remote to Bharat.

Jai Hanuman…………..plays in BG. Sandhya rolls on the ground and takes the trees support to hold herself. She pulls down the man down from the jeep. She quickly gets up and runs from there. The men turn the jeep and follow her. They shoot at her and she gets saved. Shekhar is also there in the jeep. Sandhya sees a icecream movable stall going and throws the remote. It directly falls inside the icecream chamber and suddenly Garjana puts the big net on Sandhya, thus catching her.

Shekhar tells commander that remote is stolen. Commander says it means Sagarika has come here, make new remote. Shekhar says yes, we will get new remote, but the one who has the remote can stop this, but Sandhya is in our clutches, not the remote. Commander asks whats the problem. Shekhar says remote can control the remote, her hands got the power to stop the nuclear bomb, as she has kept her hands here on this device. Commander says its big problem.

Shekhar says just we know it, she does not know she has this power, so she will not use. Commander says he will ruin country. Bharat gets to know that Sandhya tried sending message but maybe battery was low, or any technical problem, the message was not received correctly. Bharat worries that Sandhya can be in big problem. Commander asks Sandhya to say about remote before they start torturing her. Shekhar looks on. Commander asks what info did she sent to her people and they check her.

Sandhya thinks the remote has gone very far now. Shekhar asks her where is the remote. He says she is not afraid of death, else she would have not come here, she is here since 6 months, and spying on us, knowing Garjana hates police officers. Commander says yes, she is brave, but if she was Garjana soldier, she would have been great, forgiving enemies is not in garjana’s rule, we will kill her. Shekhar says no, we can’t give her easy death, we have to give her terrible death which shakes her soul.

Shekhar says she is from Pushkar police, so her punishment is the nuclear bomb will fall in Pushkar where her family and heart are. This will be the punishment for Sandhya. They tie Sandhya with metal chains and gives her electric shocks. Sooraj lands in Anantpur and says he will get Sandhya here. He says in heart that I have come Sandhya and now Diya and Baati will be together again.

Sandhya shoots the Garjana men. Sooraj asks Bharat does he know his wife Sandhya. Bharat refuses. Sooraj says don’t lie, I will find her anyhow.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wat happen Richa and romi comments r missing…..
    Luvdabh and dharini…..come back soon guyssssss

    Good nit swt dreams….

    1. [email protected] u r back…..nice to see ur comments……… 🙂 ya richa dharani luvdabh romi comments r missing come back guys…….. 🙂

    2. Well thanx for remembering me @ ns4 !
      The reason why I’m not commenting is that I hate those episodes where someone tortures sandya ! If it’s bhabo or these beasts garjana ! I watched the epi yesterday and since I’m having headache bcoz of anger towards these animals! I just want to drag that sheker , takloo and that idiot manjari , on the other hand bhabo and lalima are giving stress to the viewers!! Though I know sandya is a sooper woman and will come out of this horrible situation soon but I’m feeling myself as a weak person to tolerate all these inhuman acts towards sandya?

  2. Wonderful episode … I am dying to watch this …I just love this

  3. Good morning frnz…………..yesterday episode was awesome……………….again i am watching sandhya action scenes mind blowing and that back ground song of H chalisa its very nice…………….waiting for today [email protected]@ 🙂

    1. How ?? I mean how you can say it’s awesome ! Our sandya is facing much torture and she can’t contact to Bharat sir too ! What if they made another remote or if they scanned her hands force fully ??


  5. I want the editor to include some patriotic song like “Sare Jaha Se Acha” or any other patriotic song in this mission track.

  6. Hi Varsha, What do you think about Lalima? She knows that Suraj has not any feeling for her. But she loves him wholeheartedly. Is’t because of her love that she immolated herself to save Suraj from his phobia or is it beacause of her humanitarian values?

  7. I am a great fan of DABH.

  8. Eagerly waiting here for todays episode update….

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