Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a guy driving rashless on the road and doing stunts. The people call him mad. Sandhya and Sooraj are on the way and see him. Sandhya says drop me here. Sooraj says no, I will drop you. Chavi talks to her mum in law and says thanks, I m independent because of you. She smiles and says she worries about me so much. The boss comes to her being angry. He asks about the cheque, did she deposit. She says no. He says I told you to do that work first. Chavi says sorry. I know its my mistake, I should be punished, I will leave. He says no, I m not firing you, but we need people like you, she thought even after my instructions, she has done the right thing, as the account did not had sufficient balance, its good, you have saved our bank, I m proud of you, carry on. Chavi says I wish to pull out his beard.

Sooraj and Sooraj stop that guy. Sandhya asks where are you going, do you know you stunt could have got hurt. She tells him that this could have killed him. She asks Sooraj to leave. Sooraj goes. She says come with me to the station. She gives him a fine. He pays the amount. She says be careful from next time and obey the traffic rules. She asks her staff member Patel where was he. He says some college students were fighting so I took them to police station. He says when we are not around, they do what they want. Sandhya thinks what to do.

Zakir comes to meet Sandhya. He jokes. She tells him how to make a safety rule for everyone. Patel comes and shows the records of how many people went against the rules. Sandhya says fine, you leave. Sandhya asks Zakir why is he not in uniform. He says I came here as a friend, to meet you, not as IPS Zakir. She says even I wanted to meet you. He asks is everything fine, and asks about family. She says they are fine, but Sooraj is blaming himself, I can feel this, see he has thrown his driving license in dustbin.

She says Sooraj has decided he will never drive four wheeler again, he has always supported me in my dream, he wanted to take me on long drive, so he has learnt driving. Zakir says so explain him. She says no, till I get back my post, he will regret. I will get the three memos for my family. Sooraj talks to Vikram. Vikram says everyone does mistakes, you and Sandhya have won over bad times and reminds him of the past. He asks him to support Sandhya. Sooraj says yes, I m always with her, I want her to pass the three memos so that she can her lost pride and her post back.

They drink tea. Sooraj says did Mohit call you, where does he live. Vikram says there. Sooraj says I want to see him once. They go to meet Mohit on scooter. A man comes and stops them. They are shocked seeing its Mohit who was riding the bike so rashless. Vikram says we are your brothers. Sooraj says clam down, how are you Mohit. From where did you get this bike, did you get job. Vikram says you got job and did not tell family, are we not worried. Mohit says I did not get job. Sooraj asks whose bike is this.

Mohit says its my brothers. Sooraj asks who. Mohit says a brother who loves me abd does not question me, even I have a mum, who does not ask me how much I earned, so it does not matter to them, I got a new family and new identity. Sooraj says don’t joke, do you know what you are saying. We are your brothers and this fact can’t change, how can you think your family does not love you, we came here finding you. Mohit says you did not say anything when I was being kicked out, you only support Sandhya, not me.

Vikram scolds him and reminds his mistakes. Vikram defends Bhabho and says Sooraj was quiet as he is worried about your future, he wants you to become something. Mohit says I got a new family and don’t need you all. He leaves. Sandhya talks to her staff and asks them to change people’smindset by her solution. He says we should have a cardboard constable and shows them. She says this will be at every signal 24 hours 7 days. They will think its human and they will obey the rules being afraid. Everyone likes her idea.

She asks them to use this at every signal. Zakir comes and claps for her. Sandhya asks the staff to leave. Zakir says brilliant Sandhya, I m sure you will bring a change in this department, which will people think its miracle. Sandhya says I m just trying. She shows him the figures. Zakir wants some water and drinks it. She says I have to make this figures half. Zakir gets a call and asks to take a file from his cabin. He changes the figures and she is shocked.

Zakir says it will be 100% result, to get back your post, this is the first task, you have to make the figures zero, this is the official orders. You will get one week to do this. He says you have to do this, only then you will succeed. She says but how can this happen. Sooraj comes to them. Zakir says I came by official work and asks Sooraj can’t the figures come to zero in one week. Sooraj says Pushkar is a small city, people don’t follow traffic rules, so how can this happen, its impossible. Zakir says I asked you as this is first task of Sandhya. Sooraj is shocked. Zakir says this is tough, but not impossible, Sandhya should be confident, if it can become half, then it become zero too. Sandhya thinks of Bhabho and looks at Sooraj. She thinks she has to do this but how.

Sandhya asks the staff what are the figures. He says its working. She says but we have to find another solution. Sooraj and Bhabho come to her with a solution.

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