Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Chavi tying rakhi to Suraj and Sandhya. Sandhya tells the relationship between the brothers and sister to remain the same always.She gives some gift to Chavi. All are in a sad mood. Next comes Vikram ignoring Meena. Chavi ties the rakhi to both of them. Then to Mohit and Emily. Misri with babasa and Pari with Baboo.

Dilip says Chavi to stay for some more time since she has not spoken to her brothers. Chavi says Sister’s duty is over she has to do the DIL duty as they are having visitors at home and her MIL will be alone. Baboo gives some goodies to Chavi to give to her in laws and tell that if time permits she will come and meet them. Chavi too tells Baboo to take care and all to be happy. Dilip takes blessings from his in-laws and leaves.

A phone comes to Suraj informing about the presentation tomorrow at 2 pm. Baboo asks whose phone and Suraj explains. Baboo wishes him. Mohit says whatever happens is only for good. As Suraj’s shop got closed he had the time to learn to operate the laptop. Emily says Suraj have to thank Sandhya as it is her idea. Baboo asks Sandhya to help him in the preparation of the presentation. She agrees and both leave.

In their room Sandhya helping Suraj in laptop. She tells this news has brought some happiness in Baboo and Bbabasa. Suraj agrees and tells have to find a way to bring down this unhappiness. As they are talking a picture of Baboo and Babasa with kahna pops up. Suraj feels sad on seeing that. Tells he never expected this to happen as they always loved him and now he is some where else. Sandhya tells a person in love as they are strong in love tend to do things in compulsion too. Meenakshi loves Vikram and that love made her do this. Suraj says in true love there wont be compulsion. A true love should overcome all this. he understands Meenakshi but her mistake made her love meaningless. He prays to God that Vikram must have the strength to overcome this situation and pardon Meenakshi. Sandhya says love and forgiveness come together if you love someone truly you will understand and forgive them. You because of your love always forgive all my small mistakes. And she shows a heart symbol with her fingers and asks him that will she remain like this in his heart always will he always forgive her small small mistakes. Suraj smiles and tells that he will always forgive her mistakes as he loves her so much. The have an eye lock Diya Baati BGM playing.

Meena sitting with Misri in the bed. Vikram enters Meenakshi hoping Misri’s laugh will make Vikram’s mind change. Misri calls Vikram uncle. Meena tells her to call him Pappa Misri refuses. Vikram upset and about to leave the room Meenaakshi pleads with him to understand the child. Vikram leaves the room without speaking Meena worried

Morning Baboo mixing mehendi Misri come out of the room calling mummy Meena tries to go to her but the child ignores her and goes to babasa and pari and starts playing. Baboo asks the child will she drink milk and the child nods. She tells Emily to get milk for Pari and Kahna,,,, then she manages to tell Misri and ask them to finish the work soon as they have apply mehendi for the evening teej pooja.

Suraj comes ready with Sandhya to leave for Jaipur. He get blessings from Baboo and Babasa. All wish him Sandhya comes out and says Best of luck.
Sandhya comes back and tell Baboo she is leaving for duty. Baboo tells not to forget about Teej Sandhya assures she will not forget this time Baboo asks how she will apply mehendi Emily suggests to buy mehendi cone and come

Zakir knock the door. All are somewhat shocked and worried to see him.
Baboo asks is everything alright and he says all ok he came to meet Sandhya and says to Sandhya that SP has ordered both of them to go to Jaipur

Outside the house Zakir tells Sandhya there is no full details as yet but they have to go to the government hospital in Jaipur and meet their seniors. Sandhya asks what work there in the hospital for them. The episode ends with Zakir staring at her

Pre Cap – Some one clicks snaps of Suraj and Sandhya arriving at their respective places. Sirji tells Zakir and Sandhya this is not an easy task

Update Credit to: vasanthima

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