Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling Bhabho that RK’s security duty iss given to her and Zakir. Everyone is shocked. Bhabho says you don’t do this work, get any transfer, but I will not let you to RK, he is your enemy, why did you take his responsibility, I will not let you go. Sandhya says I promise, RK will not harm me and my family, he will be hanged in few days, no one should be afraid of him. She takes RK’s pic and tears it. She says we don’t need his pic in our house, and one more thing, don’t tell this to anyone outside. She says get rid if the fear and celebrate this festival happily. She asks Meenakshi and Vikram to sit on the Jhula and do their Gauna. Vikram is annoyed. Sooraj asks him to come. They go to sit on the Jhula. Meenakshi thanks the Lord that Vikram fulfilled the Teej ritual.

Vikram says he won’t sit with Meenakshi and shocks everyone. Vikram asks Mohit and Emily to sit now, and says he is tired and needs rest. Bhabho says fine, you go. Vikram leaves. Bhabho asks Meenaksho to go as well and asks Mohit and Emily to do the rituals. Its night, Meenakshi brings hot milk for Vikram and asks him to have it. She asks about Prema, is she staying at ashram, its good you kept her. I was not trying to be at the shop. I have work at home as I have Misri now. Vikram is annoyed and does not talk to him. She says a woman is needed to be at saree shop.

She says she will take care of Misri and him being at home. Misri comes and plays with a doll. Meenakshi asks Misri to do as she says, then she will give her chocolate. She asks Misri to call Vikram Papa. Misri comes to Vikram and she asks her to love her dad. Misri kisses Vikram and he smiles. He hugs her. Meenakshi thinks only Misri can save her marriage now. She asks Misri who is he, tell me. Misri says Papa. She says she called you Papa, everything will be fine. She asks him to have milk and sleep. She says we will start a new life from tomorrow.

Vikram goes to drink the milk but stops as Misri says I called him Papa, give me chocolate now. Meenakshi gets tensed. He keeps the milk glass and gets sad again. He leaves from the room. Sandhya is unable to hold a glass and drink water. Sooraj wakes up as the glass falls. He asks what happened. She shows her hands and he says it got sores. He says sit here, and makes her drink water. He makes her have the medicine and says he will use cold water and she will feel good and can sleep then. She takes care of her hand. He gets a call and asks her to hold the wet cloth.

He says its Disha’s call, at night. He answers it and Disha says my hands have become red, I got sores on my hand as I touched Mahendi. He says how can this happen. She asks about Sandhya. He says yes. Sandhya got sores too, I think mahendi was bad. Disha smiles and says my hands are aching, think about Sandhya, she got much pain. He says don’t worry, I gave her medicines, you can also have medicines by asking hotel staff. She says I m fine, I called as I was worried for Sandhya, how will she go on work. He says don’t worry, my Sandhya is very brave, she will be fine, we will show to doctor in morning. She ends the call and says she will give such wounds that he won’t have any medicine.

Sooraj tells Sandhya that the mahendi was bad, why are people selling such bad things on Teej, where did you buy this. Sandhya thinks and says at the highway Dhaba. She says you are right, its something fishy about this, I will find out. He says he will come with her, he will drive car. She says no, you have work at shop, don’t worry, I will take driver with me. Its morning, the news channels show about RK. They watch it and are worried. Emily says its Sooraj and Sandhya’s wedding anniversary tomorrow, we will celebrate it.

Mohit shows the collage he made. Everyone like it and is happy. Sandhya gees to the Dhaba and is shocked to see the Dhaba is missing and its plan land there at its location. She thinks how is this possible.

Sandhya says how did anyone know out route plan, it was secret. Disha tells Sooraj that she can fool anyone. He says you may, but not my wife. Disha says I love challenges, I promise I will show you, one day Sandhya will lose and I will win. Sooraj thinks she is joking and laughs.

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