Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj bringing Sandhya to police quarter. He says like you don’t have anything important than your duty, there is nothing imp to me than my family, so I sacrifice you today. Laxman says Sooraj has given request for new quarter two days ago. Sandhya is surprised. Laxman says I have done all cleaning. Sandhya asks Sooraj about this. Sooraj says this is not Babasa’s decision, but mine. I have always respected your duty and did not come in between your duty, but everything changed in one moment, it took away my Sandhya and broke our relation. He says you will know me, that my family is most important for me, and when Bhabho was shot, then I had taken this decision. She looks on shocked. He leaves her alone and goes. Sandhya cries.

Bhabho calls Sooraj and says no…. Everyone rush to her. Chavi tells Babasa that Bhabho is calling Sooraj. She asks where is Sooraj. Where is Sandhya? They get speechless. Babasa says its time for your medicines, have it first. Emily brings water and medicines. Babasa says have it. Bhabho says no, where are Sooraj and Sandhya. She says I got it, Sandhya would have gone for duty. She has to go, she has much duties on her head. She says but where is Sooraj, did he go to shop? Meenakshi says yes, he went to shop, as it was shut from many days. Bhabho says how did he go without telling me, just see him. Sooraj comes and says Bhabho…… Everyone is shocked seeing him. Sooraj says how can I not come when you call me Bhabho.

She asks where did you go, don’t go like this, I feel scared. Sooraj says I went to get this blessings for you. Meenakshi thinks Sooraj is back, it means Sandhya is back too. Meenakshi and Emily go out and does not see Sandhya. Sooraj pacifies Bhabho. Bhabho says Sandhya has returned her pride to her, and shows her bor. Sooraj looks on. Vikram says its good Sooraj came but where did you leave Sandhya. Sooraj says at her home, police quarters. Meenakshi says you will meet her there and come here. Sooraj says no, we will not meet each other, I did this not because its Babasa’s decision.

Meenakshi thinks Sandhya will pay a big prove now, why did she not listen to Babasa. Babasa is shocked and says I did not ask you both to get apart, I know you can’t live without her. Sooraj says its not because of you, and reminds his words that he will balance between wife and mother. He says its not tough to balance my life, as they both are imp for me, but if its about keeping relation with mother and IPS officer, choosing is not difficult, I have chosen my mother, I don’t regret what I lost for her. He leaves. Everyone is shocked.

Meenakshi talks to her mum and says I m her because of Bhabho, Sandhya and Sooraj. She says whatever happened is very bad, Babasa and I explained Sandhya, but she did not listen to me, I m a woman and I know the fear to be without a husband, I know Sandhya loves Sooraj a lot and can’t be without him, they have always supported me, I won’t let this injustice happen, I will tell Sooraj to get Sandhya back. Her mum stops her and says Sooraj won’t agree if you say. She says he even won’t listen to Lord. Meenakshi says I will ask Vikram to explain Sooraj. Her mum asks is she mad, Vikram has left her home, and ask her not to get into this matter and just watch it. Sandhya cries and thinks about Sooraj’s words.

Sooraj reads Ramayan for Bhabho. She asks where is Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. One of the most pathetic useless dramas ever, just like saathiya….what happened to these shows man they used to be so good.

  2. Red, if you like SURAJ WRITE IT ONCE. DON’t write it as an imposition.

    1. My wish u will write 100000000 tyms suraj name. …its my wish Wat is ur problem

    2. My wish I will write 1000000000 tyms suraj name. …its my wish

  3. very nyc seriyalin dya bati aur bati hum

  4. sandhya….u r the best …

  5. red,ever nd ever ASR is the best hus in star plus.but in the case of Diya aur baati hum backbone in Sooraj rathi…
    I hate rathi family…stupid unedu.people…there are no commonsense…

  6. babasa chrtcr is nt at al needed…dn y d crap is he doing OA…he took al d help 4m sandy n when time comes instead he helping he’s also making every1 2 backstep..chi

  7. Stupid babasa and vikram. They are appreciating Sooraj by calling sravan kumar. Dumb fellows.

  8. I think in next few episodes Sandhya will be announced as a pregnant to make it more emotional drama.

  9. i totally agree that my fav ASR is best in star plus.even some more hero is also there.phir bhi ASR is one of best.

    1. ASR is the worst in front of suraj ….he was good for nthg…..ASR. …

  10. Red i can see you adore suraj’s character that is your own opinion I shall not comment. After the hijack I have lost all respect for the Rathi family men especially the silly babasa n sooraj. I think the director has totally lost it. He thinks we have not been following the drama. In fact, the stupid Sooraj is the one who insisted Sandhya fulfil her dream despite her telling she would forgo it. Now he is blaming her for doing her job. How abt blaming his own brother Vickram for bringing Prema n himself for bringing the Disha. Disgusting fellows. Sandhya is innocent. Director pls wake up your idea n stop losing the essence of Diya Aur Baati. Dun always follow the old formula of the woman suffering for everything. You have set a gd example with this drama do not spoil it.

    1. Director and writer of diya aur baati hum spoiled the babasa & Suraj role, because of sandhya & Bhabhu only Suraj is alive is otherwise Suraj photo would have garlanded, now suraj is living as dead without sandhya, and suraj wants to please Babasa so he left sandhya in police quaters, now let the terrorist attack babasa and suraj so that this episode will end

      1. Let rajkumar escape from jail and kill suraj and babasa due security lapse as sandhya is necked out of home, they can easily attack suraj and take revenge on Sandhya and serial will end

      2. Venkat. …no one can harm suraj rathi ….suraj can save himself he is not so fool… terrorist will not attack ok …y u r coming nd gonna attack suraj nd his family ….talking lyk that ..stupid …suraj is best…hero of diya aur baati hum nd hero of star plus

      3. Venkat listen suraj is not so fool Wd out sandhya he can do every thg Wd out sandhya ..y u r sending terrorist attack …suraj rathi is best. ..nd hero

  11. U sham just keep quite ….ok….I think u ppl don’t knw importance of mother …….u ppl r thinking only ant sandhya …..mother is also very important. …ok

  12. Shut up pk. …..ASR is not so the best husband …..he can’t be called as a good husband …In front of suraj rathi…..he is worst

  13. If u all guys have problem don’t watch that serial simple. ….but Plz stop talking rubbish abt suraj rathi he is the best …….he is the best husband nd son…he did the right thing to support his mom… is very imp…..ok guyz

  14. Suraj rathi the best …..son….
    Suraj rathi. …proud of u…….

  15. U ppl knw that suraj rathi has won the beat acting award from UP govt. …its not given simply ok…..he is the best that’s y given… suraj rathi. ……

  16. Best acting awards suraj rathi aka anas rashid. …….

  17. From this serial they shown many positive things but from past 2 days episodes they will hurt our hearts very much

  18. Lesson to be learnt: Dont marry uneducated men!
    Sandhya should have a great time now free from all the idiots and probably
    show them that she is enjoying herself!

    1. Lr very funny ….really we shld not marry…..its too oo funny

  19. suraj s a dumba**. doesnt knw acting. nw irritatin. bettr stfu d serial. makin evry1 fools arnd der !

    1. GO u r dumbo….dare u say anythg to suraj rathi. ..ok

  20. Red, we cn undrstnd dat u r a big fan of suraj rathi.. we also post cmnts positively when he does anythng ryt.. but dis tym he really did bad and worse. If u r a female plz go to a psycriortist.. if u r a male………..

    1. U ..His it’s my wish …he did not did anythg bad nd worse …ok .If u r female u go to psycriortrist

  21. Inplace of Sandhya if any Other IPS officer went to release hijack then also bhabhasa would have found the fault with sandhya.But what happen to suraj he also supports bhabhasa.Suraj don’t forget that because of sandhya u & bhabho are alive.If not disha,rajkumar,maya and prema had killed you.

  22. Will Bhaboo support Sandhya?

  23. Hey Red, Suraj is free now, please go and propose to him, he might just marry you, you guys match mentally haha!

  24. Suraj is gay

  25. stupid suraj what is he thinking waste fellow I want bhaboo to support sandhya not to sooraj

  26. Why these people are this stupid. Who brought Prema into the house? Vikram na? and Babasa got vikram and prema married. That is how she got the chance to do all that nasty things. Who brought Disha in to the shop. Sooraj na ? So why every one is blaming Sandhya now. For saving them? She should have not be a police officer or a brave woman.. She should have being a stupid house wife who will do nothing but cry. Is that what this drama want to tell us?

  27. i think sooraj is stupid and totally mental. He should be hospitalised.

  28. Well, that was tough but i think more interesting turns r more to come. And guys please, the drama has planned accordingly. everything will be back to place. all we have to just keep watching this and being patient. we cant create such a fuss like this and insult the characters in the drama? its totally unfair..if we want to express our opinion on a certain episode i think we must do it little easy-going. right?

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