Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with emily telling that chavi couldn’t write the last exam due to chicken pox. Everyone gets shocked. She adds that she said that she needs a graduate bahu & now chavi is worried abt this. Dilip’s mom tells that she wants a graduate but it is not a fault of chavi & asks them not to worry & she can give that after marriage too. Everyone gets happy. She adds that she will take care of chavi now to babasa & gives sarees & gifts to RP. Bhabhasa offers them food but she tells that she has to leave now & asks him to inform them once chavi gets cured. They leave. Chavi gets excited & hugs emily for saving her life & tells that she is the best bhabhi. Bhabo is not happy. Meena worries after sandy emily is now proving too good & worries whether these two would take over her in getting bhabo’s love. She further asks chavi to be careful while hugging her as she is pregnant. Vikram thanks emily. Bhabo tells that she doesn’t like lying but this is good as she did for her SIL & for her family & tells that here there are also some ppl who tells lie ofr their sake & never worries abt others. Bbabasa changes the topic by asking where is suraj.

Suraj is seen crying before a temple remembering all those happened that afternoon (MP sandy accepting that she did that)

Here sandy is taking off the clothes & hears a scooter sound & looks at them instantly but it was someone.

Suraj remembers bhabo’s time limit of sandy’s b’day & is worried a lot.

Here Sandy tries to call him but he doesn’t pick up. Seems like he doesn’t even listen to it. He is lost in his thoughts. Sandy is worried. She decides to try from PCO. She tries. A kid informs suraj abt his call. Suraj picks up. Sandy asks him where is he & suraj thinks that if he s worried so much sandy must be worried even more. (Suraj’s voice OMG very cracky) He tells that he is ghat & asks her to come soon & informs her that he needs to talk with her. SAndy rushes towards that temple ghat

Suraj lloks at the pitoo game played by those children. On seeing sandy he goes to the children & tells that he will join them & makes a group & asks sandy to join. Sandy is confused. They does One two three for selecting team members. Suraj keeps on changing until he gets the proper team. They start the game Suraj hits the stones. SAndy ties up her hair.

Break: SAndy’s turn. She hits those stones & everyone play with full josh/ enthusiasm

Sandy hits the target & eveyrone plays with full enthusiasm. SAndy is more involved than suraj Suraj & his party prevents sandy & co from keeping the stones back on position. At last Sandy has finished keeping all those seven stones in tact & suraj gets shocked. Sandy tells that she did that. The children leave happily. Suraj tells her that she arranged all those seven one after the other from one. He adds that she should think matkas in these place & asks her to think abt the one left over matka. He promises that they will not leave that to break. He asks her not to loose hope & adds that the dream is not only hers but also his.


Sandy tells that she doesn’t want to talk abt matka & akss him to leave to RM. Suraj drags her to the pond stairs & tells her that he is dreaming of only one thing & it is her dream & adds that he is ready to do anything to fulfill this. Asks her whether she has done anything wrong till now or hurt anyone. He adds that even his shop vandalism is for good as he gathered info rgd her dream & follow that too & tells that they must keep that matka intact & celebrate her b’day in a grand manner & adds that chotu was also telling some cine matic but stops himself. He adds that he felt proud on seeing DSP & the respect he got inhis office & tells that he dreamt that sandy would get those respect too. & tells that it will be his D day & his happiest moment in life. Sandy is all the more worried.

Precap: Babasa tells bhabo that she is not worried abt chavi’s engagement breakageinstead she wanted to break the Matka. He asks her what is she going to gain by hurting her son & breaking her DIL’s dream.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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