Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zakir telling Sandhya that they took one day time, to take parts from this well and give us four assembled bikes tomorrow. Bhabho gets worried and says she will go and see. Babasa stops her and says this may ruin their plan. He says Sooraj and Zakir have planned well and the culprit will be caught, don’t worry. Then Mohit will be proved innocent. Bhabho says yes, but why did they not come till now. Zakir sees some people coming and they hide. They go near the well and pull out the bike parts. Sandhya says they came here to take parts, it means they are from Vineet’s gang.

Bhabho says I will call him. Sandhya says we should wait to catch all of them along with Vineet. Zakir says Sandhya is right. Sooraj’s phone rings and the goons get alert. Sooraj ends the

call aand they get worried. Bhabho says why did he cut my call and gets more worried. She calls him again and Sooraj gets tensed as the men look from where is the sound of phone ring coming. They don’t get them and think to hurry up their work now. They go back to the well and take the parts.

Its morning, Zakir waits for Shankar’s call and they ready in their getups again. Shankar calls them in a lonely area. Zakir agrees to come. Sandhya says they have called to an isolated place where no one can be seen till far. She says police force will be away, I will be there but you both have to manage everything there without any mistake. Zakir says this meeting is risky, I know, but we have to take a chance. He asks Sooraj to decide well whether he wants to come or not. Sooraj thinks and agrees to come with him.

He says he can’t back out as he has prove his brother innocent. Bhabho comes to them and blesses them for their mission to catch Vineet and his gang. Sooraj asks her not to worry, as she has given him good values and he being Mohit’s brother, has to take all risks t prove him innocent and bring him back home. Zakir says I promise Bhabho, I will bring both your sons back safe. Bhabho says yes and is still tensed. Sandhya too assures Bhabho that everything will be fine today and Vineet will be caught.

Sooraj says nothing will happen to me. Sandhya says I think you both should go now. They take Bhabho’s blessings and leave. Shankar brings them somewhere to a garage. Sooraj waits there. Sandhya is with Lohya dressed as a bride donning a ghunghat and connected to them on phone. She keeps an eye on them. Zakir checks the bikes and says I like the bikes, its amazing. Lohya says we don’t know who is the gang member. Sooraj tells Shankar that Zakir likes the bikes. Shankar asks for remaining money.

Zakir says I will give it to you now, don’t worry. He shows him the money and says take it. Sooraj takes it and says it’s a big deal and asks for his commission. He asks about the boss. Shankar says I m the boss. Zakir nods no to Sooraj. Sooraj says don’t joke, I m in this business for 10 years and I have to go more deals, call your boss. Shankar asks for money. Sooraj gives him. Shankar says come, lets go to meet the boss. Sandhya asks Lohya to be alert as they are going to Vineet now.

Shankar takes them to Vineet. Zakir and Sooraj are shocked to see him. Vineet smiles and greets them. Vineet believes in them now and Sooraj talks to him saying it’s a great garage. Sandhya hears this. Vineet thanks him. Zakir says I like the place and loves the bikes. He tries to get details from him and asks his name. Vineet says Mohit Rathi and they are shocked. Zakir and Sooraj understand its Vineet. Sandhya hears this and is shocked.

Vineet tells about German bikes. Sooraj says you are right and says we will start today. Vineet touches him and gets color on his hand. He catches Sooraj’s lie as puts water on his face. Sooraj and Zakir are shocked. Vineet looks at them angrily.

Sandhya raids in the garage and Vineet runs on his bike. Sandhya catches him at the cliff end.

Update Credit to: Amena

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