Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sandy giving assurance to Bhabo that nothing would change even if she wins the SBC, if she becomes IPS officer. There will be no change in the relationships. Bhabo helds her head high with her eyes beaming out of pride. (Line stolen from the article. For me it looks the same). Bhabo nods saying yes that she would perform all the duties as DIL. She can live tension free. Sandy thanks her & assures that she would never break this confidence. Bhabo tells that she has a gift. Sandy is really happy. Bhabo takes out the keys & tells that she must choose between the two keys. She can continue to be the DIL of RP if she chooses to loose the competition or else SurYa would live separately. Sandy gets shocked hearing this.Bhabo adds that Sandy can take the

decision on her own. There is no compulsion. Adds if she wins the SBC she would loose in RP & if she looses SBC she would win RP. Adds that she knows that sandy loves the family more than anything & also knows how she sacrificed for others. Sandy tries to talk. But Bhabo tells that she knows everything & says she did that for Emily & chavi. Asks her to sacrifice one more time. & also assures that she will not tell anything there after. Adds that she treats her as a Mother & Bhabo assures her that she will become a mother too. Suraj comes to the temple searching them..

Bhabo asks sandy to pick one. Sandy remembers how confident suraj is about her IPS completion & how he treats her dream as hers & also how he supported her. Suraj nears them . Bhabo asks her to answer. Sandy quickly notices him & informs bhabo who hides those keys quickly. Suraj asks whether everything is fine. BhaSan manage & leave.

In Auto Bhabo tells suraj that it is the last day of compeition , so there must be tension. Suraj tells that no need to worry & God will help. He asks sandy to keep her head cool.. Bhabo tells that yes he said right & asks her to think twice & take decision & prays god to show her the right direction. Suraj tells that along with Gods wishes she has bhabo’s too so nothing wrong can happen to her…

Bhasan have an eyelock.

SBC hall

Suraj whispers to sandy that they would celebrate for two things after returning to RM. One for her B day & another for her SBC triumph. He adds that they would keep the trophy in the middle of their room. Bhabo gives at a dead look. Sandy is tensed & confused.


Meena criticises Abhi for fooling them about some surprise person. Chavi asks her to have patience. Abhi enters the stage alone. Meena says that she was right in criticising.

Abhi welcomes everyone & says that it is the final Express Round. He asks whether everyone remember his words regarding a Special Guest. He goes to welcome SRK Noor e hindustan, Bad shah ke badsha. Chaturi wonders who is that. Meena is happy thinking that bhadshah will come in elephant etc.etc… An train announcement comes telling that the train has reached his destiny. Abhi welcomes SRK By calling out his Name. Srk makes his entry.. With Chennai Express BG song. Everyone is happy & surprised. Standing ovation

SRK welcomes everyone & adds that he is all smiling be coz his exam is over as CE has become a success story. Adds that one among the contestants would be smiling like him after this round. Abhi invite the finalists.

Break: Sandy SRK dance. Bhabo stares at Suraj who is quite comfortable with that. Chavi babasa Every other member feel happy about the same.
SRK shakes hands with everyone. But while making intro with Emily he says his Bazigar dialogue ie/. regarding loosing. (Emily better u loose as SRK said) SRK asks sandy whether she has prepared for some candle light dinnner or something else party sharty on her b day. Sandy says no. SRK says that there must be some. He asks them to play a song
Sandy SRK dance for Ban ke titli dil uda song.. Bhabo stares at Suraj who is quite comfortable with that. Chavi babasa Every other member feel happy about the same. MEena is shocked. Closes her mouth with her pallo Suraj smiles. SRK sings Happy b day song for her & tells that sandy danced well. Everyone claps. SRK tells that he has heard from Abhi that she is the only person who faces everything with courage. Asks the reason behind it Whether it is Badam ka halwa. Sandy says of course. SRK tells that it must be so as her hubby is a good halwai. SRK calls him on stage & asks him about the chemistry of IPS & halwai

Suraj tells that sandy’s dream never came in between their family things. He also adds that she dreamt of this even before getting married to him. So why should she sacrifice her dream for her Halwai husband. He adds that making Sandy an IPS officer is his biggest duty now. Bhabo is shocked. SRK appreciates his thoughts…

Precap: SRK shoots out the first question that which other country which celebrates independence day same as that of India. Sandy was about to press the buzzer but looks at Suraj & Bhabo confused.

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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