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Guys I know I am not a good writer… I am just trying…

Firstly, twiraj … They were just that perfect for each other.. But after we came to know that uv was fooling twinkle and taking revenge for his mom… After that he started becoming obsessed about twinkle and tried his best to separate twinj…

Secondly, twinj their relationship is very strong,they trust each other, they don’t betray each other… Twinj love each other but they don’t realize their love for each other… Recently twinkle realized her love for kunj… Kunj’s realization is not shown yet..

Rt and Mahi’s entry is shown recently in tei Rt is twinkle and Mahi’s Dad and leela’s hubby…. Leela and twinkle thought Mahi and rt were no more in a shipwreck.. But they were in London they didn’t came back because rt thought that insurance company will take all the insurance money from Leela..

Yuvi fooled Mahi and acted as if he loves her to get twinkle … They all came to amritsar…there uv and Mahi did a melodrama and got married.. Yuvi had done some problems and blamed twinj and created problems between twinj…

Now that was a small episodic analysis…. Sorry ? if it was boring.. I am a chhota baccha please forgive me.. I am just 11 years old.. You all are my didis and you all are superb writers…

  1. Seriously you are 11. Syabas

  2. Thanks

  3. lol baby doll..i liked ur last line…
    bt i also have a doubt that u r 11…

    1. Really… ❤

  4. really?? tumi eto Chhoto??then I must say-good try

  5. *claps* *claps* dis is for ur short but sweet episodic analysis !!

  6. U r awesome

  7. Hey Baby doll r u serious i mean just 11 years old ……….. it was nice

  8. ur analysis 100% correct I totally agree with u baby doll….and u didn’t bore us at all

  9. Its was vry sweet…….and ☆ for u as u r jusr 11 ☺

  10. Baby doll really u’re 11? I agree with Tara i also liked ur last line!!! Itss amazinggg

  11. aww ur episode analysis was just superb
    am so shocked u r just 11!!!! …

  12. same here i loved ur last line we all r ur didis and bhaiyas as well……but baby doll…..u r really shoo cute…..nd an excellent effort on part of such a young twinj fan……a hand of applause for u dear…very sweet episodic analysis and i m amazed that u wrote so well….keep it up and ovio OUR TWINJ FOREVER love u twinj…!!!! guys if anybody is on google plus please join my FC its name is TASHAN-E-ISHQ……plsss…….

  13. Baby doll . Nice analysis . But I m not able to belive like tara that u r only 11 . So much advance !!

  14. Nice one baby doll…

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