Her director his designer episode 10

All were jogging at a time and enjoying….
All were having coffee at road side coffee and tea stall..
Sanskar:- today we have off so lets all go out together lets have a break from this shooting..
Remo:- nice idea but where we will go.
Sanskar:- travelling freak ragini jii suggest a place..
Ragini:- what do i knew. i didnot visit this place before i am too New here ..
Remo:- we will enquiry then we will go..
Kusum:- whole time will pass in enquring .
Ragini:- lets ask local people. she goes to tea vendor and asks him.
He says few places..
Sanskar:- she is taking so much time to knew about places..
Remo:- but she always choose best places..
Kusum:- hmm that right..
Ragini comes back and says few places..
Sunset point.
Diving under sea..
All says
Diving undersea..
Ragini:- its few in outshirts..if we want to reach then we have to start immediatedly for that we have to go to rooms get freshen u
Up then.
Laksh:- we are already going under then wats need to bath.
Kusum:- what ?? we will go with diving suit right.
Sanskar:- after coming outside we can take bath..
Kusum and ragini both watches each other..
Nodes their heads..

They immediatedly goes to their rooms comes out with little luggage and starts from their in vans….
Soon they reaches their..
They laksh and remo talks with..
They send three trainee as no of people are their….
Soon few people came and gabe them suits…
They travel middle of sea and they ready to jump.
Ragini brings water proof lens and fixing them..
Laksh:- dont tell me here also camera..
Ragini:- showing camera and says its my boyfriend for whom i was so possessive….
All shouts oh my godd
Trainee comes and says all of you are you ready..
They all nodes..
Soon all jumps into sea ..
All swims slowly staying together..
All gets mesmerised by inner beauty of sea..
Ragini is clicking pictures of sea different types of fishes..
Laksh comes from back and taps on her shoulder..
She looks back ..

He waves his hand to come that side..
Ragini asks why threw hands..
He holds her hands and takes her to aside..
Ragini sees and looks at laksh.
Ragini shows super sign threw hands..
Because the area has many tiny tiny colour full fishes with colour full small small sea plants..
She takes pictures of them.
She turns to laksh and sees one of fish coming and touching his face glass..
She took that image also.
After that they both leaves to remaing people..
She takes all photo.
Remo gives a dancing pose..
She took that picture..
Finally after spending 40 minutes time..
They came out with help of trainee as their oxygen limit is only upto 40 minutes..
They all goes back to their motar boat..
All of them feels relaxed by enjoying beauty of nature..
Untill they reach back they all were silent and lost in deep thoughts…
Sanskar:- oh my god today i had original peace and original tiredness also.
Remo:- under sea is like another world..which doesnt have any connection to this fast running
Laksh:- i am getting wonderfull sleep the way i stepped in my room i will threw myself on bed ..
Remo:- what about you ragini..
No response..

He leans forward and sees ragini is in deep sleep with a cute smile on her…
He smiles comes back to his seat and says..
Remo:- she was in deep sleep..
All smiles..soon they all also have Small nap before reaching their hotel..

Precap:- ragini and laksh.

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  1. Anjaly

    super episode

  2. Joona

    Awesome sindhu di….
    I missed u…
    Today’s episode was too cute…

    1. Sindhura

      Missed you too dear
      Thank u for comenting

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u lovely

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u dhara

  3. Pavani

    Soo sweet wr is family bonding

    1. Sindhura

      I am posting it in alternative days

  4. Beautifulllll!!

  5. awww cuteee

  6. Prateeksha

    awesome as always.waiting eagerly for next episode 🙂

  7. Super di and waiting for precap

  8. Awesome dr.. They r so cute together..

  9. Dafsi

    It was a lovely epi di <3

  10. Priya15

    Sry for not cmntng n last parts of all ff di as I was busy with my studies… So that I couldn’t get time to cmnt.. Here is the cmnt for all ff’s…. I loved all the ff… It’s awesome.. Missed u a lot di… I had updated one os you changed me ragsan os.. If u can then read it… It is published on Sat… And now I submitted one os papa I love u… It l be published soon.. If u r free then pls read it..

    1. Sindhura

      Both is were awesome dear
      Study well
      Thank u

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