Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dylan beating the goons and saving Dabbu. Dabbu looks on worried and tensed as Dylan gets beaten up by them by rods and sticks. Dylan gets strength and beats them again. The fight goes on. The inspector asks Dylan to go. Dylan says he is Santosh, my camera man and sends him with police. Dabbu asks him to keep footage safe. Dylan takes Dabbu with him. The goons see them and Dylan asks Dabbu to run.

Mamta worries for Dabbu and prays. LN says maybe Dabbu knew about riots and did not go. Mamta says she should have come. Binny says I will call Aseem and ask, he will be knowing. LN says maybe her phone battery got over. Binny says Dabbu has gone in riots area. They worry. Mamta starts crying. Binny says Aseem is coming here, he said he will find Dabbu. LN says I will call commissioner. Binny sits praying. Chandi says there is no news on channels, maybe there is no riots. Mamta says I wish the same. LN says the news is sure, the commissioner conformed this, I told that Dabbu is stuck there, they will find her.

Dabbu’s phone falls there. Dylan hides with her. She hugs him being scared. She tries to talk and stops her keeping his hand on her mouth. He says they have gone now, you can get away from me. She gets up and he asks her to sit back, as the goons are back and finding them, they have to go to some safe place. He says till riots ends, we have to be safe. She says she forgot to call home, everyone will be worrying, I think it fell in riots, how will I call. He says don’t get stressed, use my phone.

She says no network. He says we have to go that way, come. Aseem tries finding Dabbu and talks to Santosh. He says no need to worry, Dabbu is fine, Santosh is hurt and going hospital, he said she is with her boss Dylan. Chandi says Dabbu does not get well with her boss, don’t know how is she. LN says its good she is not alone, if her boss is rude, so what, he is human. Mamta says yes, thank Lord. Anji asks Aseem to call Dylan.

Aseem calls Dylan and can’t connect. Mamta prays for Dabbu. LN says I will go to find her, and Anji stops him. LN says he will talk to commissioner. Dabbu says we can hide here. Dylan says its such bad dark place, I m not going there. A dog barks and he jumps. Dabbu holds him and says its small puppy. She takes it and asks him to see its so cute, say hi. Dylan says hi. She says touch it. Dylan touches the puppy and smiles. He says I m getting a call, and says why is Aseem calling me. She says it will be for me, he is my sister’s brother in law, so my family may be worried.

Dabbu takes call and tells Mamta that she is fine, she is with Dylan and got place to hide. Mamta cries and thanks Lord. LN talks to her. She say she is fine.

He asks her to be with Dylan. The call ends. Dabbu asks Dylan to come in that dark house. Mamta asks Aseem to stay here, sjhe will make guest room ready. Binny says she will tell his dad. Aseem says they all can’t sleep today being worried for Dabbu.

Dylan says I told you it will be dark here. Dabbu says give me your phone and uses its torch. He says why did I not think this, your mind started working, not bad. They see the place. He says whats this place. She says its not bad, as its saving us from riots, if he makes faces, the place will feel bad. He asks who, spiders or things? She says I know its not posh hotel, but look at the brighter side, we will be safe.

She says its quite nice and sits on a table, like time stopped, made for us. She says I will what else is here and bumps into spider webs. He says yuck, remove this, you realize you broke your friend’s home. She says spiders are cute, they don’t leave making webs. He asks does she always stay happy and optimistic. She says I try. He says till riots end, we have to be alone here all night, and also hungry.

LN gives food to Mamta and she refuses. He says even he is worried and does not wish to eat, even then they have eat some. Mamta says how can I eat, I don’t know how is Dabbu. He says she is safe, if you don’t eat, I will also not eat. The girls say they will also not eat. LN pacifies her and makes her eat. Dylan says if mobile battery goes, they can’t make call and gets a lantern to use instead of mobile torch. He lits it. Dylan looks outside and Dabbu asks him. He asks her to keep quiet.

She sees lizard on his coat and he asks her to be quiet, zip it up, don’t talk, whats this sign. She asks lizard to go. Dylan asks whats happening, I m your boss, keep your mouth shut, duffer. Dabbu thinks he is not letting me say, the lizard looks tensed, I should help it. She tries to make lizard leave. Dylan asks whats wrong with you. She says its lizard. He gets scared and asks could she not say. She says you did not let me say, I was trying to save lizard. He asks what, saving lizard from me?

Dabbu holds Dylan’s hand and says the wound should be covered, else infection can happen. He smiles seeing her goodness. He thanks her for doing first aid. She says he thanked her, she did not think he can thank her and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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