Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mamta coming to meet Dylan at his home. He gets surprised seeing her. He welcomes her. He says he is glad seeing her and asks her not to worry about Dabbu, he will go away from Dabbu’s life and fulfill his promise. Mamta cries and holds her ears, saying you won’t do this. He asks what is she doing, she is like his mum. She says a mum can do mistake also, she did wrong with him. He says you did it for Dabbu’s good, it was not wrong. She says elders do mistake that they think they are right, give me one chance to rectify my mistake. He asks what is she saying. She asks him to come back home. He gets stunned.

Rajveer comes to meet Kajal and she gets glad seeing him. He gives her the divorce papers and asks for her sign. She says she was angry on herself as she ruined her married life. She asks him to give her one chance. He asks her to stop it and its your ego that you can’t bear to see me happy with someone else. She cries and says you are mistaken, I m not like before, I have changed. He says stop it, nothing can happen now. He leaves from there. She screams Raj and fumes.

Everyone get surprised seeing Mamta bringing Dylan home. Dabbu gets angry and asks Dylan what is he doing here. Mamta stops Dabbu. She says its not Dylan’s mistake, I told him to leave home, I did not wish Dabbu to take this relation ahead. Dabbu is shocked and asks why did she do this. Mamta says she felt Dylan is not suitable for her, and wanted to save her, she did mistake to not see their love.

Mamta says now I m sure Dylan is the best guy for you, so I got him here, forgive me Dabbu, please. Dabbu gets teary eyed. Mamta asks Dylan would he still want to stay with Dabbu in live in relationship. Dabbu smiles. Dylan says no and walks to Dabbu. Dylan says he can’t have live in with Dabbu, he wants to spend his complete life with her. They all get shocked and smile.

Dylan says I know I told Dabbu about my commitment phobia, that he is scared to marry, he has hurt Dabbu’s heart a lot, and also her family. He says we have bear so many things, but our love was always same. He says I love you a lot Debjani, I want to always love you and you love me. He sits on his knees and proposes her. Ye mann karta hai…………….plays……………. Dylan asks will you marry me. Everyone smile. Dabbu holds Dylan’s hand and says yes. Mamta happily cries.

Mamta and LN do the arrangements. Dabbu gets ready and Chandi compliments her. She says I m so happy for you. Dabbu apologizes to her as she is celebrating when Chandi has problems, she would have postponed this function. Chandi says I will smile seeing everyone happy. Mamta wishes everything happens well and gets ready. Dylan and Juliet come to them. Mamta welcomes them and tells LN that Dylan’s dad did not come. LN says maybe he got stuck in any work. Dabbu comes and Juliet compliments her. Dylan winks Dabbu.

She says I m very happy that Dabbu is going to become my bahu. She says we will start roka rasam. Mamta says yes, we are waiting for Dylan’s dad. Dylan and Juliet get shocked. Juliet says actually, his dad has some urgent work, so he went to Mumbai, he could not come here today. She says we will keep dinner when he comes back. Dylan asks Juliet to stop it. Dylan says my dad and I don’t stay together, for me he is dead, he used to treat my mum very badly, he hates his dad, he did not think to stay with him, I m sorry to tell this now, I did not wish my relation to start with a lie, I hope you understand me, forgive me if I did anything wrong, I m ashamed.

Mamta looks at Dylan and says you have hidden such a big thing from us, why did you not tell us. She says if he told them before, she could not understood his fear towards marriage, he could get the love which he did not get till today, now he is their son, not son in law. Dabbu, Dylan, Juliet and everyone smile. Dylan hugs Mamta and gets happy. He thanks Mamta for understanding him. Bhu Devi asks Mamta to do Roka rasam now. Juliet and Mamta do the roka rasam and everyone get happy. Dabbu thinks after becoming a part of Dylan’s family, she will try to unite Dylan and his dad.

Dylan meets his dad and says he has come to give his wedding invitation card, as Juliet wanted this. His dad says you went on your mum, illmannered and hot tempered. Dylan asks him not to say a word against his mum, else he will forget who is standing infront of him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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