Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dylan asking Dabbu to be ready at night, he will send the car for her. She says okay and ends call. She dances happily and leaves. Dylan thanks Chandi and leaves. Chandi gets Dabbu’s call. Dabbu is on the way and tells Chandi that Dylan has called her to meet at dinner. Chandi says I know, he spoke to you on phone, he wants to take you on date, come home, we will make you ready for the night. Dabbu says yes, coming. Dabbu recalls her and Dylan’s moments and smiles. Ye mann karta hai………….plays……..

The sisters make Dabbu ready. Dylan’s mum asks him to wear something more better, its his first date. He asks really. She says I mean serious one. He says fine, I will try to wear something better. Chandi says she is giving many options. Anji makes

Dabbu try some earrings. Dabbu likes short length earrings. Binny says she will do Dabbu’s makeup. Chandi asks Dabbu to hurry up. Dabbu says I will get ready myself, I want to look sophisticated and classy like Dylan, I will not get overdone. She thanks them and sends them out of the room.

Dylan comes and says this is perfect. His mum says this is so dull, wear some bright colors with shoes matching, it should be perfect. He says she is not one of those girls who will see designer clothes, she will like heart feelings, she will not care, she is simple. Dabbu looks at a dress and smiles. He says girls like diamonds, but she likes a simple chain and pendant. Dabbu wears heavy jewelry. He says Dabbu wears heels, but she wears flat shoes, she is confident. Dabbu wears heels. He says girls will use makeup, and Dylan uses minimum makeup, and she still looks so beautiful. Dabbu uses high makeup.

He says Dabbu leaves her hair open, no hairstyle. She pins her hair. He says Dabbu is simple and she is perfect. Dabbu gets ready entirely different of what he described. Dylan’s mum says I m happy that you got perfect soulmate, but this won’t work, go and change. Dylan says I understood your choice. The sisters wait for Dabbu. They blame each other for spoiling Dabbu’s mood. Dylan comes wearing bright blue color suit. His mum says perfect. He smiles. Dabbu comes out and the sisters get shocked seeing her.

They smile and compliment her, that she looks stunning. Dabbu says she closed her eyes and thought how should be Dylan’s date, I think he will like this look. Dylan does some arrangements on call. He says I will make this date perfect for us. His mum smiles. He says love you mum, I m going, bye. She says best of luck, and prays for him. Dabbu gets selfies with her sisters. Eshu says Dylan will propose her today.

Dabbu hears the car horn. They ask her not to get nervous. Dabbu reaches the place. The manager welcomes her and takes her to her table. He says Dylan would be coming. Dabbu waits for Dylan. Dylan is on the way and gets his mum’s call. He says he did not meet Dabbu till now. She says advocate called and its big problem. He asks what. She tells him everything. He gets shocked. He asks are you sure. She says yes. He says don’t worry, I m coming back. Dabbu waits for him.

Dylan says how did this happen. Dabbu says he is always punctual and scolds staff for coming late, and he got late on his date, weird. The waiter tells her that she is his special server. She smiles seeing the royal collection of finest champagne. She asks him to wait till Dylan comes. Dylan goes to some place. Dabbu gets worried as he did not come. The sisters call her and ask her to show Dylan. Dabbu says he did not come till now. They see someone coming with bouquet and think its Dylan. Dabbu ends the call. She gets sad seeing its staff man. He says Dylan has sent this for her. She thanks him.

She gets Dylan’s note that their first date will have memories as these flowers. She says memories will be made when you come. She says I will call him now. She calls him and Dylan’s phone is in his car. Mamta and LN talk about Binny. He asks her not to worry, and see Dabbu, she has a good job and a good man is going to propose her, like everything got fine with Dabbu, everything will be fine with Binny too. Mamta prays that Dylan keeps her happy.

Dylan meets someone and his mum and lawyer are also there. Dabbu sits waiting and worries. The man says we are sorry, we have to close this restaurant. She says I understand, thanks. He says Dylan asked to bring this cake at 12. She sees it, thanks for this date. She thinks why did he not come, why did he cheat.

Dabbu throws the cake in bin, and says whats this date, why did I come here. A group of goons tease Dabbu on the road. Dylan is at home, and says sorry Dabbu, we were going to meet tonight….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very boring episode??????


  3. Pchh ☹ poor deblan. Shit whoz dat guy huh spoiled beautiful date. Precap looks horrible hope Dylan ll save her on time ?

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