Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dylan saying mom is back and dad is fine now. I was so scared. Juliet says yes, Kamya saved me. Dylan thanks Kamya for telling the truth. Juliet comes home and Dabbu touches her feet. Juliet moves back and holds annoyance. She says no need to do all this. Dabbu asks won’t you bless me. Juliet asks who would have blessed her if she did not come back home. Kajal says now everything is fine, we can do Dabbu’s grahpravesh. Juliet says grahpravesh is to welcome peace and happiness, not a problem, I wish I took kundli thing serious, Shekhawat got shocked and this accident.

Dylan asks what is she saying, they don’t believe all this. Juliet says yes, but now I believe this, I did big mistake to get you married to this girl. Dylan asks her to go and rest. Abhimanyu takes Juliet. Dabbu cries. Dylan looks at her and goes to his room. He recalls Dabbu. Dabbu comes there and she asks him not to have any misunderstanding. She asks why is he away when she is with him, why is he punishing her when her dad did not help him. Dylan leaves.

Binny tells Chandi that she is scared, don’t know how is Dabbu managing. Chandi says its good Juliet came home, they would be relaxed now, why are these problems coming in our life. Binny asks about her and Rajveer. Chandi says its serious problem, Kajal is Shekhawat’s daughter, we did not know about this, we got to know in hospital when she came to meet her dad. Chandi says what will happen now. Binny asks did Raj not tell you before. Chandi says he came to know in hospital, don’t know what will happen when everyone knows Kajal is Raj’s wife. Mamta hears this and gets shocked.

She thinks of Rajveer and Chandi. She tells Chandi to forget Raj. Binny and Chandi get shocked. Chandi says listen to me. Mamta says you have hidden that Raj is married, and now Dylan’s sister is Raj’s wife, this can ruin Dabbu’s relation, will you break her home. Chandi says Raj is going to give divorce to Raj, I did not know this, we love each other, I can’t forget him. Mamta slaps Chandi and says I won’t let Dabbu’s life get ruined. She asks Binny to explain Chandi and leaves. Chandi cries. Binny asks her not to cry, mum is worried for Dabbu right now, she will make things fine later. Chandi says no, mum is right, I will not ruin Dabbu’s life, I will not meet Raj.

Its morning, Dabbu wakes up and gets Mamta’s call. Mamta asks is everything fine, Juilet has come back, did she say anything. Dabbu says no. Mamta says they are good people, we miss you a lot, what did you make in breakfast, its your first rasoi. Dabbu says I did not make anything. Mamta asks her to make something, call me if you need help. Dabbu asks why is she sounding upset. Mamta recalls Chandi and says nothing, I could not sleep at night, so sounding tired. Dabbu asks her to take rest and ends call.

Mamta thinks whats happening with my daughters and prays for them. Dabbu greets Shekhawat. He blesses her. Abhimanyu greets them and gives medicines to Shekhawat. Dabbu says I will get breakfast. Shekhawat says its your first rasoi. Dabbu sees the kitchen and starts preparing flour. Mamta calls her and asks her to make kheer puri as shagun sweets. Dabbu says fine. The servant looks on and smiles. Dabbu goes out to talk. Kamya asks servant for milk. He sees milk over and says I got it in morning, how did it get over. He says I will get it and goes. Kamya sees the flour. The servant sees the flour and does not see Kamya. He says I will help bahurani and asks Dabbu to rest. Dabbu says its my first rasoi, I want to cook. Dabbu kneds the flour. She gets hurt by the glass piece in the flour and her blood falls on the flour. Dabbu cries with pain. Kamya looks on and recalls how she has added glass pieces in it. She says Debjani you see what happens with you in this house and smiles.

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